Beauty On A Dime

Beauty On A Dime

by Megan McIntire

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If there’s one thing we value here at Daily Makeover, it’s your opinion. We love to know what you think about everything from the latest beauty launches to your all-time favorite products. So much so that we created a special forum for you to share your voice: The Beauty Board.

Members of the Beauty Board get special perks like receiving free products and seeing the latest beauty launches before they hit the shelves. You can also earn cash rewards for each survey you participate in. You get the chance to tell beauty companies exactly what you think of their latest launches and earn cash rewards in the process. Redeem your rewards for cash or for gift cards to some of your favorite brands like Spafinder, Zappos, Gap, and Williams Sonoma. Best of all, anyone can join! Just head to our Beauty Board sign-up page, and register for an account.

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As a special thanks for signing up, new members will be automatically entered to win Stila’s The Makeup Player, a $250 value! Download Stila’s how-to videos onto your smartphone, then hook it up to the vanity and get to work. The trunk contains all the makeup you need to rock Stila’s gorgeous looks (iPhone pictured is not included). We have three to giveaway!

Offer ends December 15, 2009 at 12 P.M. EST. Full rules and regulations here.

Budget Halloween Costumes


Lady GaGa’s out there style makes for a
great (cheap) costume
Photo: © Florian Seefried/Getty Images

Over the weekend a few of my girlfriends and I were hanging out and discussing Halloween costume ideas. We love to go all out, but with our budgets a little tighter this year than normal, we didn’t have the cash to spend on elaborate costumes. One friend mentioned that she had her eye on a cute bumblebee costume from a Halloween store so we took a look at it online and the first thing I saw was the $70 price tag.

I’m sorry but $70 for an outfit you’ll only wear once? No way! There are tons of great costumes you can create on your own without spending a fortune on a store-bought outfit. Here are some ideas we brainstormed:

Lady GaGa
This one’s easy, just find yourself a leotard and throw something shiny (may I suggest an aluminum foil corset?) on top and you’ve got the outfit down pat. Get the pants-less one’s beauty look by keeping your skin matte and using a mauve blush to contour your cheeks. Eyes should be shimmery and heavily lined with a row of faux lashes on top and bottom and some retro sunglasses on top. Throw some matte, bubblegum pink lipstick on, then tease and crimp a platinum blonde, bobbed wig into a huge hair helmet and that’s all there is to it!

The Four Seasons
Get together 3 of your girlfriends and you can be the four seasons: summer, winter, fall and spring. Pick seasonally appropriate gear from your closet (winter white cozy clothes, autumnal red and gold layers, an umbrella and flowery dress for spring and boldly colored shorts and tanks for summer) and then create a makeup look to correspond with it.

Use icy shades of shadow on your lids and frosted highlighter on your lips and cheeks to recreate winter’s chill. Apply warm, metallic bronzes and red-browns on your eyes, lips and cheeks and place a few carefully selected leaves in your hair for a crisp fall look. Spring is all about soft and pretty pastels so use shades of lilac, pink, sky blue and leaf green, then pull your hair into a curly updo and place a fake flower in the back. Go bronze for summer with lots of powder bronzer and warm shades of brown and gold. Or fake a sunburn by layering on a deep pink blush over your cheeks and nose.

True Blood‘s Sookie Stackhouse
My friends and I are OBSESSED with True Blood so we were all about the Sookie look. The easiest look of her’s to pull off is the Merlotte’s waitress uniform. Grab a pair of short shorts some sneakers and some knee high soccer socks, then take a plain white tee and use a green Sharpie (I’m all about the Sharpies) to recreate the Merlotte’s logo on the front. Layer on the bronzer and blush so your skin looks flushed and natural, a stark contrast to all that undead paleness. Put on some shimmery shadow, lots of mascara and a pink gloss, then pull your hair into a tight, high ponytail and you’re set! Now go find yourself a Bill. For more vampire beauty, check out our interview with True Blood makeup artist Brigette Ellis for tips on how to get the look.

Rock of Love Girls
There’s nothing better than trashy reality TV and the Rock of Love series takes the cake on trash. Get together a few of your girls and find yourself a token male. Dress him up in tight jeans, a long blonde wig and a bandanna to approximate the Bret Michaels mystique. Then find your trampiest clothes and go wild. Short skirts, corset tops, bikini tops, you name it. Layer on the blue eyeshadow, the fake lashes and the hot pink lips, then tease your hair as high as it will go. Throughout the night, find an excuse to start a fake brawl with the other girls (extra points for hair pulling) while your “Bret” stands smugly by watching the drama unfold.

Those are just a few of the ones we came up with. What are your best budget Halloween costume ideas?

Need more Halloween costume ideas? Check out:

How To Create Halloween Hair from In His Beauty Universe

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Get A Virtual Vampire Makeover!

Beauty That Gives Back

October is , a time to band together to fight for a cure and to support and celebrate survivors. It’s also the month in which the beauty industry unveils a massive effort to give back.

Many beauty companies offer special products made specifically for BCA. These pretty pink goodies aren’t just fun to look at, they’re also part of a mission to help find a cure. A portion of the proceeds from these special products are donated to various research foundations to help support and help those women living with breast cancer.

Saving money is important, but if you’re looking to stock up on new beauty necessities, now’s a great time to do it. You can get some really fabulous limited edition items and the money you spend will go to a worthwhile cause. If that’s not a good reason to spend I don’t know what is! Below are a few of my favorites, but check out,,, and other online retailers for more great products that support the cause.


Sonia Kashuk BCRF Brush Up On Pink Purse Set
When it comes to cute and functional, Sonia Kashuk’s line of brushes, bags and cosmetics is the best. This holds especially true for her collection of products made in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I love the vivid pink pattern used on the collection. My favorite right now is this four piece-brush set– it features all the essential makeup brushes you need, housed in a gorge little bag. Best of all, 15% of the purchase price goes to the BCRF to help prevent and find a cure for breast cancer.


Essie Yes We Can, Pink Nail Color
A neutral pink polish is a must-have for your manicure kit and I absolutely love this pretty pastel shade. It’s a limited edition hue that was created specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness. Proceeds from the formaldehyde-, DBP- and toulene-free shade will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women affected by the disease.


Avon Crusade Tote
This cute cotton canvas tote was designed for the brand by the revered Marimekko design company. It features the company’s famous floral graphic — a stylish and arresting statement. One hundred percent of the net profits from this $10 bag will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.

These are just a few of my favorite BCA products, but there are literally tons of products out there this month. From tweezers to body wash, it doesn’t matter what you buy, just get out there and start shopping!

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

Budget Buy Video Review: JK Jemma Kidd Silver Screen Mascara Liner Duo

I’ve been in the beauty biz for quite some time and I’ve seen all kinds of beauty products in all shapes and makes. It’s a rare occurrence when I see something that’s truly innovative but that’s exactly what happened when the JK Jemma Kidd Silver Screen Mascara Liner Duo came across my desk. Check out my video review to find out why this new product is so interesting and all around nifty in my book.

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

Special Savings For Our Readers!

BeingTrue Balancing Anitoxidant Mask

You guys know how much I love a great deal, but what I love even more is passing on the savings to you. So I’m psyched to tell you that healthy beauty brand BeingTRUE is offering special savings to readers. Starting tomorrow, September 15, and lasting until September 30, when you purchase anything on the BeingTRUE website you can get an automatic 25% off! All you have to do is type the special discount code, BeingTRUE, in the promo box when you check out and you automatically get 25% off your entire order. There are no limits or exclusions to the offer so you can get whatever your heart desires!

I’ve been dying to try the Balancing Antioxidant Mask and the Essential Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and now I really don’t have any excuse not to! What are you going to buy with your discount? Tell me what looks interesting to you!

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

Budget Buys: Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance Makeup

Have you ever bought a foundation that looked like a perfect match at the store, but then got it home and found it wasn’t your shade at all? Don’t despair, check out this “smart” foundation by Almay that actually blends in to match your skin tone!

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

Win A $50 Lippmann Gift Certificate!

Lippmann Collection 10th Anniversary Collection

I’ve confessed to you guys my absolute obsession with nail polish. It’s a sickness really, but I can’t help myself — I just love all those gorgeous colors as I paint them on my nails.

For a long time now I’ve been a faithful follower of celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann. While her Lippmann Collection polishes are a little pricey, they’re one of the few splurges I allow myself because I really feel like I’m getting what I pay for — gorgeous, one-of-a-kind colors that actually last longer than a day. And, of course, nobody does metallics like Lippmann.

September 1, 2009 marks the 10 year anniversary of the brand and to celebrate they’re throwing a doozy of a giveaway. Starting tomorrow morning and running throughout the day, every 10th person who makes a purchase on the site will receive a $50 gift certificate! That’s a whole lot of polish!

Looking for some shopping suggestions? The 10th Anniversary Set features three new limited edition shades: Superstar, a copper glitter-flecked brown; Funky Chunky, a sheer, impossibly chic sequined black and Ruby Red Slippers, a mega sparkly red that’s a fave of Lady Gaga.

This promotion only lasts tomorrow, so get out there and get shopping!!

Want A Hollywood Makeover?

Hayden Panettiere July 07 2009

Score a glam look like Hayden’s!
Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris/

Around here at HQ, we really love a good makeover (obvs). There’s nothing like a new look to help you boost your confidence and feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

Apparently Neutrogena feels the same way because they’re running a “Flaunt Your Inner Celebrity” contest where the winner will receive a trip to NYC for a Hollywood-inspired makeover with a celebrity makeup artist and a professional photo shoot to show off their new look.

Interested in scoring this sweet prize? Head over to Neutrogena’s Facebook page and tell them why you deserve to flaunt your inner celeb. You’ll automatically be entered to win the grand prize makeover.

One lucky lady will be given the A-list treatment in NYC and 10 first-prize winners will receive a Neutrogena prize package worth $250! Contest ends on September 11 so hurry up and enter before it’s too late!

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

Win Your Signature Scent!

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection

I was shopping online for beauty products the other day (as is my wont when I should be writing or cleaning or doing something else more productive) when I found myself paroosing the fragrance section, something I normally skip over. I was so overwhelmed! It got me wondering how women manage to buy scents online; the sheer amount of fragrances available was mind-boggling. And it’s not easy to figure out what you get based on the descriptions — I read paragraph after paragraph gushing about the rarity and “lusciousness” of the ingredients, but I still had no idea what the perfume smelled like!

Then I came across this new tool from Bath & Body Works. Called the Fragrance Finder, it’s a personality quiz of sorts that asks you questions about yourself and then chooses a fragrance for you based on your answers. I pointed out some sentences and images that I thought described my personality best and was promptly told I was a Fresh girl. So far so good. Next I told the tool what kind of event I was planning on using my perfume for (Morning Refresher) and was told that my ideal scent is Sea Island Cotton.

Talk about dead on! At home my fragrance wardrobe consists of light, fresh, clean scents with watery undertones, like Marc Jacobs Rain Summer Splash. I’ll definitely be giving this Sea Island Cotton a try! The tool picks your scent from one of 23 of the brand’s Signature Collection of fragrances so there’s literally a scent to suit every type.

Special Offer for Daily Makeover Readers!
Bath & Body Works is giving one lucky reader the chance to win their very own signature scent. To enter, head on over to the Fragrance Finder and fill out the questionnaire to find out what fragrance suits you best. Tell us in the comments below what personalized fragrance was recommended to you and you’ll be entered to win! Contest ends August 31, 2009 at 1 P.M. EST. Full rules and regulations here.

Congrats to our winner Becca. Thanks to everyone who entered and shared their signature scents!

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

Free Bare Escentuals Makeovers At Sephora!

Bare Escentuals Matte Foundation SPF 15

If there are two things in life I can’t live without, it’s Sephora and Bare Escentuals.

Sephora is my mecca — I’ve been known to spend hours wandering the aisles, sniffing and sampling to my heart’s content.

Bare Escentuals is a recent passion of mine, a byproduct of a grandmother with an unwavering devotion to QVC and BE CEO Leslie Blodgett. After years of hearing her rave about the much lauded brand I finally caved and tried their Mineral Veil last year and I’m now hooked (thanks Grams). I’ve used it almost every day this summer as my go-to foundation, mostly because I like how lightweight it feels on my skin in this godforsaken heat.

So when I heard the news that the two were teaming up for an extra special event, I was definitely intrigued.

This month marks the launch of Bare Escentuals’ new matte (!) version of their bestselling Foundation and Sephora is giving you the firsthand scoop on the launch. Drop by any Sephora location this Saturday, August 15 to celebrate the new foundation and get a free color consultation and makeup application from a Bare Escentuals Brand Specialist. You’ll get to try the new foundation firsthand and you’ll also get a sneak peek at the latest additions to the Buxom color line. Be sure to call your local store to get specific times for the event.

Are you excited for the new foundation? What’s your favorite Bare Escentuals product?

Enhance Your Eyes

CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Eye Shadow

When it comes to makeup, I’m all about the eyes. Sure I like a good lipgloss and I’m currently obsessed with cream blushes, but when it comes down to it, the products taking up the most space in my beauty cabinet are shadows and liners.

I love eye products because they are a great way to make your eyes pop, but I wasn’t really sure how to use them to my best advantage. Recently I had the chance to get some one-on-one lessons from CoverGirl Celebrity Makeup Artist Molly Stern on how to really make my eyes the center of attention.

“The more sparkling your eyes are, the more people connect with you,” says Stern. To maximize your gaze, she uses CoverGirl’s new Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eye Shadow. Each palette contains four shadow hues that are said to help enhance your natural eye color. “They take the guesswork out of doing your makeup because each shade is technologically geared to enhance your eye color,” says Stern.

CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Eyeliner

To get the ultimate bright eye effect, Stern recommends choosing the palette formatted for your eye color — green, hazel, blue or brown — and applying color 1 on your lids from your lashline to your browbone. Then take color 2 and apply it right on the lid, followed by color 3 into the contour for shading and definition. Use ta sponge tip applicator to create a fat, smudgy line at the top of the lashes using color 4. Finish up by using a little bit of liner on your lower lashline, right where your lower eyelid and lash meet and then lightly smudging it to create a pretty, smoldering look.

Stern advises using mascara only on your top lashes and leaving the bottom lashes bare. “I feel it [mascara on the lower lashes] drags the eye down and the point here is to bring your eyes up. It’s also the first place that smudges, especially in the summer months,” she says.

What do you think, will you try this trick at home to make your eyes look bigger?

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.