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How To Get Gorgeous Glossy Waves

How To Get Gorgeous Glossy Waves
Blake Lively’s glossy waves are something to gossip about.

From hot Hollywood parties to your local beach barbeque, wavy hair is all the rage right now. And while the look is supposed to come off as easy and carefree, coaxing your own hair into touchable, frizz-free waves can be challenging. Here’s a clever strategy: When you get out of the shower, rather than using a towel to dry your hair, use paper towels to blot moisture out of your hair, suggests Adir, L.A.-based Frédéric Fekkai Celebrity Stylist who works with Jennifer Garner, Kiera Knightly and Anne Hathaway. Nubby towels and vigorous rubbing creates a lot of friction which leads to frizzy results. You’ll get smoother results by blotting wet hair with a soft absorbent paper towel because it soaks up water without roughing up your strands.

Next step: Spray a light texturizer all over your hair. Adir uses "Frédéric Fekkai Coiff Oceanique Tousled Wave Spray". Now, start blow-drying while keeping the nozzle pointed downward and scrunching sections to create waves. “High heat will loosen the wave, so keep your blow-dryer on a medium setting,” he explains. If your hair is super curly, instead of blow-drying, create four big sections, braid them, then let air-dry. “This will relax your curl and give you perfect waves.” Once dry, warm up a shine serum between your palms, then smooth your hands over your hair and finger style into place. Need a good shine serum? Browse our reviews.

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