Fall Trend Watch

Fall Trend Watch

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Taking Your Wet Hair From Night To Day

Our friends at StyleCaster have offered up advice on wash ‘n go method that actually works. Check it out below.

It’s the age-old question; how do you manage to go to bed with wet hair, yet wake up looking like you’ve spent hours grooming it? We’re busy girls, and we don’t have time to come home at night to fix ourselves up for the next day; we need our beauty sleep! Luckily, Mike Martinez of Cutler Salon has finally given us the answer we’ve been looking for.


Step 1: Wash and towel dry your hair.

stylecaster hair pic 2.jpg

Step 2: Spray Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray throughout damp hair.

stylecaster hair pic 3.jpg

Step 3: Spray Cutler Volumizing Spray through your hair.

stylecaster hair pic 4.jpg

Step 4: Comb through your hair with a wide tooth comb.

stylecaster hair pic 5.jpg

Step 5: Twist your hair into a bun (like a ballerina).

stylecaster hair pic 6.jpg

Step 6: Secure bun with a ponytail holder and go to sleep.

stylecaster hair pic 7.jpg

Step 7: Wake up and shake it out for beautiful waves!

stylecaster hair pic 8.jpg

Enjoy your natural-looking waves!

stylecaster hair pic 9.jpg

If you are worried about your hair holding the waves, spray hair with a bit of hairspray when you wake up in the morning. Try Redken Workforce 09, $15 amazon.com.

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Contributed by Rachel Adler of StyleCaster.com

Best 1980′s Inspired Beauty Trends

Not ready to bust out your leggings, scrunchy socks and off-the-shoulder Flashdance sweatshirts? Reignite your love for everything 80′s with these easy beauty and accessory trends.

Bust Out A Bow

Not since Madonna’s hayday circa Like A Virgin have we seen such show-stopping hair bows. Here are three looks spotted at New York Fashion Week Spring 2010 (from left to right): Milly by Michelle Smith, Betsey Johnson, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Get Into The Groove with this trend in the real world by going for a more moderately-sized headband or hair clip embellished with a bow.

Bow hair accessory trend from New York Fashion Week Spring 2010.jpg

Rock The Neon

The neon of the future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades. The best way to pull off the trend and look hot instead of headache-inducing: Go for a neon nail polish or accessory with an otherwise subdued (preferably all black) ensemble. Here, our favorites: Dannijo Harrison Earrings with neon pink crystals wrapped in oxidized silver have a great rocker vibe. Much like George Michael, Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Collide is an English import that won’t disappoint. Zoya Nail Polish La-Di-Da Sampler is a full collection of neons, guaranteed to light up an outfit perfectly.
Neon Accessories and Makeup inspired by 1980's trend.jpg

Frosted Lipstick & Blue Eyeshadow

Yes, we swear you can wear blue eyeshadow! Just make sure it is sheer and shimmery, lest you look like an extra on the set of Pretty in Pink. Match up this retro trend with a nude lips, but go for a frosted mauve hue to make it look 80′s authentic. Our picks:
Blue eye shadow and frosted lipsticks.jpg

NARS Lipstick in Klute is a subtly frosted lilac lipstick that evokes an innocently beautiful effect. SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioner boasts a metallic sheen to add a bit of dimension while you hydrate. Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow 301 Make Up For Ever’s iteration is sheer and shimmery. 3 Custom Color in Russian Blue Shadow is highly pigmented for wear All Night Long.

Pantene Pro-V Year of Great Hair Giveaway Full Rules & Regulations

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3 Classic Hairstyles Get A Modern Makeover

Classic hairstyles like the bob, the updo and the half-up hairstyle never go out of style, but this season they’ve taken on a trendier look. “It’s all about taking classic shapes and giving them a modern twist with a different texture or length,” says celebrity stylist Hallie Bowman, whose clients include Megan Fox, Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher. Here, she explains how to give an old style a new vibe.


Photo: © Jordan Strauss/WireImage

The Sexy “Lob”
The long bob was popular cut for spring, and it’s still going strong. “It has that same shape as a classic bob, but it’s longer in the front and shorter in the back which gives it a bit of a swing at the shoulders.” says Bowman. To style, wrap sections of dry hair around a large barrel curling iron. As you release each section, twist it like a rope and hold it in place until it cools to lock in the curl. Next, use a paddle brush to smooth out the curls. “The whole idea is to make it look polished and to relax the curls into big waves,” says Bowman. Complete the look by creating a deep side part and applying a dollop of Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smoothing Crème to define the waves and fight frizz.


Photo: © Jon Furniss/WireImage.com

Half-Up Chic
A half-up hairstyle looks both casual and chic all at once. To keep it interesting, Bowman suggests creating lots of volume at the crown area. Blow dry your hair dry, focusing on volumizing the crown area. Make two deep side parts, one on each side of the head, then take the hair on the sides of your head and slick it back, pulling it into a small ponytail at the crown of your head. Take the top section of hair and spray it with Pantene Pro-V Texture Spray Wax to help build volume. Pull the hair loosely back, pushing it forward a bit to create an exaggerated volume, then pin it in place at the back of the head so that the ponytail is hidden beneath it.


Photo: © Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Mixed Texture Updo
Forget boring buns, the look for fall is all about mixing contrasting textures to create an interesting, fresh updo. “You want the front to be airy while the back should be sleek,” says Bowman. First, blow dry hair smooth, then pull it into a low ponytail at ear-level, leaving some pieces loose around your face. Spray the ponytail with Pantene Pro-V Texture Spray Wax, then roll it up and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, fanning the hair out as you wrap it. Pin in place, then take a medium-barrel curling iron and curl the loose front pieces to create textured tendrils.


How To Maximize Your Eyes


How many pairs of jeans do you have in your closet? A lot, right? Truth be told, you should be as diverse in your mascara collection as you are with jeans, boots and black dresses. Here’s why: Knowing how to create different lash effects can turn any ho-hum makeup look into one that’s eye-popping and amazing–even if you barely wear makeup. Here, COVERGIRL celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern shares her insider tips on how to maximize your eyes with three key mascara styles.

1. Extra Long & Chic Lashes
The look: Lengthy, beautifully separated lashes are forever chic and ideal for a work or for those days when you want to wear minimal makeup, yet still look fantastically put together.
Best mascara: COVERGIRL LashBlast Length Mascara. “I love the brush because it’s so long and skinny, which helps extend and separate the lashes without clumping,” she says. The formula also contains nylon fibers that can extend the length of your lashes by up to 80%.
Application Tip: Place the tip of the brush on the outer corners of your lashes first, do a few strokes, then work your way in. “Wherever you first place that brush, that’s where you’re going to get the most definition,” says Stern. Since most people tend to focus on the outer edges of your eyes, extending those corner lashes will make your eyes look more open.
Complementary Eye Makeup Technique: To accentuate that mile-long lash look, Stern recommends contouring your crease with a colorful shadow and drawing a thin, angular line with liquid liner along the top lash line. “I tend to do very little shadow or liner with long lashes because it’s such an innocent look–it’s nice to keep it subtle,” she says.

2. Lush & High-Drama Lashes
The look: Thick, high-volume lashes make a powerful statement, perfect for a big night out or whenever you want to create a bold look.
Best mascara: COVERGIRL LashBlast Mascara. The super-sized brush grabs and coats every lash, plumping them up and depositing the perfect amount of color.
Application Tip: Start at the center of your lash line to enhance that full look. “Place the wand at the very base of your lash, then, using a side-to-side motion, wiggle the wand upwards in one long, even stroke. This ensures you completely coat the lash and build up your base, which is what really makes your lashes look full,” says Stern.
Complementary Eye Makeup Technique: Pair this look with a smoky eye for maximum drama. “I love to use COVERGIRL Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eyeliner to line the upper lash line and the inside lower rim,” says Stern.

3. Scintillating & Eye-Catching Lashes
The look: Bold lashes with a hint of shimmer can make your whole look sparkle. A bedazzling lash effect is ideal for a festive evening or whenever you want to make a flirtatious and eye-catching effect.
Best mascara: COVERGIRL LashBlast Luxe Mascara features the same great volumizing formula as the original LashBlast Mascara, but with a unique, shimmery finish. “It has a bit more pizzazz than your average mascara, so it’s great for a party or a club — somewhere where you want to attract attention,” says Stern.
Application Tip: Apply at least two coats to make the shimmer really come out.
Complementary Eye Makeup Technique: Enhance the glam vibe by layering on a little bit more shimmer, says Stern. She recommends a sheer wash of glittery eye shadow and a sparkly liner to help add to the glistening effect.

Want to see how you’d look wearing COVERGIRL LashBlast Length Mascara? Try it on the virtual Makeover Studio.

Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Halloween Tips

Halloween is a time for ghouls and goblins, but also gorgeousness. We’ve rounded up the Beauty Bloggerati’s best tips for Halloween hair and makeup. Here, they dish on everything from faux lashes to hair-raising wigs.


1. “For Halloween, the gals in the Product Girl household break out our MAC Pigments, brushes and tape… yes, tape! The tape helps to create sharp lines in our makeup, especially if the style we’re going for is sci-fi futuristic or robotic. Then, for vivid or goulish lips, we’ll be adding in Obsessive Compulsive’s Lip Tars into the mix. There’s a shade for almost every color in the rainbow, plus they are super pigmented and fun to work with.”–Product Girl

2. “This Halloween, I’m planning to do an encore presentation of my Mad Men Betty Draper concept from last year. I wasn’t about to cut my hair for my “role,” but I found I was able to “Bettify” my do by securing a very low ponytail and then tucking the elastic and the end of the ponytail underneath my hair and anchored it with bobby pins. Then, I curled the front layers with a large curling iron.”–Beauty Blogging Junkie


3. “Embrace your inner vampire with crazy contacts. What’s so cool about today’s hottest vampires is that they look totally normal–OK, above average hot–and then they change in the blink of an eye. I’m obsessed with these cool Haunted Eyes contact lenses that come in all sorts of spooky designs such as Cullen Twilight, Vampire Red, Black Wolf and Blackout. See how you look in them in the Makeover Studio! –Now That’s A Makeover

4. “I love Halloween makeup, because you can go completely over the top. After years of wearing stage makeup as a dancer, I usually avoid dark lip colors. Halloween is the one time that I go all out with deep plum and dark red. And fake eyelashes are a necessity.” –Makeover Momma

5. “Instead of spending money on a cheap wig from the drugstore or Halloween shop, visit a local wig shop. You can get a better looking, better quality wig for the same price or cheaper.”–Spoiled Pretty


6. “You can’t go wrong with darker than dark eyes on Halloween night. I like to take a kohl liner and heavily rim my top and lower lashline, then pile on the pigmented shadow. I like the L’Oreal HIP Pure Pigment Sticks on my lids and under the eyes. Follow that up with a 4 or 5 coats of volumizing mascara like CoverGirl LashBlast and you’ve got a dramatic dark eye that can be paired with every costume from a zombie bride to a Rock of Love contestant (which, let’s be honest, are pretty much the same thing).” –Beauty On A Dime

7. “Pop on a pair of false lashes — the bigger and bolder, the better. Falsies add instant drama to any Halloween look.” –Makeup and Beauty Blog

8. “My tip is use mascara on the lid to adhere glitter and lash glue to adhere rhinestones.” -Purse Buzz


9. “I love Halloween because I can get out all my crazy, funky, and over-the-top makeup and wear it without thinking twice! My favorite way to dress up for Halloween is make my lashes very long and theatrical with beautiful false lashes by shu uemura the Tokyo Lash Bar Collection.” –Talking Makeup

10. “Halloween is a great time to play with wigs and colorful makeup, but be sure to do a test patch a few days before with Halloween makeup–especially heavy costume makeup–before actually wearing it out for an extended period of time.” -Beyond Beauty Basics

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Get A Virtual Vampire Makeover!

Revamping the Vamp


Top, L-R: Anna Paquin, Evan Rachel Wood
Photo: © John P. Johnson

Bottom, L-R: Michelle Forbes, Deborah Ann Woll
Photos: © John P. Johnson, Jaimie Trueblood

We’re not embarrassed to admit that we have a healthy appreciation for all things vampire here at Daily Makeover. Perhaps there’s truth to this article’s theory that more vampire movies come out when Democrats are elected to United States presidency and more zombie movies come out when a Republican holds office. My last vamp obsession was the Lestat-peppered era of my adolescence… during the Clinton administration. Coincidence?

Political influence aside, vampires are having a major millennial moment. But the new crop of blood suckers are anything but frightening. It’s all about their allure, their sexiness and the fact that they’re all grown up. In fact, it’s almost hard to remember that Buffy was slaying them. Instead, they’re slaying us with their old world chivalry, impeccable bodies, multiple college degrees (one of the benefits of never aging past 18) and superhuman strength and speed. Says Brigette Ellis, Lead Makeup Artist for True Blood, who was also the makeup artist for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “There’s underlying evil in all vampires of both shows, with horrifying blood suckers and glamourpusses on both ends of the spectrum.” But she confirms that these days, vamps are bringing sexy back: “The vampires on Buffy were made up to look more monstrous, compared to the appeal of the True Blood crew.”

We invite you in (get it?) to learn all about the girls of the genre, the vampire boys and the method behind the madness of the vampire fangs, blood and scary peepers.


The women in the “revamped vamp” genre fall into two categories. First, is the group of voluptuous vampire vixens. Female vamps are typically portrayed as evil (i.e., Victoria in The Twilight Saga and Lorena in True Blood), the exception being True Blood‘s Jessica (to a point). Second, is the heroine/victim, a femme fatale in reverse, characterized by extreme good intentions and a powerlessness to resist the hypnotic allure of her respective older, wiser and hotter vampire man.

Voluptuous Vampires

For new vampire Jessica, Ellis uses a tinted moisturizer and lots of Ardell Fashion Lashes 116 in brown.  Ellis shies away from using mascara in addition. “Just the brown faux lashes against Deborah Ann’s red hair and pale skin looks so dramatic and pretty,” said Ellis. On True Blood, Maryann (not a vampire, but just as scary as one), the team used tarte Eye Couture Day-to-Night Eyeshadow Palette nearly the entire season. The show’s queen (played by Evan Rachel Wood) sported a true red, perfect lip that never bleeds. The Twilight Saga‘s Victoria stays neutral in toned down makeup but wildly sexy long red curls.

The Heroine/Vampire Victim

Ellis keeps the humans on True Blood very bronzed and sweaty (the makeup artists spray them with water) to serve as a contrast to the vampires who are always cool and relaxed. On the show’s heroine Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin, Ellis uses Dior Airflash Spray to get her natural pale brunette coloring into gear to play tan and blonde Sookie. Everyday Sookie wears Cover FX Powder as “it’s great for all skin types, I have yet to see it cause someone to break out,” testifies Ellis. NARS blush in Gilda is a favorite of hers. “I love that it mimics the effect of a real blush, to serve as a contrast to the lack of blood flow of the vampires,” she remarked. Her day-to-day waitress lip concept is Smashbox Lip Treatment in Bean and  Laura Mercier Lip Colour Sheer in Baby Lips. Both lip products boast the same hue as a baby’s natural lip color, according to Ellis. Lastly, Ellis loves Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs as it’s ideal for tattoo/bruise/vein cover-up. “We call it ‘barbie legs’ on set!” joked Ellis.

Bella, the heroine star in The Twilight Saga: New Moon played by Kristen Stewart, also has an innocent and utterly feminine look, thanks to makeup artist Robin Mathews: “I’m a fan of Shisiedo moisturizers, they sink completely into the skin, prepping it for makeup.” Mathews also can’t live without Cle de Peau concealers and Stila Convertible Colors. To create Bella’s natural schoolgirl skin texture, Mathews is careful with her application of foundation. Said Mathews, “It should mimic the texture of
real skin and if you see it sitting on top, it hasn’t been applied

Similarly, Beverly Jo Pryor, Lead Makeup Artist for The Vampire Diaries favors a natural aesthetic for the show’s leading mortal character Elena Gilbert. As Elena is also a high school student, Pryor likes to use Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer, in addition to Bobbi Brown Long-Wearing Gel Eye Liners and EOS Lip Balm for her.


The look of this new crop of vampire vixens–and those utterly irresistible guy vampires (hello Robert Pattinson)–wouldn’t be complete without their vicious features like piercing red eyes and ferocious fangs. So if you want to embody a blood sucker for Halloween, here’s how to embrace their gorier side.


To get the vampires to look, well, bloody, Ellis colors in the nail beds with ink and rims the eyes with a wine colored eye shadow. For the nail beds, she uses the FX Skin Illustrator Scrapes and Scabs palette. It’s an alcohol-based paint that that the team uses to create an aged blood color. How are True Blood‘s vampiric bloody tears achieved? Mostly via high-tech visual effects, but there is a product that Ellis uses to produce a bloody tear with just a few squirts: My Blood. 


“For Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we’d work with a full denture of fangs and jagged teeth to achieve the vampires’ goulish grins,” explained Ellis. This was in addition to a prosthetic forehead piece also used to create the full look. On True Blood, Ellis doesn’t use contacts nor any extraneous prosthetic pieces. She simply works with a custom-fit set of teeth that go over the actors’ lateral incisors (the two teeth on either side of your two front teeth) that provide a snake-like effect. On True Blood, Ellis says the actors take a “fang break,” where they’ll take a few seconds and slip on their custom-made set of fangs over their teeth. “Then, the effects team will make the transition smoother, and will add in the ‘clicking’ noise that accompanies the morph.” All of that is really complicated for at-home vampire makeovers, however. So for the novice, we think these easy plastic teeth are pretty fangtastic.

Vampire Eyes

The creepy colored peepers are achieved with contacts on The Vampire Diaries and Twilight: The New Moon Saga. Want to see how you’d look with piercing red or bedazzling golden brown eyes? Click here to try on vampire contacts yourself!

Click here to view a slideshow of vixenish vampire inspired beauty products.

Jeannine’s Sexy Fall Makeover

jeannine before and after

One of our favorite things about fall beauty is all the fabulously deep, dark, saturated colors. BeautySweetSpot founder Jeannine knows a little something about the deep and dark look — she’s had jet-black hair for years! “I’ve been dying my long hair blue-black since college and I think it’s way too cool for my skin tone — and it’s time for a change,” she says.

Warming Up

Jeannine Color

Unfortunately for Jeannine, ultra-dark hair colors are the hardest to remove without causing major damage. Bumble and bumble colorist Elizabeth Hiserodt opted to warm up the jet-black hue instead of removing it. “We don’t want to do anything too dramatic,” said Elizabeth. “If we put highlights on top of that blue-black it would look tacky.” She gently lifted Jeannine’s color, which cancelled out the blue undertones and gave her a warm, dark brown color all over that softened up her overall look.

Making The Cut
After years of growing her long locks, Jeannine’s all-one-length hair was both damaged and a little blah. Bumble and bumble stylist Denise McLaughlin freshened it up by cutting off five inches, adding some long layers and thinning out her heavy, straight across bangs to create a softer, sweeping bang. She used a razor all over to add softness, texture and some swing.

Jeannine Hair Cut

To style it, she sprayed wet hair with Thickening Spray to plump up the cuticle, then dusted the ends with a dab of Defrizz to add shine and separation. Once hair was completely dry she went through and sprayed Does It All Styling Spray to build up the texture. “This style definitely makes her hair look thicker,” says Denise. “It was really skinny at the bottom so even though we cut a lot off, this gives her more strength and more lift so it doesn’t drag her down anymore.”

The Eyes Have It

Jeannine Makeup

MAC senior makeup artist Luc Bouchard loved Jeannine’s unique golden-hazel eyes so he made them the focus of the look. He lined the insides of the eyes with Eye Kohl in Teddy, then went over it with Eye Kohl in Smolder, blending the two shades out underneath the eyes. On the lid he used the dark green Grey Range shade from the Photo Realism Eye Shadow X4 palette. He applied this in a triangular, almost 80′s shape, but softer. “This shape basically stretches out the eye — it’s like a softer, more diffused version of the cat-eye,” he said. He kept the lips and cheeks neutral, using a soft peach tone on each to warm up the skin without overwhelming the intense eye.

Want to see how you’d look in Jeannine’s sexy new look? Try it on now in the Makeover Studio!

Jeannine After

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Fall In Love With Color

Julie’s Rocker Chic Fall Makeover

Julie Before and After

Not every makeover has to incorporate a huge change — sometimes little tweaks to your current look can result in a reenergized style. Music publicist Julie had recently cut her hair and was happy with it, but was less than impressed with her makeup routine, or lack thereof. “I would love to be able to learn how to choose colors that suit my skin tone best,” she says.

Well Red

Julie color

Julie may have loved her recent cut, but she was bored to tears with her bland brown hair color. Bumble and bumble colorist Mercedez Mueller wanted to take Julie darker and enhance her natural warm tones. “I gave her a rich, warm auburn color all over with a few blonder pieces mixed in,” says Mercedez. “The blonde adds some dimension to the auburn shade. If you do all one color it can look kind of flat and thin.”

Messing It Up

Julie hairstyle

Since Julie had recently had her hair cut, Bumble and bumble stylist Teddi Cranford didn’t want to change the shape too much. To make Julie’s hair look thicker, Teddi cut several inches off the ends, then shaped her bangs. To style, Teddi sprayed wet hair with Surf Spray to give create a gritty, dry texture and to make Julie’s hair look fuller. She let Julie’s bangs air dry, then styled the rest of her hair straight using a blow dryer. A curling iron was used all over, wrapping sections in in different directions, but leaving the ends out, to add more texture and enhance the messy feel. “I wanted it to look natural and like she didn’t really do anything to her hair,” says Teddi.

Natural Beauty

Julie Eye Makeup

Julie’s vibe is very natural, so MAC Senior Makeup Artist Luc Bouchard wanted to keep her makeup simple. He used the light gold Photo Realism shade from the Photo Realism Eye Shadow X4 palette to lighten her lids. Since Julie’s bang was so heavy around her eyebrow, he defined her lower lashlines with Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Prussian. He applied Eye Kohl in Powersurge to the inner rims and the inside corners of the eyes. The golden-olive shade reflects light so it actually helps open up the eye. He added a ton of mascara to her top and bottom lashes, then used a pinky-brown blush on her cheeks to make her cheekbones pop. To finish, he layered a pinky-brown lipstick and a shimmery muted pink gloss on her lips.

Julie makeup

Try on Julie’s new look in the Makeover Studio now!

Julie After

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Trina’s Glam Fall Makeover

Trina Before and After

Making over your look can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming for some. Celebrity fashion stylist Trina wanted to liven up her look, but she wasn’t sure just how to do that. “I have the fashion down pat, but when it comes to hair and makeup, I’m oblivious,” she says.

A Face-Enhancing Haircut

Trina haircut

Trina was trying to grow her hair long after cutting it into a Ciara-esque crop. Bumble and bumble stylist Ruby Carrero gave Trina a soft bang that would both open up her face and add that extra pop she was looking for. “A bang that sits cleanly right across her forehead actually softens her face and opens it up, giving the hair that extra bit of style,” says Ruby. It also had the added bonus of making her hair look “done” without Trina having to do a lot to it.

Adding Volume To Her Blowout

Trina Hairstyle

“I’m from New York, but I think I’m Texan because I always want more volume and body in my hair,” jokes Trina. To help her out, Ruby created a simple styling routine that Trina could easily replicate at home. She applied Straight and used a blow dryer to create body. She then ran a flat iron through hair to make it super-shiny. To finish up, Ruby smoothed in Treatment Finishing Balm, creating shine, definition and movement to Trina’s freshly blown-out style.

Gettin’ Lippy
Trina admitted that makeup was the hardest for her to master. She usually only wore mascara because every time she tried something more it was a “disaster.” MAC senior makeup artist Luc Bouchard wanted to show Trina that she could be more daring and still get great results, so he worked with her to re-interpret one of fall’s hottest trends: the burgundy lip.

Trina makeup

He started off by using Nightmoth Lip Pencil to lightly fill in the lips and create a sheer base for the lipstick to adhere to. To make this dark lip more wearable, Luc used Full Body Lipstick, a sheer deep plum, on top of the liner. “When you use a lip color that’s more transparent, it looks more normal and wearable,” he says. To complement her high-drama lip, Luc kept cheeks natural with a slight flush of color and did a smoky eye using earthy brown tones.

Try on Trina’s glam new style in the Makeover Studio now!

Trina After

Contributed by Beauty Assistant Sarah Mansour

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Fall In Love With Color


SELF 2009 Best Beauty Trends

SELF 2009 Best
Beauty Trends

We teamed up with Self to bring you the best beauty trends for Fall 2009. Their experts scoured the planet for the year’s top be-your-prettiest trends. From bubblegum lips to the hottest haircut for fall, try on their top picks in our new virtual Makeover Studio.

Fall In Love With Color

The sheer, neutral palette of summer has faded away, and an array of bold, luxurious makeup shades is quickly emerging. “While this season’s statement-making color palette is rich and full of texture, the shades are still very wearable. But you must have a confident attitude that says, ‘I know what I am doing,” reports MAC senior artist Romero Jennings. That said, here’s how to work these new hues into your look.


Purple is a very universal shade–it works on almost every skin tone. “It’s the perfect color because it contains both red which is warm, and blue which is cool,” says celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt, whose clients include Zooey Deschanel and Charlize Theron. There’s a purple shade for each skin tone:

Light complexions should gravitate toward grape and lavender hues. “Keep dark purple close to the lashes, like a smudged eye liner,” says Stila Pro Artist Sarah Lucero, “and apply a sheer wash of soft lavender on the lids and let it diffuse into the crease.”

Medium skin tones will sparkle in plum eye shadow. Try applying a thin line of shadow along upper and lower lashes from the inner to outer corners of the eye.

Dark skin will stand out in a deep aubergine. An eggplant colored mascara over top of black mascara, just on the tips, will intensify most eye colors.

Fall Makeup Color Trends - Berry

Our favorite purples of the season (clockwise, from left to right): NP Set Eye Palette in Amsterdam, CND Nail Polish in Eclectic Purple, MAC Eye Shadow in Haunting, Sephora Colorful Mono Eyeshadow, L’Oreal Paris H.I.P. Color Chrome Eyeliner in Violet Volt, Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara in Nuit 2 Boheme

The popular verdant hues this fall are not the teals and blue-greens of seasons past. Instead they’re earthier and far more subtle yet still unexpected. Just be sure to find ones that have a hint of shimmer to avoid looking dirty or dusty. “These greens, whether for eyes or nails, are as neutral and wearable as a pair of khaki pants that you’d throw on with a white shirt,” says Surratt. Girls of all skin tones can go green:

Pale complexions will look great with deep hunter nail polish. It’s a fantastic way to feel fall-forward without wearing dark shades on the face.

Medium skin tones can pull off deeper ivy shades on the eyes. Lucero suggests pairing green eye shadow with peach hues on the lips and cheeks for a fresh, modern look.

Deeper skin tones should use a sparkling olive eye shadow to create a stunning smoky effect.

Fall Makeup Color Trends - Khaki

Check out our favorite green picks (clockwise, from left to right): MAC Nail Lacquer in Dry Martini, Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara in Extension Khaki, Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Color in Opulent Cloud, Bare Escentuals Buxom Insider Eyeliner in Emerald, Dior Ultra-Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow in Bronzy Night, Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color in GR712

Crimson/ Cranberry/Mulberry
This color group is made for lips and nails! Dark cranberries and deep crimsons on nails always look sophisticated, no matter what the occasion. Many of the lip offerings are made for layering — a sheer finish is a must for daytime, but you’ll want to transition into a satin or a matte version for evening. “I always use the analogy that just as you start layering your wardrobe, do the same with your makeup,” advises Surratt. “When you start reaching for cashmeres and the heavier fabrics, reach for more velvety textures for your face.” Berry hues work for all skin tones:

Fair-skinned girls may want to try sheer but deep berry shades with blue undertones for evening.

Medium skin tones will do well with a maroon gloss layered over a lipstick or worn on its own.

Dark complexions have the most options. Go for a rich mulberry nail polish, dramatic lipstick or even a metallic eye shadow.

Fall Makeup Color Trends - Plum

Some of our most wanted berry picks this season are (clockwise, left to right): SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Regal, Estee Lauder Nail Lacquer in Black Amethyst, MAC Pigment Colour Powder in Heritage Rouge, Givenchy Gloss Interdit in 15, Smashbox DoubleTake Lip Color in Currant, NARS Lipstick in Fast Ride

Dove Grey/Silver/Charcoal
“Greys are eternal,” exclaims Surratt, and this season’s medium and silvery greys are a much fresher choice for a smoky eye. Greys also complement rich-colored eyes beautifully. Just be careful not to overdo it on the lids or you may look whitewashed. Greys are gorgeous on the full gamut of skin tones:

Fair complexions should use deep shades like cement or charcoal to stand out against pale skin. Just remember to start with less product and gradually add more color to achieve the desired effect.

Medium skin tones will look super chic with a creamy grey nail polish this season. It’s the perfect, modern, fashionable neutral.

Darker skin yields a beautiful contrast with sparkling silver on eyes or nails.

Fall Makeup Color Trends - Gray

Take a look at our favorite steel greys of the season (clockwise, left to right): Dior Ultra Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow in Argentic,
Lippmann Collection Nail Lacquer in Marquee Moon, Bobbi Brown Long-Wearing Gel Liner in Graphite Shimmer, Global Goddess i-Divine eye Color in Rekha, Hard Candy Foiled Again Metallic Shadow Stick in Glimpse, Jemma Kidd Silver Screen Liner/Mascara Duo in Silver, Shades by Barielle in U-Concrete-Me

Cobalt/Navy Blue/Indigo
The blues of fall 2009 are not your mother’s powdery pastels and are all about eyes and nails. These shades are deep, textured, rich versions of navy and indigo–almost blue/black in some cases. They are the perfect tools to use to enhance your eyes. According to Surratt, liners in these hues “have the effect of Clorox 2 for the whites of the eyes”– it makes them gleam and appear clearer. Think about replacing that standard black liner you always buy for a deep blue; the difference will be subtle enough not to be jarring, but the payoff will be incredibly beautiful. Cobalt, navy blue and indigo all flatter the entire spectrum of skin tones:

Light complexions should simply apply navy blue shadow with light to medium intensity in the crease of the lid.

Medium skin tones will look great with indigo polish.

Dark skin tones will be amped up with darker blue shades. “I love using navy and cobalt blue on deep skin,” says Lucero. “Keep the colors cool and play off the skin tone. It will brighten up your entire face.” Cobalt blue mascara adds a touch of drama to an otherwise low-key face. Just add a nude pink lipstick or gloss for a quick, appropriate-for-work look.

Fall Makeup Color Trends - Blue

Our favorite deep blues for fall include (clockwise, left to right): OPI Matte Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy, Nars Duo Eye Shadow in Brumes, Lancome Unfailing Nail Lacquer in Indigo Paris, Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Starry Night, Lancome Virtuôse Mascara in Royal Gold

With these new shades in your arsenal, how can you not Fall In Love With Color this season?

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Beauty Bloggerati Top 10: Fall Trends

Who better to scoop us on fall’s hottest trends and products than our Beauty Bloggerati? From sultry eyes to purple nails and textured hair, these ladies dish on their favorite trends and products of the season.

1. “Structured hair with lots of texture is my favorite look for fall—it’s not too sleek or too fancy. The look can be achieved with Matrix Vavoom Design Pulse Loosely Defined Texture Creme ($18) which gives my curls texture without weighing them down.”- Julia Coney, All About the Pretty


2. “NARS Fast Ride Lipstick ($24) is a deep black-red that goes on in a most Clinique-Black-Honey-Almost-Lipstick manner. It seems too vampy for the recessive gened set, but is actually very sheer. I love to pair it with minimal eye makeup, a charcoal grey wool ensemble and some killer heels.” — Amber Katz, Beauty Blogging Junkie

3. “I’m loving the varied shades of plum, especially aubergine! It’s so warm and inviting, but also sophisticated and royal.”–Jennifer Long, Beyond Beauty Basics

mac jin soon.jpg

4. “The MAC Nail Trend FW collection of nail lacquers, created in collaboration with NYC celebrity manicurist Jin Soon ($12 each) perfectly captures the idea that your mani can be a fashion accessory and you can change it (almost) as easily as you change your shoes!” –Anne Fritz, The Jet Set Girls

5. “My favorite fall product is Kerastase Nectar Thermique ($34).This nourishing leave-in protectant keeps frizz at bay while creating incredible shine. I love it!”– Sarah James, Hair Thursday


Texturized hair at Narciso Rodriguez

6. “I’m really loving the texturized hair we’re seen on the runways. Embracing your hair’s natural texture and letting it be slightly wild makes getting ready in the morning so much easier, and it seems so romantic to be sporting messy waves.”–Bailey Clark, Makeover Momma

7. “I love the Prescriptives Well-Suited Eye Color Compact ($40). The palette has sultry fall colors that work for both day and night.”–Elessa Vavon, PurseBuzz

8. “A must-have accessory for fall or anytime you want to feel elegant is Estée Lauder Sensuous Gold Pure Color Nail Lacquer (Limited Edition) in Black Amethyst ($18). It is a super-glossy, perfect shade of purple.”–Marta Walsh, Talking Makeup

9. “My favorite face scrub of all time is MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator which I’ve been rationing as if it were the last bag of beans on a season of Survivor. This limited-edition scrub is being resurrected and I no longer have to save it for special occasions!”–Daneen Baird, Spoiled Pretty


10. “I am so into the LORAC Color Me Couture Eye Shadow Palette ($37). It comes complete with 5 eyeshadows that are perfect for fall. From bronzes and greens to a shimmery black, it has every shade you need to create that sultry look this fall.” –Marlena Reichert, Makeup Geek