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The Benefits of Going Green

The Benefits of Going Green
Choosing natural and organic products is a smart way to look good and do good for the environment.

With more focus than ever before on organic and natural foods and health products, it’s no shock many women are seeking out organic and natural beauty products. Today’s eco-conscious woman wants pesticide-free, no preservatives makeup, without chemicals. Thinking about making the switch to organics? Check out some of the benefits that come with chemical-free beauty choices.

Get big benefits with less risk of irritation.
There’s no doubt there are many ingredients in nature that can help your skin. Organic and natural ingredients allow you to get pure forms of effective, botanical ingredients, that you couldn’t otherwise get from their synthetic counterparts. Harsh chemicals used in traditional beauty products can easily irritate sensitive skin, which manifests on your skin as acne, rashes or redness. There have also been numerous studies on the possible link between cancer and chemicals. Opt for green skin care to keep your skin safe and irritant-free.

Eco-friendly products help keep us green.
In addition to being good for your skin, natural and organic products are also naturally eco-friendly. Many companies package their eyeliner, blush, foundation and more in recyclable containers meant to help limit waste. In addition, some companies offer recycling programs where you collect a specific amount of empty makeup containers, trade them into the manufacturer and get a free product for your recycling efforts. Brands like MAC, Kiehl’s Aveda and Origins all currently sponsor cosmetics recycling programs. Who says looking good and doing good aren’t one in the same?

Where to buy certified natural makeup
Large companies like Physicians Formula, Aubrey Organics and NVEY ECO have hundreds of green products easily found at your local drugstore. Chain stores like Whole Foods are also a great place to find natural products. If you’re unsure of where to look, visit the manufacturer’s website to locate where their products are sold. If your city doesn’t have a natural health store, you can also order these products online.

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