Beauty On A Dime

Beauty On A Dime

by Megan McIntire

AXE Unleashes The Anarchy!

AxeANARCHYfamily.jpg (Blog Post)

AXE recently caused an uproar with the launch of their new collection: Anarchy.

The men’s brand features 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner for men, shower gel, deodorant, a bodyspray for him and for the first time, a matching one for her!

Although AXE brands itself as men’s products that smell so good they can turn a woman on, they’ve finally branched out by creating a product specifically for women.

The bodyspray for her includes a fruity mix of apple and blackberry, along with notes of sandalwood, amber and vanilla. And considering the entire Anarachy collection is under $5.29, it’s no wonder AXE remains one of our favorite drugstore steals.

In honor of the new line, AXE hosted a celebratory bash earlier this week and pulled out all the stops by premiering the new T.V. spot for the collection as well as a music-bumping performance by Fabolous and a choreographed dance routine. It’s safe to say that anarchy has officially ensued–and we couldn’t be more excited!

Hello Kitty’s (Cheap!) Beauty Invasion

Hello Kitty Oil Absorbing Sheets.jpg

Why do we bother with beauty? We want to feel pretty, sometimes cute. Maybe we want to feel exotic, even international. And if you’re anything like me, you imagine inspiring a legion of followers into mass hysteria while applying your morning lip gloss. So it’s no wonder that Hello Kitty is invading the beauty market, because she’s had all of that going for her since 1976.

The adorable Japanese cartoon now has her own limited edition package of Clean and Clear’s best selling oil-absorbing sheets. I managed to swipe a sample at a recent press event, and it’s quickly become my new handbag must-have. The sheets still grab excess oil without smudging any makeup, and are now covered in pink polka dots and a Hello Kitty animation. There’s never been a cute way to wipe gunk off your face until now. The limited edition product won’t hit shelves until February, but are definitely worth the wait.


An edgier, but equally fabulous, Hello Kitty is available now at Sephora. The line of makeup and accessories designed for the glam anime lover includes brush sets, holiday palettes, and perfumes. My personal favorite: a 5-piece brush set that comes inside of a graffiti Hello Kitty brush holder. It’s street art meets Russian Matryoshka dolls, and it’s only $25.

The line also includes cheapies like $8 nail art stickers and $10 shimmer polish for this season’s eccentric manicure trend.

Real Girls, Cool Hairstyles


Photo: © L’Oréal

I don’t know about you guys, but every now and then I get seriously bored with my hair. I wear it pretty much in the same style, day in and day out. I’ve tried looking to celebs for inspiration, but red carpet hair right now is either safe and boring, or theatrical and crazy.

No, the hairstyles that elicit an “OMG” reaction from me are usually the ones that I see on the streets–some cool girl walking by me rocking an awesome boho braid, or a chick in the checkout line in front of me with the most perfect sweeping bang ever. It’s times like those when I want to whip out my phone and take a picture of their hairstyle from every angle, so I can look at it later and try it out. Unfortunately, that’s not really an option because it’s kind of creepy and I might get a face-full of pepper spray if I tried it.

L’Oréal shares my love of real girl style. Their new Your Style, Your Studio website wants you to stop looking at the red carpet for inspiration and start looking around you. The site is a user-generated lookbook of cool hairstyles for men and women, uploaded by real people. Anyone can log on and upload pictures of their hairstyle for everyone to see and try out themselves.

You can search hairstyles by the type of style, hair length, products used or even the “personality” of the look (boho, urban, retro, chic, etc.). Hairstyles that fit your criteria will then pop up and you can click on the ones you like, comment on them and find out what products you can use to get the look. The Victorian Updo pictured here definitely caught my eye; I can’t wait to try this one out on myself!

So whether you’re looking for a new look, or you just want to share your own hip hairstyle with the world, check out L’Oréal’s Your Style, Your Studio site and get inspired!

I’m Finally A Dry Shampoo Convert

I know what you’re thinking: “Great, another beauty blogger singing the praises of dry shampoo. But I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work on my hair.” Trust me, I was you before I tried this particular dry shampoo.


When it comes to my hair, I’d say I’m both lucky and unlucky. I’m lucky because I’m a ridiculously low-maintenance person, so the fact that I can shampoo and condition it, then leave the house with it wet and have it dry fairly straight is pretty ideal. Dealing with other products and blow dryers sounds like a nightmare.

Before you start hating me, let me address the unlucky part. My hair is super-fine, and I’m pretty sure it starts getting greasy the instant I step out of the shower. On days I go to the gym, I clearly have to wash it (I have no idea how people manage to make it through a workout without having to wash their hair afterwards). On the days I don’t work out; however, you’d think I’d be able to skip the hair washing. After all, almost every hairstylist will tell you it’s best for your hair if you don’t wash it every day.

For me, though, not washing was not an option. I even felt self-conscious doing the second-day ponytail with a headband. So when friends started telling me about dry shampoo and its miraculous ability to de-grease your hair on non-washing days, I was pumped. Except…none of the dry shampoos I tried at first had the desired effect.

Enter Got2b’s Fat-tastic Fresh & Full Dry Shampoo. This product somehow manages to add volume to my end-of-day limp locks, and it makes my hair smell good. I even wore my hair down two days in a row with only a dry shampoo between the days. If your hair is anything like mine, you know that this is a major feat.

So if you’ve been a dry shampoo holdout thus far because you can’t find one that’s compatible with your strands, I highly suggest you pick up a can from the Got2b line. For $5.99, you can’t go wrong. And you’ll get more beauty sleep.

The Easy (Cheap!) Way To Get Gorgeous Color


Touchback’s new foam shampoo, which provides
temporary color for your hair.

Hi everyone! Sadly, today was my last day at Cosmoprof. Sad, I know. I had so much fun checking out all of the cool trends and products that are coming to shelves in 2012.

I also had an amazing time with my fellow bloggers: BellaSugar, ClioMakeup and Tempatlia. We all had a blast hanging out, sharing tips, and talking all things makeup.

It was actually Clio that led me to today’s product find–a color-depositing shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment from TouchBack.

Clio and I had been chatting about hair dye and she mentioned how she wanted to try out being a redhead, but didn’t want to commit to a semi-permanent or permanent hair color, just in case she didn’t like the look. She asked me if I knew of any dyes that would wash out after just a few shampoos, and I honestly could not think of anything that would fit the bill.

Later that day, I strolled by the TouchBack booth. They are well known for their root touch-up product, but this is the first time they’ve ventured into all over hair color.

Their new Non-Stop Color System features a foaming shampoo, creme conditioner and foaming leave-in conditioner, all of which deposit color into your hair that will last for up to two shampoos. It’s perfect for use in between your regular salon visits and is free of harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide, so it won’t damage your hair. They even offer color-free versions of each product, so if you love the formula, but don’t need to deposit color, you can still use the system to help nourish your locks and keep your existing color from fading.

While the line cannot lighten dark hair, it is ideal for those trying to cover greys or for someone who wants to zhush up their color with a brighter shade.