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At Ted Gibson we are celebrating the RECESSIONISTA! (You know, the Fashionista
who has suddenly become very conscious of the economy and her spending
because of the recession.) Now every Tuesday we are giving the
girls what they are asking for – a whole lot of bang for their buck!

“Recessionista Tuesdays” are hosted at the Ted Gibson Salon, 184 5th Avenue,
Second Floor.

All Blow Outs (normally $95) are just $40 no matter who the client sees -
from Junior to Senior Stylist.

All Haircuts (normally $125 – $175) are $75 no matter who the client sees -
from Junior to Senior Stylist.

All single process or partial highlights (normally $125 – $225) are $75
and all other color services have special Recessionista pricing. Master colorist, Jason Backe will be there to give single process color for just $75 (normally $200.)

Additionally, anyone can stop by the salon EVERY Tuesday between
10 am and 12 noon to drop off their business card or fill out a
registration form to win a COMPLIMENTARY hair make-over with Ted Gibson
and Jason Backe at the end of the day (worth over $1100!).

We are looking forward to seeing you and unveiling your individual beauty!

Call 212.633.6333 to book your appointment.

Long, Luscious Hair

Gabrielle Union Hair Extensions

Gabrielle Union inspired my new extension line
Credit: © RD / Montemagni / Retna Digital

Have you always wanted to have longer hair? Hair that is shiny, or hair that you can make straight, hair that is past your shoulders and thick and bouncy? Now you can! I am launching a line of hair extensions on QVC. Very excited about it!! They will come in 8 different multi-dimensional colors called…Angelina, JenniferJulia, Gabrielle, Reese, Lindsay, Debra and Marcia. They are really amazing colors and textures and each one is modeled and named after the fabulous celeb that inspired them. They are heat styleable synthetics that come wavy and you can straighten them with a flatiron at 400 degrees.

Hair extensions are actually really easy to insert, the trick is to do a little bit of backcombing in the area where you are inserting the extension. This will help to secure the extension and look like it’s naturally part of your hair.

Beauty Is Individual.

As a celebrity hairstylist, I often receive samples of new products directly from beauty brands to test out. Any product I mention in this blog is one that I’ve tested out myself, in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

How I Create Glam, Sleek Hair

Jennifer Connelly with sleek hair

Doesn’t Jennifer Connelly look fabulous with sleek hair?
Credit: © Eric Charbonneau /

To me nothing says glam more than super sleek, straight and shiny hair. It’s one of the easiest and most fabulous looks to create.

Start off with Hair Sheet Styling on wet or dry hair. It will help to fill in the cuticle and give hair that amazing sleekness that you are looking for. Using a flat paddle brush, blow-dry one and a half inch sections. This will ensure that you dry every strand of hair and eliminate any frizz or potential curling. A flat iron is the key component for this look because it creates a smooth surface and smoothes down the hair cuticle. Before you flat iron, be sure to apply a shine protection cream like Tame It Shine Lotion to protect hair and give it beautiful, frizz-free smoothness. The end result will be smoking hot straight, sleek hair.

Remember, Beauty Is Individual

As a celebrity hairstylist, I often receive samples of new products directly from beauty brands to test out. Any product I mention in this blog is one that I’ve tested out myself, in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Inside My Tool Kit

While the hairstyles I create may look effortless, there’s actually a lot of work that goes into each one. Before I do hair for a special event, I have to think about what is in my kit and make sure I have all the right stuff. From Angelina Jolie, Gabrielle Union, Anne Hathaway, Debra Messing, Joy Bryant, Claire Danes — each has her own style and different hair type. Extensions are one of the most important things in my kit, so I make sure that I have them in every color. I usually use clip-on’s because they are easy to put in and take out and don’t cause much stress on the hair. They aren’t so much of a commitment as permanent extensions.

Products are an important thing for me and an important part of making my girls’ hair look its BEST!! Here are the things I bring with me to make my Gibson Girls feel and look good.

9 different sized curling irons
1 flatiron
5 different sizes round brushes
1 big box of hair pins (to anchor hair)
1 big box of bobby pins (to lightly hold hair in place)
10 different colored hair elastics

Beautiful Hold Hairspray
Build It Blow Drying Agent
Hair Sheet Styling
Tame It Shine Lotion
Goodnite Replenish Hair Serum
Daily Cleanse Shampoo
Daily Nourish Conditoner
Baby powder (to add texture make product application easier and subtly scent hair)

Yes, I lug all this around in a BIG Tumi Bag that I carry with me from shoot to shoot, from plane to plane, from home to salon and from hotel to suite. I love my work and feel so blessed to love what I do.

Tip: Always remember to rinse hair with cool water when washing out your conditioner. It will help to give you brilliant shine and close down the cuticle.

Beauty is individual

Slideshow: My Favorite Oscars Hairstyles

Wow! The stars were so beautiful last night at the 2009 Oscars. From Angelina Jolie’s half-up hairstyle to Taraji Henson’s sleek bob, the ladies on the Red Carpet exuded glamour. Here is a fun slideshow where I talk about the trends and how to get the looks. Enjoy!

Oscar hairstyles with Ted Gibson

Anne Hathaway’s Retro Glam Hairstyle

Anne Hathaway at SAG 2009

Credit: © Steve Granitz /

I did Anne Hathaway‘s hair for the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards and, wow!, did she look gorg. I went for an old Hollywood glamour look and her wavy and textured style was a big hit.

Anne’s hair is usually bone straight and fine, but she has lots of it. To create this tousled bob, I used Build It Blow Drying Agent and Fix It Gel on her dry hair.

As I blew out her hair I ran my fingers through two-inch sections to create a gentle tousling effect and give her hair the appropriate texture.

After that I used a good friend of mine Frank Rizzieri’s Nalu Waver. It’s such a fun tool to play with. I figure-eighted one and a half inch sections on Anne’s hair around the double prongs of the Nalu Waver to create curls.

Then I blew out the curls using the warm setting of a blow dryer to soften them. Finally I set the style by spraying her hair with Beautiful Hold Hairspray and she was ready to hit the red carpet in style.

Tip: When you are working with tools on your hair make sure the hair is one hundred percent dry before using curling irons, flatirons and other tools.

Beauty Is Individual

My Cosmo Cover with Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller and Ted Gibson

I just did a cover of Cosmo with the famous super model Marisa Miller. It was shot in Malibu California and the weather was beautiful!

Marisa is known for her amazing work with Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated and countless covers of magazines like Shape, GQ, Complex and Esquire. She is considered the All-American girl and is originally from southern California.

Of course, Cosmo is all about looking sexy so I created these big beautiful waves for her.

To create this, first start off by blow-drying hair with a round brush so it’s super-smooth and frizz-free. That’s always key if you want the best looking hair ever because it creates a good foundation that leads to the absolute best end results.

Cosmo Cover Marisa Miller March 2009

Once everything is dry, create a center part and then spray on hair spray and Build It Blow Drying Agent to create ultimate volume.

Then, using a large barrel curling iron, curl one to 1½ inche wide sections of hair throughout the entire head. Tip your head upside down and finger comb through your hair from scalp to ends. This will bring out all the sexy body. Spray Beautiful Hold Hairspray to set the style.

Remember, Beauty Is individual

Anne Hathaway’s Chic Side Ponytail


Anne Hathaway at the 2008
National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards Gala.
© RD / Dziekan/Retna Digital

The recent National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards Gala was a very important for Anne Hathaway. She won another award and I know that she feels so wonderful about it. She looked Chanel perfect in this beautiful beaded knee-length dress.

I complemented her look with a low side ponytail that was twisted into a small chignon. To get this style right, it’s important to add texture to the hair first. I used a large barrel curling iron and Tame It Shine Lotion. Curl the entire head, then finger comb to soften the waves and pull hair into a side ponytail. Twist and pin, then spray with Beautiful Hold Hairspray.

Anne loves Hair Sheet Styling and I use it on her all the time. As a world traveler, just like most of you Gibson Girls, she travels with them and keeps them handy for last minute touch-ups.

Debra Messing’s Red Carpet Ponytail


Debra Messing at the 66th Annual Golden Globes Awards
© Bob Ramirez / Retna Ltd.

Can you even stand how gorg Debra Messing looks? She wore a Vera Wang blue dress with gold Fred Leighton jewelry and looked amazing.

Ponytails can be an alternative to that long flowing romantic hairstyle that we see on the red carpet all the time. I used Build It Blow Drying Agent to create the ultimate volume and Hair Sheet Styling to smooth ends and fill the cuticle.

It’s important to slick your hair back first, then place hair in a ponytail in the center of the head. Secure the ponytail with an elastic that will keep hair in place. Make the ponytail look glamorous and luscious by using a large barrel curling iron to create big waves. Spray with Beautiful Hold Hairspray to keep everything in place and make hair shiny and bouncy.

Debra loves the chicness of this look. She is a dream to work with and I have a ball with her.

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.


Anne Hathaway is the Critics’ Choice

Ted Gibson styles Anne Hathaway Critics Choice

Anne’s new bob wins at the Critics’ Choice Awards
Photo credit: Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

I had the best time with Anne Hathaway styling her hair on January 8 for the Critics Choice awards in Los Angeles. She looked stunning in Gianfranco Ferré. She won that night and I felt so honored to have styled her hair.

I cut her hair that night into a sleek cool sexy bob and she loved it. I used the Ted Gibson Professional Flat Iron on her before I cut it to make sure that every strand of hair was in place. Then I followed up with Beautiful Hold Hairspray to add that lasting shine that she needed all night. She could go out dancing all night long and her sleek style would hold up. Now isn’t that a pretty picture. GORG!!!!!!!

And remember, Beauty Is individual.


‘Wicked’ Styling of Idina Menzel!

Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel arriving for The 31st Kennedy Center Honors
© Walter McBride / Retna Ltd.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Tony award winning actress Idina Menzel for her appearance at the 31st Annual Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C. She is so lovely and so beautiful. What a dream she is. If you haven’t been to the play Wicked you have to. I saw it with Idina on Broadway and was floored by her performance. I see why she received the Tony.

Idina has very thick hair, so to style it I took one-and-a-half inch sections of damp hair and blew them dry using a Y.S. Park round brush to create volume and smoothness. I like this brush because it’s a combination of bristle and nylon that helps to smooth the cuticle as well as give a nice pull to the hair when you’re drying it. Girls with thick hair like Idina should be sure to use a nozzle on their blow dryer because it helps to concentrate the heat, which cuts down on the time it takes for your hair to dry.

Idina likes to have her hair blow dried with Build It Blow Drying Agent. I also used Hairsheet Styling to control static and add lightweight shine. Extensions play a huge part in most of my styles, which is why I will be launching my own line of them on QVC in February. Stay turned for more info on when to DVR my appearance and shop the line.

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.


Amazing Makeover: From Frizzy to Sleek

Hello Gibson Girls! Here is the last installment in my fun series of makeovers. Today, I’m talking about the gorgeous Rila and her sexy and polished style. Straight hair is hot right now because it suits the dramatic, stronger shapes of the season’s fashions. We’re seeing a lot of pantsuits and high collars. Tailored clothes call for tailored hair.

Rila's straight hair with dramatic sidepart

Tailored clothes call for tailored hair:
Rila’s deep, dramatic side part makes this look unique

To create this style I started out by treating Rila’s processed hair with Hairsheet Treatment to help fill in the cuticle and the strengthen the hair. Then I sprayed on Build It Blow Drying Agent and blew her hair dry with a straight brush, for a smooth, sleek finish. After smoothing it out I used Beautiful Hold Hairspray to smooth flyaways and give her style control, without being stiff. You want this look to be soft and flexible, not sticky and stuck in place.

What makes this look so unique and sexy is the deep, dramatic side part. This kind of part tends to be very fashionable and brings emphasis to the face. Deep side parts open up the face more than a plain center part does. It’s also much sexier than a center part. If you have long straight hair and are bored with your every day style, mix things up by playing around with contrasting parts. It’s an instant glamour makeover!

And remember, Beauty Is Individual.


Amazing Makeovers: Hair Extensions

Rochelle - extra length and control

Rochelle: extra length and control

I don’t know about you Gibson Girls, but I sure do love the look of extensions. That’s why I’m so excited to bring you the third installment of my makeovers. Long hair never goes out of style, which is why I love playing with extensions. I was recently working with Debra Messing and I put in these really long extensions, which looked fabulous. It’s nice to be able to do something different and have extra long hair. That’s what’s great about being a woman — you can make these really amazing changes with the length or shape or color of your hair and be someone different for a day.

Both Rochelle and Trilby are wearing clip-on extensions from my new extension line that debuts on QVC at the end of this month. So you can definitely do these looks at home.

With Rochelle, I wanted to give her a little bit more length and control. She says she feels sexier with long hair, which I don’t necessarily feel is the truth, but it’s important to feel comfortable with your hairstyle. I think sexiness comes from within, so when you’re comfortable you are at your sexiest. After clipping in her extensions I just ran a flat iron over it and applied Tame It Shine Lotion to keep it sleek and smooth.

Trilby - Choose color for dimension

Trilby: Choose color for dimension

Trilby’s look is more dramatic, but the process is the same, I just added longer extensions. What’s great about her style is that I matched her color, so there is tons of dimension. It’s important to find the right color and length for you. Generally speaking, you want to match your hair color, but you also want to look for blended colors. My extensions are blends because I feel that most women have dimension in their hair, it’s not just one color.

In terms of length, women in their 50′s and on up should stick to shoulder-length or just a bit below that. Anything else will weigh you down. For younger women, your height plays a big role. If you are petite, you shouldn’t have hair down your back, but if you are tall and statuesque you can definitely wear it super-long.

Extensions are a no-commitment way to change your look, but careful, they are addictive!

And remember, Beauty Is Individual.


It’s a Happy New Year at Target!

I would like to say to all my girls who love ted gibson products: You are in luck!!! As of January all across AMERICA (where at least I know I am free), you will find my products at the bullseye–TARGET! I’m so excited about this opportunity! There will be 8 products for you to enjoy.


Daily Cleanse Shampoo creates a rich, lustrous lather that not only lifts away soils, deposits, build-up, environmental contaminants and excess sebum to leave hair and scalp clean, but it also creates manageability and gorgeous shine.


Daily Nourish Conditioner contains 9 different conditioning agents that saturate the hair shaft, strengthen the hair’s inner cortex and increase elasticity, manageability and ease of wet and dry combing and styling.



Clarity Color Shampoo & Conditioner features the signature color stability complex to gently remove sebum, mineral deposits and product build-up that can accelerate color-fade. This revolutionary complex also offers porosity control and UV protection.

Build It Volumizing Blowdrying Spray, Tame It Shine Lotion, and Fix It Gel all contain our exclusive merlot complex which taps into the secret powers of red wine to create luscious body, bold movement and intense shine.


Beautiful Hold Hairspray has a professional hold for all hair types and a sophisticated gardenia fragrance that provides soothing aroma therapy benefits without being over powering.


Eva Mendes: One Ted Gibson fan. Credit: © Jon Furniss/

Our mission is to create a line of luxury products that are effective and simple to use. By combining the most modern technology with
the highest quality ingredients available, we are creating a regimen of products for everyone, which will inspire people to recognize their
individualized beauty. Cult followers like Anne Hathaway, Debra Messing, Eva Mendes, Vanessa Carlton, Amerie, and Claire Danes really love them. Very exciting!

And as always Beauty Is Individual!



Amazing Makeovers: Updos That Up The Glam Factor

Hey there Gibson Girls! It’s time for part two in my makeover styles series. This week it’s all about updos. They are great for those times when you’re bored with your hair and want to do something different without cutting it. They are also really great if you are growing your hair out and want to keep it out of your face but don’t want to get it cut. Both of these styles are a bit more fantasy, but they can definitely be interpreted for the real world. Just think of them as creative “leaping off” points.

Rila updo hairstyle

Rila’s effortless updo (took three minutes!)

Rila’s look is for a more trendy girl, but what’s cool about it is that it’s kind of effortless. I started off by applying Build It Blow Drying Agent then blew it out and backcombed the entire head. Then I took the ends and pinned them and followed up with a spritz of Beautiful Hold Hairspray. There’s no right or wrong way to do this style, the point is for it to look really undone. It’s actually very simple to do; I created this look in just three minutes! To make this look more real world, tone down the volume of the pompadour. Or you can do like Sarah Jessica Parker and slick hair back, pull it into a high ponytail and then backcomb and pin the ponytail back. This makes the volume a bit more understated and a little easier to pull off.

Before/after Trilby's updo makeover

Updated French Twist: Great Option for Fine Hair

Trilby’s updated French twist is a great option for girls with fine hair because it’s not weighed down and has a lot of lift to it. Fine hair can tend to look oily and flat if you overdo it with products. I used Build It and Hairsheet Styling, then blew hair dry. To create the modernized French twist, start from the bottom and twist your hair up, then pin and spray it with hairspray. It shouldn’t look too perfect, otherwise you’ll look like you’re heading to prom or getting married. By creating the volume through the top, it looks more modern. If you’re not big on that, you can still keep the style trendy by pulling pieces out to make it look more undone and a bit more real world.

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.


As a celebrity hairstylist, I often receive samples of new products directly from beauty brands to test out. Any product I mention in this blog is one that I’ve tested out myself, in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Amazing Makeover: A new shaggy short haircut

A new shaggy short haircut

Fashion Drives the Short Hair Trend

I’m so excited to share these stunning makeovers with you! This is the first post in a series on beautiful and trendy hairstyles. Every woman loves a before & after, but a lot of you tend to play it safe and not change your hair. I think it’s important to pay attention to the trends. For instance, if everyone is cutting their hair into a bob, but you don’t feel comfortable making that drastic cut, you can cut your hair up to your neck, instead of your jawline, and still be on point. You don’t have to be a slave to the trends, but knowing what the current styles are and then adapting it to who you are as an individual is what it’s all about.

Let’s get the ball rolling with the beautiful Lee. Short hair is really trendy now and the reason why is because of the current fashions. Hair is really driven by fashion and the glitzy, cutting edge clothes that women are wearing now are conducive to short hair, as opposed to romantic long and flowing hair.

Lee’s look is all about texture and attitude. It’s a little more sexy, more playful and flirty. To create this, I started out by spraying hair with Build It Blow Drying Agent, then blew it dry with a straight brush. I used a straight brush because it gives the hair volume at the scalp and smoothes the ends so they are nice and sleek. I then flat ironed hair and used Tame It Shine Lotion to tame the frizzies and add shine. Only add this to the ends though, you want your roots to stay texturized and volumized.

You really can’t go wrong with a simple, playful and sexy style like this one. Take a chance and go short, or, if you’re not sure how you’ll look with a crop, test drive the best celebrity short cuts in the Makeover Studio to find the one that’s right for you.

And remember, Beauty Is Individual.


As a celebrity hairstylist, I often receive samples of new products directly from beauty brands to test out. Any product I mention in this blog is one that I’ve tested out myself, in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Teaching is fun!

I just had the opportunity to teach 70 Japanese students here in NYC a few weeks ago. I taught them celebrity haircutting and star styling. The 1st day was a meet and greet in the morning. Introducing ourselves and getting to know each other. As you can imagine, that took up a lot of time with so may students! But they were some of the best students that I have ever had. They were gracious, friendly, trendy, and so enthusiastic. I taught them techniques on how to cut popular celebrity haircuts. I showed them the way that I have cut Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, and Kate Walsh‘s hair. They loved it!

Remember Beauty Is Individual

xo Ted

As a celebrity hairstylist, I often receive samples of new products directly from beauty brands to test out. Any product I mention in this blog is one that I’ve tested out myself, in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

A Redbook Makeover: From Frizzy To Smooth


A Sexy and Chic Makeover

Here is a makeover I did in the December issue of Redbook. As you can see, they traded her all-back conservative skirt suit for a beautiful vibrant purple dress. Her hair needed the same sort of update! I gave her a gorgeous smooth blowout which makes her look instantly polished and chic. I also gave her a side-part with front pieces that swoop over one eye. Not only is this sexy, but it brings out her cheekbones. Can’t you see how happy she is now?

Remember, Beauty Is Individual!


As a celebrity hairstylist, I often receive samples of new products directly from beauty brands to test out. Any product I mention in this blog is one that I’ve tested out myself, in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.