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3 Must-Know Wedding Hair Tips

3 Must-Know Wedding Hair Tips

Just like your groom, your wedding day hairstyle should be a perfect match. “Start talking to your hairstylist and colorist three months beforehand so that you have enough time to decide on your cut, style, and color,” suggests David Dieguez, creative director of NYC’s Blow Salon ( Here are three key tips on how to find the look you’ll want to wear walking down the aisle.

1. Be yourself, but better. Don’t stray too far from a style that you would wear to any other special event so that you’ll feel comfortable and confident on your big night. “Flip through magazines and watch your favorite movies to find hairstyles that you like, then look for common features and discuss them with your hairstylist,” suggests Dieguez. Another great source of inspiration? Check out our new Wedding Hairstyles Look Book.

2. Lighten up around your face. Your hair color is just as important as your hair cut. If you have bangs or layers around your face, make them a few shades lighter than the rest of your hair. This will draw light to your face and make you look extra radiant. To see what you’d look like with some blonder bits, check out the HIGHLIGHTS section in the Makeover Studio.

3. Don’t be scared of extensions. Clip-in hair pieces can be used to add length or volume. “This is a great idea for women with limp hair who want more volume, even if they are going for an updo,” says Dieguez. Ask your stylist to experiment with a few extensions during a style trail session.

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