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How To Choose The Right Foundation Shade

How To Choose The Right Foundation Shade
Just because it looks like a match in the bottle, doesn’t mean it’s the perfect match for your skin.

Foundation is one of the most useful beauty tools in a girl’s arsenal: it can wake up your complexion, hide problem areas and even out your skin tone with just one well-applied layer. But it’s key you use the right shade or else your cover will be blown. Unfortunately, shopping for the right shade can be a minefield for mistakes. Here, Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani Beauty National Creative Director, spills his secrets for picking the right hue for you.

Try the shade on your face. There’s some confusion out there on where you should test out the shade. We’ve heard everything from applying it on your hand to swiping it on your inner arm. According to Quinn, the only real way to see if a foundation matches your skin is to put it on your face. “For many people, their face is a different color than the rest of their body, so trying it on your arm isn’t a true representation of that shade,” he says. Apply a dab of the foundation along your jawline, then step back and look at yourself in the mirror. Can you see the line of the foundation? If so, it’s not the right color. If it blends right in then you’ve got a match.

See how it looks in the sunlight. Fluorescent lighting, aside from being totally unflattering, can also distort the way a shade looks. Quinn suggests walking outside after you’ve put the foundation on and looking in a mirror to see how the color looks in natural sunlight.

Wear a simple white top when shopping. Bright colors, while totally trendy, aren’t ideal for foundation shopping since the color can reflect on your face and cause your skin tone to look different. Opt for a simple white blouse and you’ll be sure to get a true representation of your natural skin color. Also, wear something with an open neck: you want to be able to see how the foundation blends from your face to your décolleté.

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