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How To Prevent Hat Head

How To Prevent Hat Head
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Hats this season are all about blending the practical with the pretty. But whether you’re sporting a warm wool cap or a chic cloche, hat head is bound to claim you as a victim. The good news: there are ways around the matted down strands that plague you. We got the static-free scoop from Thomas Sena, owner of T’Eez, a Thomas Sena Salon in Omaha (where the average winter temperature hovers around 20 degrees). Here, our tips:

1. To avoid a tangled mess atop your head, Sena suggests making sure your roots are completely dry: “A wet head and a wool hat do not mix; you”ll wind up with disheveled, damp hair that will need to be re-styled once you remove the hat.”

2. Opt for styling products that lend moisture to unruly or overly dry hair. Sena suggests styling lotions or styling creams (pre-blowdry) to reduce static and frizz. “Keep the product on the ends and away from the roots,” says Sena. “Otherwise, when the hat is on, you create heat near the scalp, causing it to sweat and react with some oil-based lotions, resulting in potentially greasy, matted hair.”

3. If the dented damage is already done, Sena recommends two quick fixes. Keep a travel-size hairspray in your bag or at your desk to tame down any finger-in-socket style frizz. “The hairspray will deionize the static and help you restore a de-frizzed state in your hair.” If you’re in a real bind, rub hand lotion into your fingers and work it through the ends of your hair. (Just be sure that it has completely dissolved into your skin otherwise you risk greasiness.)

4. For hat hair that just won’t be tamed, you may want to consider purchasing a silk-lined hat, says Sena. “The silk protects hair from a lot of the hat harm and will keep your hair in the best shape.”

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