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3 Ways to Get Super Soft Feet at Home

3 Ways to Get Super Soft Feet at HomeSandal season is in high gear, which means your feet need to look fabulous every day. Here are three d-i-y strategies to make your soles soft and smooth.

1. Got milk?
Soak your feet in a large bowl of warm whole milk. The lactic acid will slough off rough spots and make your skin feel extremely soft.

2. Lock in moisture.
Slather your feet with a rich foot cream, then slip on a pair of cotton socks. Wear the socks for at least 20 minutes (you can even sleep with them on) to lock mega moisture into your skin. Need a good foot cream? Visit our product reviews.

3. Buff daily.
Keep a pumice stone or foot file in your shower so that every day you can tackle rough spots and cracked heels. This daily maintenance will prevent your feet from stepping into the scary sole zone.