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How To Make Your Bathroom An Oasis

How To Make Your Bathroom An OasisRecreate a luxury spa’s soul-soothing soak right in your own bathroom and reap the stress-relieving benefits. Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul reminds us it’s vital for a woman’s “deep soul” that she spend time taking care of her body. An artful soothing soak and the resultant glowing beauty are all “genuine rituals for the cultivation of soul.”

Transform your bathroom.
You can make even the most basic bathroom feel as ornate as the temple of Aphrodite by decorating with natural shells, pastel soaps, and mirrors. Darken the room and let scented candles create ambience. We love: Pure Light Organic Aromatherapy Candles. Choose soothing music, or better yet, tune into the soft sounds of your own breath. Scent, warmth, essential oils, fragrances, sponges and towels of natural fiber all contribute to a ritual of self-renewal.

Prepare your bath.
Put about 10 or 15 drops of a fragrant bath oil into the bathwater, then swirl them around in the tub. Try a feminine scent such as rose or spicy frankincense. We love Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Bath & Shower Oil. As you step into the bath, feel the warmth of the water. Sink into an aromatic meditative moment.

Nourish your skin and your soul.
When you emerge, drape yourself in a luxurious towel and massage yourself with a rich and sensual moisturizer. We like: Linden Leaves Ginseng and Orange Blossom Crème de la Crème Body Butter. Move slowly, pausing to restore yourself with hot herbal tea, and embrace your newfound calm.

- By Susan Reimer Torn, IAC-certified mentor coach, founder of Scentient Beings and self-proclaimed spa junkie.