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Make A Pimple Disappear

Make A Pimple Disappear
For flawless skin like Shenae Grimes’ just follow these zit-zapping tricks!

Zits have an uncanny ability to surface at the worst times (like before a big action-packed weekend or a nerve-racking job interview). The trick to making your blemish disappear quickly is to diagnose what kind of eruption you’re up against, then treat it accordingly.

– A superficial pimple the kind that is on the surface of your skin and can be tempting to pop can be cured by using a spot treatment that contains the maximum amount of either salicylic acid (2%) or benzoyl peroxide (10%). Treat your pimple morning and night, and bring down any swelling by icing it for 10 minutes. These tactics should zap your zit within a day or two, and in the meantime you can keep it covered with a blemish-fighting concealer. We like: Dr. Brandt Blemishes No More Spot Blotter and Concealer

– If you’re cursed with a cystic pimple those are the ones that are imbedded deep in your skin and can be painful when you press it you’ll need to visit your dermatologist to see fast results. A quick cortisone injection will shrink that volcano down within a day.

– Regardless of the type of pimple you have, one rule stays constant: don’t pop it! The more you touch it, the bigger the zit will get and could cause a scar. So hands off!