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Flattering Hairstyles for Plus Size Figures

Flattering Hairstyles for Plus Size Figures
A side part like Emme’s helps minimize a
full face.

A flattering hairstyle can take pounds off of your appearance. In contrast, sporting the wrong hairstyle for your face shape can work against you. Here are the three key tips to remember when looking for a slimming hairstyle.

1. It should skim the shoulders. A cut that is around shoulder length or slightly longer creates the illusion of a longer, leaner face. Short cuts aren’t a good option because they can add more width to an already full face shape.

2. Play with layers. Layered haircuts are ideal for plus size shapes because they can help minimize a double chin and give more definition to the shoulder area. If you have fine hair, layers will also give it a body boost. But make sure you don’t get layers that are shorter then chin length, which could add an unflattering wideness to your face.

3. Try a side part. A side part allows you to sweep bangs of face-framing pieces diagonally over your face, which breaks up a round face shape. This style can also bring out your cheekbones.

4. Get gorgeous color. Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, chances are you may want to try coloring it at some point in your life. Many women are perfectly content with their natural color, until they start noticing gray hairs peeking through as they age. Your body size really has no impact on what colors you should choose. Ask your colorist to help you choose a natural color most flattering to your skin tone and, unless you want dramatic results, don’t try to go more than two shades in either direction of your natural hair color.

Remember, choosing flattering hairstyles for your size can help you look younger and slimmer! So, take your time and do research to figure out what best suits you. Look at celebrities with a similar face shape as yours to get an idea of what works, or download your photo to the Makeover Studio to see exactly how your favorite hairstyles will look on you!

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