Beauty On A Dime

Beauty On A Dime

by Megan McIntire

May The Fashion Force Be With You

Last week I had the privilege to do a cool ride-along with Mercedes-Benz as part of their Fashion Force: A group of bloggers on patrol in NYC’s trendiest hoods to spot fashion-forward guys and gals. My sweet ride, a 2012 CLS63 AMG, was decked out to look like a sleek police car, complete with flashing lights. Let’s just say it was quite the attention-getter.

I traveled to some of the hippest neighborhoods in NYC, including the Meatpacking District, Soho and the West Village. Check out some of my fave finds!

I spotted Sara walking with a group of friends in the Meatpacking District. I was immediately taken with her adorable twisted hairstyle, which she said she created by twisting the sides back and putting them into a hidden ponytail, then twisting a piece up and over to create a headband. I also loved her pretty purple eye makeup, a blend of two Sephora shadows.

I chased Denise down across the street from the Standard Hotel. Her daring red crop caught my eye from half a block away! She told me this edgy ‘do is her signature style and that she’s had it since college. Hey, if it’s working for you, why change it?

One sight of Susan in her boho Steven Alan coat and I knew I had to feature her. My added bonus was her adorable hairstyle–a tiny braid on the right side of her head that she pulled back and secured with an elastic. She described her overall look as casual and comfortable, but I would have to add effortless chic to that list.

A trip to Washington Square Park earned me lots of curious stares and the double style find of Sharon and Nicole, two NYU students on their way to class. Nicole’s thick braid and spring scarf gave her that downtown cool look I love and Sharon’s trenchcoat and sandals combo was just too cute for words.

SoHo turned out to be a fashion goldmine. We parked in front of Chanel, where I caught Andrea here taking a photo of the car. She was rocking her natural hair texture, which she had pulled up and wrapped with a scarf she got on the streets in Paris. The finishing touch was a swipe of Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Roxanne. Gorgeous!

You really never know who you are going to run into in this city. Just before packing it in for the day, I ran into the divine Miss Eva Chen, Beauty Director of Teen Vogue looking all awesome with her low-key self. She described her look as “sleepy Thursday,” which meant no makeup and au naturel hair. She mixed high/low fashion finds like a biker jacket from TopShop and a sequined jacket from Zara with some killer sandals from Chanel. I also adored her neon orange pedicure, courtesy of Essie’s Mini Shorts polish. Just goes to show that you don’t need tons of products to look gorgeous!

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