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Sunscreen 101

Sunscreen 101

Lauren Conrad keeps her skin healthy and safe by slathering on the SPF when she’s out in the sun.

We all know that UV rays cause signs of premature aging such as dark spots, large pores and wrinkles. But slapping on some sunscreen in the morning doesn’t mean you can be worry-free for the rest of the day. There are four key SPF application rules all dermatologists recommend to keep your skin safe:

An ounce of prevention literally. You need to use a full ounce of sunscreen (think of a shot glass full) to adequately cover your entire body. For your face, a quarter-size dollop should do the trick. Also, use a sunscreen that has broad-spectrum SPF 15 or higher. Need to stock up on sunscreen? Check out these great SPF picks.

Reapply every two hours. UVA rays actually breakdown sunscreen, which is why you need to slather up every couple of hours, especially if you’re at the beach.

Don’t overlook the nooks and crannies. The most common places for skin cancer to pop up? Between your toes, on your scalp, and in your ears, so be sure to slather on the sunscreen from your head to your feet and everything in between.

Apply it before you go outside. It takes about 15 minutes for most sunscreens to be effective, so slather it on before you even step into the sun.