Face Beauty Tip

Give yourself a sexy makeover

>Give yourself a sexy makeover
A smoky eye and tousled waves give >Billie Piper a come-hither vibe

Want to amp up your hair and makeup to sexy new heights? A smoldering smoky eye, dark lips, bronzed skin and tousled, voluminous tresses will turn you into a prowling provocateur that’s hard to resist. Just follow these tips from Three Custom Color Specialists founder Trae Bodge and Bumble and Bumble editorial stylist Travis Speck for a smoking hot look that’s sure to wow ‘em.

Nothing says sexy like a dark smoky eye. Bodge advises adding a hint of intrigue by forgoing the usual black and grey and opting on unexpected deep purple or bronze. Line your eye with black pencil, then buff it out and layer a purple shadow over it. Highlight your lid with shimmery bronze.

Play up your lips with plum. Go bold with a plum lipstick, or, if you want something a little more low-key, opt for a plum gloss. “Deep plum lip glosses are surprisingly stunning on so many skin tones,” she says.

Warm up your skin tone. If you’re going for a strong look, go easy on the rest of your face. Keep cheeks neutral with a soft, >sheer nude blush. Top it off by adding a swipe of bronzer to the high points of your face to create a warm and shimmery glow.

Go for tousled, touchable hair. “A slightly waved, tousled look begs to be touched,” says Speck, unlike an updo, which can be fussy and difficult to run one’s hands through. Think >Kate Hudson, >Penelope Cruz or >Nicole Richie’s loose and sexy styles.

- Use a curling iron to create glossy waves. First, divide dry hair into three sections: one at the nape, one at the crown and one along the hairline. Working from the nape forward, spray an inch and a half section of hair with >styling spray then wrap the section around a one and a quarter inch curling iron. Hold the curling iron perpendicularly and twirl the hair around it. Finish by running your fingers through your curls to loosen them then spritz with >shine spray for added sheen.