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The Easiest Way To Makeover Your Hair Color

The Easiest Way To Makeover Your Hair Color
Debra Messing is a devoted redhead.

Making over your hair color doesn’t have to mean a huge change. Check out these small upgrades with big results.

If you’re a redhead
Whether you have a bright auburn hue like Rose McGowan or a deeper reddish brown like Debra Messing, give it an update by opting for semi permanent color. “It’s the best way to tweak red hair, because it’s not too severe and lasts around 20 shampoos. This lets you play with different styles throughout the season without doing a ton of damage,” says Kathy Galotti, a senior colorist at New York’s Louis Licari salon. Her favorite shades this fall are golden copper (for a soft, romantic lift), or a deep vampy red (for a dramatic, more polished appearance).

If you’re a blonde
Opting for a mini-makeover when your hair is blonde, raises the following questions: Do you want to go the white-blonde, brighter look like quintessential frenemy Heidi Montag? Or do you prefer a deeper, golden hue like Hills’ star Lauren Conrad? If it’s the former, then Galotti advises adding just a few extra highlights to the tips of your hair in a sunny shade for brightness. Removing a few highlights with reverse streaks of a more honeyed shade is the way to go for a color with more depth and dimension. Looking for a good highlighting kit? Browse our community reviews.

If you’re a brunette
Season after season, we’ve been seeing brunettes give their brown hair a reddish tinge. But for Fall 2008, it’s all about taking this color deeper and darker into the brown zone. So if you’re looking to tweak your hue, add warm chocolate tones for a style that looks equal parts pretty and polished. You can do this at the salon with auburn permanent color and a developer, or D-I-Y and opt for the myriad of color-depositing glazes on the market. Galotti guarantees that this gives brunettes the best of both worlds: a gorgeous depth of color and enviable shine.