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How To Do A Budget Blowout Hairstyle

How To Do A Budget Blowout Hairstyle

A great blowout like Cindy Crawford’s hairstyle adds polish and longevity to your hairstyle.

While a killer blowdry hairstyle is the best way to look polished and put together, professional blowouts can be expensive, especially if you get them regularly. Here, Doug Di Canio, a hairstylist at Blow, New York’s Blow Dry Bar, gives us the lowdown on how to give yourself the perfect blowout at home.

1. Don’t blowdry in your bathroom. “The air circulation is generally poor and the humidity from your shower will only make your job more difficult,” says Di Canio. A cool, brightly lit area like your bedroom or living room is a better option.

2. Air-dry your hair up to 75 percent. This will ensure that you don’t spend an hour scorching your locks with your dryer. Use a leave-in conditioner on your wet hair and comb through tangles with a wide-tooth comb.

3. Dry hair in sections. Using a comb, divide your hair in half going from ear to ear in the back of your head. Clip the top section up. Then, take a two-inch wide section from the lower half, and, using a medium round brush, dry it on the high setting from roots to ends. Repeat until the bottom half is dry, then release the top section and dry that area.

4. Pump up your part. To achieve maximum volume, use a smaller round brush to blowdry small sections of hair around the part in a forward direction.

5. Finish strong. Add a finishing product like Blow Weather Girl Climate Neutralizing Complex to polish and protect your freshly groomed ‘do.