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How To Do A Dark Lip-And Still Look Pretty!

How To Do A Dark Lip-And Still Look Pretty!

A cool-toned red lip color brings out Ashley Tisdale’s pale and pretty skin tone.

From deep plum to rich red, dark lip looks are super-hot this holiday season and can be surprisingly easy to pull off. “Everyone can wear dark lipstick,” says Lancôme’s National Makeup Artist Darais, “as long as they apply it right.” Here, Darais details the right way to get a bold and beautiful dark lip.

- The shade of lipstick that you choose can make or break your look. If you have a cool complexion, choose dark colors with blue and purple undertones, like berry or bordeaux. We like Lancôme L’Absolue Rouge in Berry Noir, Urban Decay Lipstick in Gash and Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lipcolor in Divine Port Wine. For a warm skin tone, look for coral and gold undertones, like brick and golden red. We like Lancôme Color Fever Lipstick in Brickhouse, Vincent Longo Velvet Riche Rejuvenating Lipstick in La Prima and CoverGirl TruShine LipColor in Fire Shine. Not sure if you are a warm or a cool? Take a look at the veins of your inner wrist. If they look green you have a warm skin tone; blue veins mean you’re a cool.

- For a soft lip, Darais suggests choosing a lip color that is close to your natural lip color. Line and fill in your entire lip with the pencil. Use your ring finger and press the lip color into your lip, creating a smudgy stain. Soften it further by adding gloss.

- For an intense lip, choose a liner that matches the lipstick you are using. Outline your lips, then fill them in with the pencil. Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick, then blot with a tissue and repeat the application of the lipstick.