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Nude Makeup Know-How

Nude Makeup Know-How
Eva Longoria makes a neutral lip look smoking hot!

“Every spring heralds in a new “no-makeup” look that’s just as easy to wear to work as it is to a barbecue party. What’s hot this time around? Sheer, shimmery beige and browns with flecks of gold and bronze. “It’s a more modern approach to the neutral face,” says Trae Bodge, makeup artist and founder of Three Custom Color Specialists. “The color family is neutral, but sheer and shimmery so the look isn’t flat.” Best of all, anyone can pull it off. Here’s how:

1) Choose a creamy, neutral beige or brown sheer lipstick that has gold, bronze or champagne flecks in it. We like Three Custom Color Specialists Sheer Lipstick in Whisper. Or, create your own by layering a champagne shimmer lip gloss over a sheer beige or brown lipstick.

2) Skip the lip liner—it looks too harsh and precise for this soft lip look.

3) Play up eyes and cheeks with champagne hues. Sweep a cream highlighter over your cheekbones and a powder eye shadow across your lids.