Beauty On A Dime

Beauty On A Dime

by Megan McIntire

Hello Kitty’s (Cheap!) Beauty Invasion

Hello Kitty Oil Absorbing Sheets.jpg

Why do we bother with beauty? We want to feel pretty, sometimes cute. Maybe we want to feel exotic, even international. And if you’re anything like me, you imagine inspiring a legion of followers into mass hysteria while applying your morning lip gloss. So it’s no wonder that Hello Kitty is invading the beauty market, because she’s had all of that going for her since 1976.

The adorable Japanese cartoon now has her own limited edition package of Clean and Clear’s best selling oil-absorbing sheets. I managed to swipe a sample at a recent press event, and it’s quickly become my new handbag must-have. The sheets still grab excess oil without smudging any makeup, and are now covered in pink polka dots and a Hello Kitty animation. There’s never been a cute way to wipe gunk off your face until now. The limited edition product won’t hit shelves until February, but are definitely worth the wait.


An edgier, but equally fabulous, Hello Kitty is available now at Sephora. The line of makeup and accessories designed for the glam anime lover includes brush sets, holiday palettes, and perfumes. My personal favorite: a 5-piece brush set that comes inside of a graffiti Hello Kitty brush holder. It’s street art meets Russian Matryoshka dolls, and it’s only $25.

The line also includes cheapies like $8 nail art stickers and $10 shimmer polish for this season’s eccentric manicure trend.

Hot Beauty Trend: The Magnetic Manicure


Layla Cosmetics Metallic Nail Polish

Hello from fabulous Las Vegas! I’m here covering Cosmoprof North America, the world’s largest beauty trade show. It’s where brands go to launch their latest and greatest new products. There are literally hundreds of different booths here, with everything from new spa machines that zap cellulite, to high-tech skin care lines that utilize the hottest new ingredients.

I’ll be spending the next three days roaming the floors to bring you the news on what products are going to be hot for 2012.

Today’s spotlight brand is from an Italian company called Layla Cosmetics. They specialize in cool and innovative nail polishes. The first thing that caught my eye was their Ceramic nail polish, which boasts a super-shiny finish and you don’t have to use a base OR a top coat with it. It’s the ultimate lazy girl manicure!


The Golden Bronze shade, my favorite!

But the polish I couldn’t get over was their magnetic lacquer. It goes on like a normal nail polish, but when you pass the attached magnet over top of the wet polish, it creates a marbleized effect! The polishes each contain an iron powder in them, so when the magnet goes over them, it pushes this powder around, resulting in the blended look.

I’ve seen magnetic nail polish before, but they either didn’t work properly or were too difficult to use. What I love about this one is that the results are very noticeable and the magnet comes attached to the cap, so you don’t have to buy a separate component.

The polish comes in 12 shades (I’m dying over the golden bronze shade) and is not yet currently available in the US. The brand is still looking for a retailer to carry it, so stay tuned.

That’s all for today, but check back tomorrow to see more cool new products from Cosmoprof!

May The Fashion Force Be With You

Last week I had the privilege to do a cool ride-along with Mercedes-Benz as part of their Fashion Force: A group of bloggers on patrol in NYC’s trendiest hoods to spot fashion-forward guys and gals. My sweet ride, a 2012 CLS63 AMG, was decked out to look like a sleek police car, complete with flashing lights. Let’s just say it was quite the attention-getter.

I traveled to some of the hippest neighborhoods in NYC, including the Meatpacking District, Soho and the West Village. Check out some of my fave finds!

I spotted Sara walking with a group of friends in the Meatpacking District. I was immediately taken with her adorable twisted hairstyle, which she said she created by twisting the sides back and putting them into a hidden ponytail, then twisting a piece up and over to create a headband. I also loved her pretty purple eye makeup, a blend of two Sephora shadows.

I chased Denise down across the street from the Standard Hotel. Her daring red crop caught my eye from half a block away! She told me this edgy ‘do is her signature style and that she’s had it since college. Hey, if it’s working for you, why change it?

One sight of Susan in her boho Steven Alan coat and I knew I had to feature her. My added bonus was her adorable hairstyle–a tiny braid on the right side of her head that she pulled back and secured with an elastic. She described her overall look as casual and comfortable, but I would have to add effortless chic to that list.

A trip to Washington Square Park earned me lots of curious stares and the double style find of Sharon and Nicole, two NYU students on their way to class. Nicole’s thick braid and spring scarf gave her that downtown cool look I love and Sharon’s trenchcoat and sandals combo was just too cute for words.

SoHo turned out to be a fashion goldmine. We parked in front of Chanel, where I caught Andrea here taking a photo of the car. She was rocking her natural hair texture, which she had pulled up and wrapped with a scarf she got on the streets in Paris. The finishing touch was a swipe of Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Roxanne. Gorgeous!

You really never know who you are going to run into in this city. Just before packing it in for the day, I ran into the divine Miss Eva Chen, Beauty Director of Teen Vogue looking all awesome with her low-key self. She described her look as “sleepy Thursday,” which meant no makeup and au naturel hair. She mixed high/low fashion finds like a biker jacket from TopShop and a sequined jacket from Zara with some killer sandals from Chanel. I also adored her neon orange pedicure, courtesy of Essie’s Mini Shorts polish. Just goes to show that you don’t need tons of products to look gorgeous!

What’s New For Nails


The cool nail designs from Incoco

Hello again from Italy! It was day 2 of my tour of Cosmoprof Bologna, the world’s largest beauty trade show and I spent the day wandering the halls of the nail pavilion scoping out news and trends

The biggest news in nails right now are strips. First came stickers, then Minx and now there are nail polish strips–stick-on, long-wearing manicures made from real polish. I was first introduced to this technology when I reviewed the new ones from Sally Hansen, but I was not prepared to see the variety available now.

My favorite was a brand called Incoco. From glittery zebra to crackled, arty streaks, they had rows upon rows of these cool strips. You simply peel them off, stick them on your nails and file off the excess. The strips require no drying time and look real, because they are made of real polish. The brand is currently only sold online, but are hopefully going to be in stores later this year.


Who needs a Chanel bag when you can
have a Chanel manicure?

While I was wandering the halls, I bumped into celeb manicurist and all around nail guru Deborah Lippmann. She was scoping out what was hot for nails as well. When I asked her about the polish strips, she told me that while she thought they were a neat idea, she didn’t see this catching on with any of her celeb clients. She sees this as more of a line for real woman who want to follow the trends, but don’t want to spend a fortune going to the salon.

Another cool new brand I spied was Nails Inc. from the U.K. The trendy brand has women in England going mad for their polishes. They have 60 shades in their core collection and release two limited edition colors each month, as well as special collaboration collections. I spied some very cool crackle polishes in unexpected colors like pastels and neon.
The line was just picked up by Sephora, so expect to see them popping up in stores stateside this June.

Finally, I swung by the OPI booth to get a look at their brand new collection inspired by the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The pastel shades are amazing and I was intrigued to hear that star Johnny Depp actually wears an OPI shade, Lady in Black, in the film. That same shade was also recently spotted on the toes of soccer star Christian Reynaldo, making me wonder if dark nails are suddenly the latest trend for stylish men.

Tomorrow I’ll be touring the skin care and hair pavilions, so tune in then to find out the hot trends and cool new brands that caught my eye. Ciao!

Bonjourno Beauty


Ciao bellas! Greetings from Bologna, Italy and Cosmoprof, the world’s largest beauty trade show. I’ve spent all day today exploring the show, meeting beauty brands new and familiar, and I still have only covered about a quarter of the site. It’s ginormous!

One of the first things that caught my eye is this amazing new brand called Paperself. It’s a truly unique line that is the perfect example of the hidden gems you can find here at Cosmoprof.

Paperself is a line of false lashes made of, what else, paper. Founder Chunwei Liao uses a special waterproof paper to create his tiny lash works of art. Each lash is so delicate and exquisite that they look as if they could be framed in a museum.

With lashes that range from peacock feathers, to tiny antlers, seahorses and butterflies, the fantastical designs definitely aren’t for everyday use. Each lash lasts for just one application, but if you are gentle you might be able to work two out of them. They really are the most gorgeous, delicate little beauties–lash art for the woman wanting to make a statement of self-expression.


Currently the line is only sold in the UK at Harrod’s, but expect an American invasion in the near future–Chunwei told me that über-hip NYC boutique Opening Ceremony just placed an order for the lashes. Fashionistas will be flocking to get their hands on them and who can blame them–these really are the epitome of cool-girl chic.

The At-Home Manicure

I’ve never been one of those women who views professional manicures as a necessity. I can honestly count the number of them I’ve had done on one hand. There’s a couple reasons for this: I hate the way it feels when someone files my nails, I end up chipping or smudging the polish within an hour after having them done and, most importantly, they cost too darn much.

Rescue Your Nails book

My new must-read manicure manual.

Apparently I’m not the only one. I recently had a chat with one of my absolute favorite people in the beauty industry, Ji Baek, a celebrity manicurist and the founder of the super-hip Rescue Beauty Lounge. Even though she owns her own nail salon/spa, Ji is still a huge proponent of the at-home manicure. So much so that she even wrote an A-Z guide to nails, including her step-by-step routine for DIY mani’s.

“The hardest part about doing your nails at home is actually committing to it,” says Ji. “It’s all about getting yourself into a routine. If you usually get your nails professionally done once a week, switch that to once a month. In between those visits, you can cut, trim, style and polish your own nails.”

Sound intimidating? It’s totally not. I picked up Ji’s book, Rescue Your Nails and found out all sorts of helpful tips on everything from how to trim your nails (from one side to the other, never start in the middle or you could end up splitting your nail) to the best way to apply polish (use wide, even strokes from the base to the tip and do two thin coats) and her secret weapon for beautiful cuticles (she rubs excess eye cream on them to make them super-soft).

Not only is it easy and less stressful to do your nails on your own, it will also save you tons of money. Think about it: the average manicure costs about $10 — that’s a minimum of $40 a month on your nails! Or you can spend $20 buying all the at-home products you need for a DIY manicure and have enough to do your nails for at least three months. For me that choice is easy.

Fake A Winter Flush


A pretty winter flush like Rose McGowan’s
is easy to achieve.
Photo: © Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

When I think of winter beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is that beautiful, just-in-from-the-cold cheek color. It’s such a fresh and pretty look!

Women have been trying for years to find a way to fake that gorgeous, all-natural flush, unfortunately to no avail. It truly is the perfect rosy shade and it’s so difficult to find something that really replicates that — powders look too chalky and creams tend to slide and smudge off.

Fortunately, makeup artist extraordinaire Jake Bailey — he works with Katy Perry and Kyra Sedgwick — has a sneaky way to recreate that chilled cheek look without having to freeze your face off:

“I like to use a lipstain, like CoverGirl’s Outlast Lipstain, as a blush. It’s so pretty for winter and gives you that frostbitten look. Just tap your finger on the applicator, then tap your finger on the apples of your cheeks and blend. It’s translucent and it doesn’t travel or move so it’s longlasting. It gives you a great, natural flush that looks healthy.”

How fabulous and easy is that? Give it a try and tell me what you think!

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Beauty Science Fiction: Lash-Enhancing Liners

Physicians_Formula_eyeliner_lashes.JPG (Blog Post)

Recently I’ve found myself more than a little obsessed with long lashes. I tried out lash extensions for the first time a few months ago and while they were awesome when I had them, my lashes were left weak, thin and totally sparse once they fell out. Sparse is definitely not a word you want to associate with your fringe.

Fortunately, beauty brands seem to share my lash obsession as companies have recently launched a slew of lash-growing products, treatments and makeup. This recent influx of lash lengtheners has created a whole new category in makeup: The Lash Enhancers.

The latest entry to the enhancer game is a new liquid liner from Physicians Formula called Eye Booster. It features a high-tech Japanese formula containing a potent peptide that, when applied along the lashline, helps enhance lash length and fullness. Since the liner is applied directly to the lashline, it targets the root of lashes for optimum efficacy.

I love the lash-enhancing effects, but even without that perk, this liner would be in heavy rotation for me. The flow-through brush makes it super-precise and easy enough to apply that even a beauty novice could draw a flawless line. Add in a long-wearing formula, a sweet $10.95 price tag and the added bonus of enhancing your lashes and I’m sold!

DIY Style: The Lace Manicure

DIY Style: The Lace Manicure

Julianne Hough Shares Her Get-Glam Secrets

I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite get-ready moments is when I’m glamming myself up for a night out with my girls. I find that I tend to be a bit more adventurous with my beauty choices, adopting new hairstyles and intensified makeup instead of my usual day-to-day look. Country singer and Dancing With The Stars veteran Julianne Hough feels the same way: She’s teamed up with Caress to share her secrets to a great night out, from how to get glam to how to make sure you have a blast with your girls. Check out my video interview with her to get the scoop!

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

The Best Beauty Sale EVER


There are a few things I look forward to each year: Cheesy summer reality TV (hello Housewives), gift-giving occasions, new commercials with the oh-so-sexy Old Spice guy, and the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

For those of you not familiar with this mind-blowing event, it’s a giant sale that Nordstrom throws every year that lasts for two weeks. Hundreds of highly covetable beauty brands will offer special discounts on their fabulous products and some limited-edition products and sets just for this sale. A sampling of some of the brands this year: Bliss, MAC, Juicy Couture, Bobbi Brown, Kiehl’s, Chanel, Dior, Marc Jacobs and way too many more to name.

Now, not having access to a Nordstrom store here in NYC (I know, a total travesty but one we’re resigned to nonetheless), I have to get my shopping kicks from the retailer online, which makes this sale all the better. It doesn’t officially start until tomorrow (July 16), but I can pre-shop the sale online to my little heart’s content. Right now I’m DYING over the Lippmann Collection All That Jazz Nail Polish Color Trio and the Laura Mercier Portable Beauty Collection. The Laura Mercier in particular is a need-to-own item because it features an absolutely adorable blue bag plus five gotta-have-’em makeup essentials, all for just $65 (a $164 value)!

So what are you waiting for? Get over to the Nordstrom site and get shopping now, before all these awesome beauty steals and deals are gone!

Win It! A Lip Gloss-Addict’s Dream Set


I’m the kind of girl that likes options in life. Whether it’s pizza toppings or eyeliners–I like to know I’ve got choices. That’s why I love Avon‘s Glazewear Lip Gloss, which comes in 16 shades and four finishes. I can go for a dramatic, saturated look with the Intense glosses, a fun and flirty shimmer with the Sparkle line or chic and lacquered with the Shine glosses. There’s even a clear SPF gloss for when I’m feeling low-key.

According to Avon, they sell the equivalent of eight glosses a minute(!), making it the number one lip gloss in America. With its smooth, hydrating formula and an array of fab shades, it’s easy to see why.

Special Offer for Daily Makeover readers!
We’ve teamed up with Avon to offer one lucky reader the chance to take home a kit filled with all 16 amazing shades of Glazewear! Just tell us in the comments section below why you are the ultimate lip gloss addict and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Contest ends June 8, 2010 at 5 P.M. EST. Be sure to read the full rules and regulations.

Congrats to our winner Robin. Thanks to everyone who entered and ‘fessed up to their lip gloss addictions!

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Win A DIY Smoky Eye Kit!


One of the most common questions I get from friends, family and random strangers on the subway (seriously) is “how do I do a smoky eye?”. It’s one of the most classic makeup looks but also the most difficult for some to master. Thankfully, new products have made that elusive sultry gaze that much easier to achieve. I’m talking, of course, about the fabulous CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast–a dual-ended product that features two complementing colors that are custom-shaped to help you achieve the perfect, fuss-free smoky eye.

Need proof that these little beauties are the real deal? Check out this video beauty tip with DIY beauty expert Hanh Bui to see just how easy it is to create a gorgeous smoky eye using Smoky ShadowBlast.

Special Offer For DailyMakeover Readers!
Here’s your chance to try out ShadowBlast for yourself! CoverGirl is giving seven lucky readers their very own DIY Kit that features all six ShadowBlast shade duos, expert smoky eye tips and a coupon to the drugstore to help complete your new look.

To enter, simply tell us in the comments below why you love the smoky eye look. We’ll pick seven winners to receive one of these $100 value kits. Contest ends May 19 at 5 P.M. EST. Please read the full rules and regulations.

Congrats to our winners Shannon, Diane, Dionza, Mandy, Deborah, Melanie and Christianne. Thanks to everyone who entered and shared their reasons why they love the smoky eye!

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The Secret To Great-Looking Skin


Great-looking skin is the holy grail of the beauty world–you can pretty much pull off any kind of makeup if you’re skin looks amazing. Unfortunately, very few of us are blessed with that perfect canvas of smooth and clear skin, yours truly included. While I work tirelessly to try and keep my skin looking its best, the sad fact is that some days I need more help than your average moisturizer and concealer duo can provide.

Enter L’Oréal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base. The name pretty much says it all for this genius primer–it’s like magic. Smooth some on your skin (a little goes a long way) and it instantly fills lines, smooths out uneven texture and minimizes pores and imperfections. I applied a dab under my eyes and my crows feet-in training instantly smoothed out, leaving my eyes looking fresher and younger. What’s more, it also made my concealer go on that much easier so my overall appearance looked brighter and more awake. Since it was developed in partnership with backstage beauty guru (and my makeup hero) James Kaliardos, I wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection.

I don’t often label something “magical,” but based on how easily my makeup went on and how smooth my skin felt and looked after application, that’s exactly what I’d call this new primer. It just goes to show that just because you don’t have perfect skin doesn’t mean you can’t fake it!

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

The At-Home Minx Manicure


If there’s one thing I took away from the runways at Spring 2010 Fashion Week it’s that metallic nails are super-sexy in a futuristic, Judy Jetson kind of way. There’s nothing like a flash of metal on your digits to give you a cool chick mentality. Last year’s Minx manicure took big strides in bringing the foiled finger look to the masses, but it came at a price: Anywhere from $30 to a whopping $55 an application.

Recently, a few of your favorite drugstore brands have decided to up the ante and offer similar metallic effects at a much cheaper cost ($7 and up). While they may not provide the exact same metal-like sheen as the Minx, they do come pretty darn close.

My first pick is Sally Hansen’s Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Chrome Pen. It gives nails more of a milky metallic tone that goes on super smooth and dries even faster. This is a great entry-level metallic for those who want to try the trend but aren’t ready to go all Tin Man on their tips. It also comes in an interesting variety of shades like Turquoise, Green and Fuchsia, so you don’t have to sacrifice your fave colors to get that metal effect.

If you like your metal molten, then Orly’s Foil FX collection is for you. It features three springtime shades that deliver a bling-tastic sheen and textured foil look to your nails. I’m loving Rage, a pretty rose shade because it’s a soft and delicate hue that’s roughed up with a metalhead finish. It’s the perfect combination of pretty and gritty.

What do you think of the metallic nails trend?

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

Making Memories At The Olympics

I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics, as a guest of P&G Beauty, an official sponsor of the Winter Olympic Games. While there I got a chance not only to see two of the events (Ice Dancing and Speed Skating, whoo hoo!), I also got to spend some time at the P&G Family Home, a literal oasis for Team USA and their families.


The Family Room

P&G put a strong emphasis on family with these Olympics (if you’ve been watching NBC’s coverage at all, you’re sure to have seen the beauty brand’s adorable “Thanks, Mom” commercials) and the Family House was the culmination of this. Divided into five levels, it featured themed rooms that catered to all members of the family. On the first floor was a giant “family” room that was stocked with pillows, chairs, laptops and two giant screens so people could watch the various events.

The second floor contained a concierge service that gave updates on everything from the days medal counts, to event procedures to things to do in Vancouver. The third floor was home to a bevy of branded rooms, including the “Man Cave”, aka the Pringles room. Did you know there are over 22 flavors of Pringles? I sampled a good portion of them, including some oddball ones like Cheeseburger and 3-Layer Mexican Nachos. Like I said, a little crazy. The Man Cave also contained video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero to keep the boys (and girls!) entertained.

Also on the third floor was a Tide laundry service that did laundry for the families and the athletes, which turned out to be an unexpected blessing. We heard that the Olympic Village only provided quarter machines, so athletes were spending precious time feeding quarters into a washer and waiting for their laundry. More than a few of them were ecstatic about the Tide service as it freed them to focus on more important things, like competing.


The cutest room in the house, The Pampers Village!

The Pampers Village was by far one of my favorite rooms in the house. It was an area designated for the little ones and their frazzled parents. Many of the athletes are parents to young children, so having a place for their kids to play and just escape all the insanity was invaluable. I loved all the cute toys and the oversized bench.

Rounding out the third floor offerings was the Crest and Oral-B room. Here they got all high-tech on us, offering a green screen which you could pose in front of and be superimposed into an Olympic-themed scene. I chose to go the Shaun White route and get my snowboard on. I totally look believable, right?


Getting glammed up at the Beauty Lounge

Finally there was the fourth floor, which held one of the fave rooms in the house: The P&G Beauty and Grooming Lounge. It was stocked with all the latest goodies from CoverGirl, Pantene and Olay and featured a friendly group of Vancouver beauty pros who provided everything from leg massages to blowouts to makeup application. I had my hair done by the fabulous Liz, who gave me a super-bouncy curly hairstyle using Pantene’s appropriately named Ice Shine Maximum Hold Hairspray.

All week I heard inspiring stories from athletes and their families about how wonderful the P&G Family Home was. My favorite story came from bronze medal-winning speed skater Chad Hedrick and his family. His gorgeous wife Lynsey was getting her makeup touched up in the Beauty Lounge and told me all about the many special moments her and her family had shared at the Family Home.


Lynsey, Hadley and Chad are all smiles in the Pampers Village.
Photo: © Procter & Gamble

Chad and Lynsey’s 11-month-old daughter Hadley took her first steps in the Pampers Village with her proud parents looking on. “It’s been she and I and Daddy’s off training for the Olympics, so our big concern was whether he was going to be able to see it,” said Lynsey. “It just turned out that he happened to be there and she decided to walk. I think she’s trying to follow in her daddy’s footsteps with wanting to blow everybody away with new things.” That wasn’t the only big news for the Hedrick clan. A few nights later, Lynsey’s younger brother proposed to his girlfriend of four years in the main dining room in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

I asked Lynsey if it was safe to say that the P&G Family Home had provided her and her family with lots of great memories and she was enthusiastic in her response. “It’s incredible. From the laundry to, especially for me, the Pampers room where Hadley can play and be entertained and be happy. There have been so many special memories made at this house for my family. I wish I could go around and hug every person here,” she said.

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

Win A Rock Star Makeover!


Let’s get real ladies: when you were growing up, did you really dream of becoming an office assistant or an accountant? Probably not. Chances are you aspired to be in the limelight, be it as a ballerina or an actress or a singer.

My secret ambition was to be a rock star. Granted I had no talent for singing, nor was I adept at smashing (let alone playing) guitars, but that didn’t stop me from trying to be like one. Every morning I would layer on the Urban Decay shadow and liner (Maui Wowie, Smog and Bourbon were my shades of choice), circling my eyes to create that perfect hazy gaze. A dab of cream blush on my cheekbones and a swipe of dark lipstain pressed into my lips and I was the ultimate rocker chick, at least in my head.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t live out these rock star fantasies, which I think is just tragic. So I’m stoked by this cool contest from Flirt!. In honor of their new fragrance, Rock-n-Rebel, the brand has teamed up with rock godesses The Veronicas to host an online contest called “Show Us Your Inner Rock Star.”


The Veronicas in all their rock chick glory.
Photo: © Flirt!

Starting today, you can head to Flirt’s website and enter by submitting a photo of yourself that shows off your best rock star style and what it means to you. The winner will be flown out to L.A. to get a rocker chick-inspired makeover and go on a shopping spree with The Veronicas!

Runners-up will receive a bottle of the new Rock-n-Rebel perfume, which I’ve been in love with ever since my first sniff. It contains notes of apple nectar, pink grapefruit, and white lotus blossom which create a high-energy scent that has a hint of softness. It’s the perfect way to unleash your inner rock diva, and you don’t have to trash a hotel room or kick over a drum kit, so that’s a plus.

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

Beauty Secrets Of An Olympian

Growing up as a kid, I wasn’t exactly what you would call athletic. Sure I participated in sports, but I definitely wasn’t the star athlete. More often than not my innate klutziness would cause me to trip over my own feet mid-kick in soccer or beam my best friend in the face with a softball (sorry about that Jenn). So I’ve always had a lot of respect for those people who are, in fact, talented in sports and/or have normal control of their motor skills.

Because of my serious lack of hand-eye coordination, the Olympics have always held a special interest for me–being able to watch incredibly talented athletes compete in their prime is just an amazing thing. I never imagined that I would one day have the opportunity to actually speak face-to-face with an honest-to-goodness Olympian, but that’s exactly what happened a few months back when I sat down with ice dancer and Olympic silver medalist Tanith Belbin.


From left: Olympians Tanith Belbin, Vonetta Flowers and Allison Baver.
Photo: © Procter & Gamble

Tanith is one of four “spokesathletes” for beauty giant Procter & Gamble. The brand is an official sponsor of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Tanith, along with skier Lindsey Vonn, bobsledder Vonetta Flowers and speed skater Allison Baver will appear in a marketing campaign for the brand. I sat down with Tanith at the shoot here in NYC and got her secrets to keeping her skin and hair in tiptop shape in the harsh winter weather. Read on for her winning tips!

With all of the time you log on the ice, your skin and hair must take a beating. How do you keep them looking great in the winter?

Winter weather or not, because I’m a figure skater, I’m always in the cold and I’m very aware of what those climates can do to your skin and hair. I definitely want to stay hydrated. I try not to wash my hair every day and I use Pantene’s Ice Shine Shampoo and Conditioner–it’s just perfect for me! It gives my hair that glow without weighing it down and gives it that shine and glisten that makes it look really healthy.

Dry skin is my number one problem and since I get up at 5:30 AM to train, I don’t always have time to douse myself in lotion. I’ve started using body washes like Olay’s Body Wash plus Crème Ribbons which have body butter infused into them. I definitely feel like I have that layer of hydration that sort of stays with me. It’s not just the cold climate [that makes my skin dry], it’s also what I do in ice dancing with my partner. It’s a lot of grips, lifts and flips and my skin gets a lot of friction so I like to use something with an almost medicinal level of moisturizers like Olay Quench Advanced Healing Body Lotion.


Tanith gets a touch-up from makeup pro Jake Bailey.
Photo: © Procter & Gamble

I was a figure skater when I was a kid and I vividly remember the sheer amount of makeup we would have to pile on our faces. I used to have to go home and scrub my face raw in order to get it all off. How do you remove all of that makeup and still keep your skin feeling and looking its best?

I’ve obviously tried every kind of makeup remover there is. My skin is sensitive and a lot of those makeup removers make my skin red and irritated, making it hard to put makeup back on the next day. I use Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths because they take everything off really easily and, with all the traveling I do, they’re really convenient because I don’t have to worry about bringing liquids with me.

I try to take good care of my skin, but it’s nearly impossible to keep it perfect when I’m piling on makeup, traveling and dealing with the stress of competition. I just try to be diligent and I always, every time, wash, tone and moisturize. I also exfoliate my skin a couple of times a week.

What is your number one beauty travel tip?

I’ve learned that when I fly I have to take my makeup off. Going up in that altitude, everything just comes right to the surface. No matter what you think or who you’re going to be seen by on the plane, just take your makeup off and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. When you’re flying for so long and changing altitudes and climates and countries, you get really dehydrated so just try to keep moisturized.


The girls work it for the photographer.
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What’s your one, can’t-live-without-it budget beauty buy?

I always buy mascara. I know that people say that there are certain products that you need to spend the money on, but I think that mascara is the number one thing that I find is best at the drugstores.

CoverGirl has the new LashBlast Length Mascara that I love. The brush has a thousand little bristles and it narrows at the end so it’s very far-reaching and helps you get that little wing at the end of your lashes. I don’t wear a lot of makeup when I train so I find that a bit of mascara and a flushed face are all I need to look fresh at the end of the day.

Now for some even more exciting news: The fine folks at P&G have invited me to head to Vancouver next month to provide you with live coverage of the Olympics! I’ll be on site in Vancouver from February 18 through the 21, bringing you the all the scoop on the medal race and the scene at the Olympic Village. Stay tuned for more info as the Olympics approach!

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Get Picture-Perfect Party Makeup


Get a pretty party look like Selena Gomez’s.
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I don’t know about you guys but I can honestly say that I am absolutely partied out. After attending more seasonal shindigs than I can count, I’ve officially run out of new ideas on how to look festively fab — and we’re only halfway through the holidays!!!

While my idea well may have run dry, celebrity makeup artist and CoverGirl design director Pat McGrath still has plenty of innovative ideas, and then some. I had the opportunity to sit down with the beyond talented pro and she shared some of her fave ways to glam up your makeup look. Read on to learn some of her insider secrets.

Get your glitter on. Adding shimmer to your face is a great way to turn a ho-hum look into a haute holiday one. It’s also perfectly on trend for the season. “We saw a lot of glitter on the (Fall 2009) runways. Louis Vuitton had a ton of glitter on the eyelids and at Dior we saw glitter accents in the corners of the eye,” says McGrath. If coating your eye in glitter dust seems too disco to you, McGrath suggests creating a glitter liner to get that shimmery pop. “Line your eyes in a basic eyeliner–you can use any color but I like deep blue or burgundy–then (using a Q-Tip) layer a bit of Vaseline on top of the line. Then take a bit of crumbly glitter and add it on top of the Vaseline. It’s very easy to do,” says McGrath.

Simple is still sexy. A smoky eye is a no-fail way to add some sexiness to your look and, according to McGrath, it doesn’t have to be super complicated to do. “Everyone knows those really intense smoky eyes are too difficult to do anyways, so I like that this season it got more simple,” she says. McGrath loves CoverGirl’s Smoky Shadow Blast Shadow Sticks, especially the Purple Plum shade, to create a beautiful, slightly shimmery eye in just a few easy steps. “I love that you can use just one of the colors around the eye and then add some mascara to it and you’ve got a smoky eye. It breaks the myth of having to use six shadows to get that look.”

Red ahead. You can instantly dial up the intensity of any look by doing a red lip. This season saw a rainbow of crimson shades on the runways, from glittery orange-red fire lips at Prada to a classic red at D&G. While these looks are all inarguably gorgeous, there’s also no doubt that they are insanely difficult for real women to pull off. “How many women can really go out with confidence wearing that kind of a red lip? A good way of doing that at home is to do a hint of red and use the Outlast Lipstain, then apply a touch of gloss on top of it. It’s the best way to do that perfect red lip and make it work for the real world,” she says.

I think these are all great suggestions for punching up your typical party look. What are some of your go-to tips for looking fab on a special occasion?

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Super-Sized Stocking Stuffer Giveaway


The holidays are officially here and we know you guys have been busy decking the halls, partying it up and shopping for gifts. There’s just so much to do! Unfortunately that means little or no time to pamper yourself.

We’re firm believers in taking a little “me” time during the holidays, so while you’re busy making sure everyone else has a great holiday, let us take care of you.

We want to make sure your stocking is loaded down with a whole host of pampering goodies, so we’ve teamed up with some of your favorite brands to offer this amazing stocking stuffer giveaway. The winner will receive:

  • Altru Harmony Aromatic Incense and Star Burner
    This inticing incense features the exotic scent of Oriental persimmons that can be beautifully displayed in this gorgeous copper holder.

  • Jouer Lip Loves Moisturizing Mini Lipgloss Set
    Featuring five sheer and shimmery shades of hydrating gloss, this essential set helps enhance your pout as it heals it using nourishing jojoba oil, shea butter, pomegranate seed oil and vitamins A, C & E.

  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye-Enhancing Shadow
    Designed to enhance your natural eye color, this pretty palette contains an array of shimmery shades to color, contour and line the eyes in order to make them pop.

  • Philosophy A Kiss And A Wish
    This fab lip set is the perfect way to get your lips prepped to pucker up. It contains four mini lipgloss, each with its own beautiful color, scent and flavor: Raspberry Sorbet, Candy Cane, Bubbly and Red Licorice.

  • GoSmile Touch Up Ampuoles
    Whiten your teeth in style with this easy-to-use system. It contains 14 portable, single-use whitening ampuoles, housed in a sleek silver case, that help keep teeth pearly white by eliminating food stains and build-up in one easy step. Best of all, it comes in three yummy flavors: Watermelon, Green Apple and Fresh Mint.

  • Mission Skincare World Series Bronx Lip Balmer
    Show your appreciation for America’s favorite pastime with this limited edition lip balm. This athlete-approved lip treatment is chock full of hydrating and nourishing ingredients and is wrapped up in a special sleeve commemorating the Yankees 2009 World Series win.

  • Stila Holiday Lip Glaze Collection
    Spoil your lips with this gorgeous wardrobe of glosses. It contains mini tubes of the brand’s cult favorite glosses, including four new, limited edition shades and four of their best-selling shades.

  • Darphin Youthful Radiance Camellia Mask
    There’s no better way to pamper your skin than with this age-defying mask. It contains natural extracts of camellia, meadowfoam oil and pomegranate extract to smooth wrinkles, firm your skin and maintain your natural radiance over time.

  • Burn Voyage Candle
    They may be small but these chic candles pack a big perfume punch. Each of the gorgeously scented candles is easy to transport, so you can scent any room, anywhere with one of their delicious and unique fragrances.

To enter, just tell us in the comments section below what your best ever beauty gift was and you’ll be entered to win. Contest ends Friday, December 18 at 1 P.M. EST. For full rules and regulations, click here.

Congrats to our winner Michelle. Thanks to everyone who entered and shared their favorite gifts. Here’s hoping you all get something fabulous under the tree this year!

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.