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Summer’s Hot Hair Color Trends

Summer's Hot Hair Color Trends
Leighton Meester’s blonded brunette is just one of the hot hair color trends of summer.

Stuck in a hair color rut? Now is the perfect time to breathe some new life
into your drab ‘do. “Summer is all about low-maintenance looking hair color,” says Nexxus Color Director and celeb colorist Shannon Dorram-Krause, whose clients include Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts. And there’s no need to go for a dramatic color transformation. A few tweaks to your current hue could be all you need. Read on to find out the hottest trends for brunettes, blondes and reds.

Blonded Brunettes
“Brunettes look fabulous this summer with natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights or what I call ‘children’s hair,’” says Dorram-Krause. To get this blonded brunette shade à la Audrina Patridge, Leighton Meester and Jennifer Lopez, ask your colorist to paint lots of thin highlights on the crown of your hair to brighten it up without looking fake or overdone. Warning: Bold highlights in the bottom of your hair could look too stripey.

Platinum Blondes
A cool platinum hair color looks sleek and sophisticated and is a great way to stand out from the golden highlights of the beach bunny crowd. Stars like Anna Faris, Tori Spelling and Kate Bosworth have all taken the platinum plunge. While the color is gorgeous, there is one thing to keep in mind: “Going too light can make you look washed out, so make sure your skin has a bronze glow to match,” says Dorram-Krause.

Hot Reds
Red hair color should be vibrant this summer—instead of fiery, think warm shades of copper, strawberry, or auburn,” says Dorram-Krause. Ashlee Simpson, Swoosie Kurtz and Christina Hendricks are all great examples of warmed-up reds.

“If you are going more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural base color, leave it to the pros. However, simple coloring touch up jobs and mild color changes can easily be done at home with semi-permanent hair coloring,” says Dorram-Krause.