HUEman Behavior

HUEman Behavior

by DailyMakeover

Lauren’s Big Change: Red To Blonde!

Lauren made one fierce redhead – she had been wearing a gorgeous red color for about a year. There was just one problem: she wasn’t religious about getting her new growth colored every three to four weeks. She would leave the salon looking spectacular and then return seven or eight weeks later looking like a hot mess!

We decided to try to move towards a color that would be equally as flattering but would require less maintenance. I suggested a full head of medium blonde highlights running through a light brown/dark blonde base. Since every hair wouldn’t be colored, the line of demarcation would be much softer, and she could extend the time between salon visits. By the way, this must have worked because I haven’t seen her in the salon for ten weeks!

The result was gorgeous. Take a look at the video that shows the step-by-step process from beginning to end. What do you think? LMK – Jason

Ashley Greene Goes Back To Brunette

Back in September, Ashley Greene sent me a text message letting me know she was going to be in New York for Fashion Week. Her text said “Blond was fun but darks SEXAY”. Who am I to argue with one of People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people?


Back in the spring I had lightened Ashley’s base color to a warm light brown and then highlighted it with some pretty light golden pieces, which meant I had to do her new fall color in a couple different steps. Once hair is lightened to a certain point, all the natural yellow and orange have been removed. In order for the color to come out looking natural, I had to replace (in the biz we say fill) that color. I warned her before we started that she would have stripes of Ronald McDonald red-orange running through her hair so she wouldn’t freak out! After that processed we rinsed – not shampooed – and rough dried. Then her hair was ready to take the new color.

I chose INOA – the new ammonia-free permanent hair color from L’Oreal – mainly because I knew it would deliver incredible, shiny, natural looking results – but also because I am obsessed with it.I have to say, when we were finished: MAJOR!

I took the pic with my Blackberry that night at dinner so the quality isn’t that great but you get the essence. I love it and, more important, SHE LOVES IT. What do you think? LMK – Jason


Try on Ashley Greene’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Giving Christina Ricci Highlights

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Last night I had the most amazing experience – I got to go to Christina Ricci’s Broadway debut in Time Stands Still. Honestly, I prefer a musical to a play (shocking, I know), but even without songs, dancing girls or cannons shooting glitter, I was captivated from the second the curtain went up. The cast is FANTASTIC — Laura Linney and Brian d’Arcy James are beyond amazing, and Christina, seriously, seemed like she was born to be on stage.


About a week ago I met Christina at the Ted Gibson Salon. She came to see me for color and to have Jan Marie, one of our super talents, do her Great Lengths extensions. Immediate crush, loved her — and her adorable dog Karen, a heartbreaker. I did a half head of highlights to soften her brunette base and make it a bit more golden for the season and followed that up with a frame highlight for extra sparkle. I loved it and more important (always) she loved it.

Anyway, back to the glamour. After the amazing performance, I got to accompany Ted to the backstage dressing room of Miss Ricci. What a moment of a lifetime! Backstage watching a Broadway star prepare for her debut party — DYING! In her dressing room, which was filled with roses and candles, the magic was happening. While Ted pulled Christina’s hair into a chic ponytail (very suitable for the Tiffany jewelry and the Alberta Ferretti dress — MAJOR), Francelle Daly (Nars Makeup Artist) was doing her makeup, and Karen was jumping around so excited the entire time. What a New York Moment.

What do you think about Christina’s look? LMK – Jason

The Alter Ego of a “Gibson Girl”


In this month’s issue of American Salon magazine, Ted Gibson and I got the chance to work with shapes and color to create “alter ego images.” L’Oreal Professionel challenged me to come up with two unique INOA (the new ammonia free permanent haircolor from L’Oreal Professionel) that would emphasize the complexities of every woman – her soft feminine side and her edgy aggressive side.

When Ted and I started talking about the concept, we loved the process of taking soft, sexy, pretty “Gibson Girls” and turning them into their own nemeses! We wanted to transform them into the kind of women who reminded us of the villains from a comic book or super hero movie – stong, beautiful and gorgeous – but in an “I’m gonna kick your butt” kind of way!

It was easy to do the pretty hair color on the models – how could I mess those up? For the alter ego looks, we had to turn to wigs – not many real life girls want to look like super villains! It was a lot of fun and really inspiring to work with hair color looks using INOA in this unconventional way.

Follow the link to see some behind the scenes images and the formulas for the color I did. I’m anxious to hear what you think! LMK -Jason


All photos courtesy of American Salon magazine.

Black And White And Red All Over

We heard the evidence in a case about some dude selling crack cocaine – I had no idea people even did crack anymore – it seems so 90′s. Wasn’t anyone listening to Miss Whitney when she proclaimed “Crack is whack?” Apparently not. The Assistant District Attorney was listing the evidence, reading us the charges and I was doing my best to pay attention; however, it was incredibly difficult.

All I could see was this perfectly lovely woman’s HORRIFIC HAIR COLOR! OMG – the worst! She had at least an inch of new gray growth and then bands and bands of various brunettes and auburns going through the mid section finished off with jet-black ends. I was beside myself.

I wanted to offer a visit to The Ted Gibson Salon – my compliments, of course – but unfortunately the jurors and attorneys are forbidden from communicating. What’s a coloris to do? LMK – Jason

The Real Housewives of D.C.

As many of you may know, the Ted Gibson Salon has two locations. The first is in New York City and has been open for almost seven years – I can’t believe it, my baby is growing up! The second is in Washington D.C. (well, actually it is across the street – literally – from D.C., we are technically in Chevy Chase, Maryland), and it will have been open two years this coming January.


Photo: © Bravo

The day before the salon in D.C. officially opened, we had the entire staff get together for one last day of training. We wanted to make sure they all understood what we at Ted Gibson are all about, and that they could provide the level of service we expected of them. We recruited a bunch of D.C. ladies to come in as our models, and I immediately fell in love with Mary Amons.

As I was getting to know my newfound friend while doing her single process application – she received an email to her iPhone. The email was from Bravo expressing their interest in meeting Mary for a new show they were casting in D.C. Ultimately, Mary was cast on the Real Housewives of D.C. along with a few other women I had become friends with.

It has been so fun to experience the filming of the show and being able to watch it unfold on TV!!! Tune in Thursday’s at 9 to see the action – and maybe a glimpse of yours truly.

I hope you like the show (and the hair color)! LMK – Jason

Coloring Wigs For A Dear Friend

Recently, a very dear client of mine discovered she had breast cancer. It was devastating news. The doctors all told her without a doubt she would lose every hair on her body – eyelashes and all. As she was telling me her story, I understood for the first time in my life how profound the experience of losing your hair can be.

We immediately started an action plan. Her homework assignment was to find some human hair wigs that she thought were the right basic texture and shade for her. She ended up with two on the first go-around, and she has since purchased 3 or 4 more. When she brought them into the salon, she sat down with her stylist Eugene Smith – one of the Ted Gibson Salon Super Stars – and me for a consultation.

Eugene discussed two different hairstyles for the wigs, and I gave several different color options – keeping in mind we wanted the wigs to look like her natural hair.

Check out the Flip Video I made of the process of coloring the wigs. I think the results look FAB!

What do you think? LMK – Jason

How To Blend Away The Gray

I have been coloring Elizabeth’s hair for about 3 or 4 years. She loves being blonde but doesn’t want to have the commitment of a single process. Instead, I do highlights with between two and four shades of blonde (depending on the season) to get a result that not only achieves her color goals but – in my opinion – looks amazing!

There are pros and cons to both kinds of gray coverage. With a single process, you are going to get up to 100% coverage of your gray hair. You will get a soft, natural-looking color, and you will love it! On the flip side, you will need to have your new growth touched up every 2-6 weeks depending on how far you stray from your natural. Yes, that’s right – I have clients who come in every 2 weeks! If you wait longer than 4 to 6 weeks, not only will you look like a mess, you also run the risk of color banding and inconsistent coverage.

With highlighting, you can achieve beautiful gray blending. Because not every hair is colored (like it is in a single process) you don’t get as much gray coverage – hence “gray blending.” The great thing about gray blending is the minimal maintenance – you can extend your salon visits to every 8 to 10 weeks! If you don’t mind some of your gray showing, this might be the perfect option for you.

Take a look at the video of the color I did on Elizabeth and let me know what you think! – Jason

“How Much Does It Cost?”

Last night, I was at a very swanky West Village hot spot for dinner. We ordered our drinks, looked over the menu and made our decisions. When the waiter came back to take our order, he went over the special additions and highlights to the menu. After each one, he would state the price “…the porterhouse for two at $138,” etc. I started feeling a little self conscious…did he think because I was in jeans and a t-shirt I couldn’t afford the prices?

Today, I had a guest in the salon that had a very specific request : she wanted to cover her gray and neutralize some of the red that had been exposed since her last color. I was more than happy to oblige. She mentioned her hair felt dry during our consultation, and I recommended a treatment. I also said that many times after a gloss, the hair looks shinier and feels softer. I suggested we decide about the treatment after we dried a bit of her hair to check the color and texture.

After the color was finished and the front panel was dry (and looking spectacular, I might add) I asked her if she was still interested in a treatment. She asked me how much it would cost. I told her. She then asked how much the rest of the service was going to cost. I told her. She decided not to get the treatment.

When she was checking out at the front desk I went to say good bye and tell her how pretty she looked and she LET ME HAVE IT!!!! She was so offended that I didn’t tell her before we started how much her color was going to cost. She also added (condescendingly) that she had “been to the best colorists in the world that didn’t charge as much,” and that she didn’t think it should cost what I was charging.

As a general rule, I never talk about money unless someone asks. I don’t walk into an expensive boutique, pick up a pair of shoes and then yell at the guy at the counter because the price surprises me. If the price matters, I have always looked or asked first.

I put the question up on Facebook and Twitter and asked my friends and followers what they thought. “Whose responsibility do you think it is to bring up the cost of a service – the person getting it or giving it?” The results were overwhelmingly….equal. Half thought it was the provider’s responsibility and half thought it was the receiver’s responsibility.

What do you think? LMK – Jason

I’m L’Oreal Professional’s New Celebrity Colorist!

I am a lucky guy – I get to work in a place I love, in a city I love, doing what I love to do. I get work with the most amazing every-day women and some amazing celebrities and personalities. I am surrounded by motivated, passionate people and get to participate in training some of tomorrow’s beauty superstars. Life is good!


Last week I received a gigantic honor. I signed a contract with L’Oreal to be their Celebrity Colorist for L’Oreal Professionnel! Out of all the work I have been lucky enough to do, having the opportunity to work with L’Oreal is almost surreal.

The first commercial I worked on as a colorist was for L’Oreal. It was for one of their consumer brands, and we were shooting for the Latin markets in Mexico City. We were working with Lupita Jones, the first Mexican woman to win Miss Universe – and a well known personality who was spokesperson for the brand, who told me a great story. Lupita told me about watching L’Oreal commercials on TV as a little girl and seeing the most beautiful women in the world say “I’m worth it” at the end of each one. She talked about how that phrase was so inspirational to her as a young girl, and what an honor it was to now be the woman who gets to say it to inspire other women.

Of course I am working on the professional side of L’Oreal now, but I still feel exactly the same way. My entire professional life, I have always thought of L’Oreal as the premier hair color company. I am thrilled beyond belief and honored one million times over to have this opportunity.

I am so excited to be living my dream!

“I Could Never be a Blonde…”

I hear it all the time: “Oh, I could never be a blonde.” Ladies, I have to tell you that I don’t believe it is true. I am the kind of colorist who believes any woman can have any color she wants. The important part is making sure you choose the right shade.


Shade selection is a really complicated part of hair color. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the color is – if it is the wrong shade, it ruins the entire look. When women come into the salon for a big change, we will have a long discussion about their expectations. I think it is very important talk about time, money, maintenance and the steps required.

I like to use Lindsay Lohan as an example. When she first went blonde, I less than loved it I thought it was too yellow and hard looking. By the time she did the cover of Vanity Fair, it looked amazing. Women need to know that sometimes a color change can be a journey. You may need to wear it for a few days – to see it in your light at home, at the office, in the ladies room of your fave hangout. You will get feedback from girl/boy friends and family, etc. By getting all of this feedback in addition to what you personally like and don’t like about it, you can collect all the factors needed to lead you to the right shade.

With the three women pictured here, you can see they all have very different textures, styles and complexions – but every single one of them looks amazing as a blonde. Do you think you would, too? Is there a part of you who wants to see if blondes really do have more fun???

Are you tempted? LMK – Jason


A Twitter-iffic Spring Makeover

My friend Victoria Stiles and I had a great idea–we wanted to do a contest where people could enter to win a makeover with INOA (my latest obsession), Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions, Face Atelier Cosmetics with Victoria doing the makeup application (she is MAJOR BTW) and me doing the color and extensions. The cool part about entering was we wanted to do the entire contest via Twitter! People who follow us on twitter (I’m @JasonHueMan and Victoria is @VictoriaStiles) or saw a re-tweet about the contest could post a picture through one of the Twitter applications so we could choose the winner. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, this might sound complicated but it really is simple… AND we had a blast!!!

Raelinn Schmidt (@raelinn_wine) turned out to be the lucky lady. I did a single process with INOA to richen her base color and added a few highlights for some springtime magic. Then, I added a full head of Platinum Seamless extensions. Rit Lon–one of the super stars at the Ted Gibson Salon in Washington DC did a spectacular layered cut and finish à la Ted Gibson sexy style and Victoria finished the look off with a Face Atelier Cosmetics make-up look.

Wow! What a transformation!!! Check out the video I made with my Flip camera–what do you think? LMK!

You CAN Highlight Relaxed Hair–Here’s How!

There are a few things I always consider the best complements:

  • When a guest tells me everyone loves her hair color and she gets complements wherever she goes
  • When a new client comes in that was referred to me by a girlfriend who’s hair I color
  • When a guest comes to me for color, then tries someone else and comes back to me.

The third is the story with Alexis. I colored Alexis’s hair about 3 years ago. When she came in, honestly I didn’t remember her – come on, three years??? That’s a LONG TIME!!! I will not forget her again though because she gave me such a great complement – She said she had been all over the city having her color done but always compared it to what I did for her in the past! Welcome back sunshine!!

Alexis has a relaxer in her hair and wants her hair lighter with highlights. A lot of people believe you can’t highlight relaxed hair – NOT TRUE!!! You absolutely can lighten relaxed hair – you just have to be cautious. Lightening relaxed hair you need to follow the rules and pay attention.

Take a look at the video I made of Alexis’s color with my Flip. What do you think??? LMK

A Mile-High Makeover!

Ted Gibson was waiting for his flight home from Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago and started talking with Kathy, a flight attendant for American Airlines. After chit-chatting for a bit, she walked over to the podium and arranged for Ted to be moved to first class – JACKPOT! She ended up serving Ted for the whole flight and the chat continued. Ted mentioned he would love to cut her hair and have me make her a red-head. The next thing you know she and her son flew to NYC for a weekend in the city and a stop by the Ted Gibson Salon for a makeover!

Kathy had been wearing her hair in basically the same style since high school – super blonde and nearly to her waist. Because it was so blonde and very porous, I had to do the color in several steps. First I filled her hair. Filling is what we call it when we replace the gold and orange tones previously removed in the lightening process. Hair color is manufactured assuming it is going to be placed on virgin hair, which has gold and orange in it. Because of that, if I didn’t fill her hair with the missing tones first the color would look pastel or muddy.

Now Kathy’s hair was ready for the next step, the single process. I used my new obsession INOA–the revolutionary ammonia free hair color from L’Oreal. Both Ted and Kathy wanted to see some variation so I added a partial highlight for movement and dimension. Kathy still wasn’t quite feeling it however. She thought it was beautiful but it felt too red and too bold for her. That’s when I added the final touch – a few more highlights to soften the base color and give her the strawberry blonde she had envisioned for herself. She looked amazing and, even better, she felt amazing! I love my job!!!

We always say “Beauty Changes Lives”–how has it changed yours? LMK!

America’s Beauty Show

Last weekend I was in The Windy City of Chicago for America’s Beauty Show! I have to say two things. 1) I LOVE a hair show 2) I love hairdressers!!! To me, hairdressers are a combination of rock stars and bartenders–tons of fun mixed with unlimited creativity. Imagine a venue filled with thousands of them for three days in a row. MAJOR!

I attended as a guest of L’Oreal to talk about INOA. In case you haven’t heard–INOA (innovation no ammonia) is the revolutionary new ammonia free hair color from L’Oreal. I am obsessed with it to say the least. I have been using it in our DC salon since November and in our NYC salon since January. Honestly, I can’t imagine going back to the old school, ammonia based hair colors–INOA has raised the bar and set the new standard for professionals and consumers. Ok,I know–this is supposed to be about the show! Clearly, INOA was the biggest innovation there, in my opinion.

As I was having my love affair with the show and obsessing about the energy coming from the hairdressers, I decided to pull out my Flip camera to capture some of the sights. I was coming across so many amazing things (spray tans offered by shirtless hunks for example) but I decided to focus on my favorite thing – hair color. I stopped people in their tracks (oddly enough everyone I interviewed had short hair…) to ask them to tell me what they love about their color and why.

Take a peek at the video to see…. What do you love about YOUR color? LMK!

Video: Crazy Consultations

Over the years I have had some pretty crazy consultations–as I’m sure you can imagine. I have had women bring in tears frommagazines, pictures of themselves from childhood to even bringing in their own child to show the perfect color. I have had guests bring in furs, wigs and even pets!!! There are a couple consultations that really stand out though (and thank goodness I had my Flip Camera to record one of them).

One of my more memorable consultations was with Ivy. Ivy is quite a unique individual (to say the least). To paint the picture, she is a hat designer, is covered in tattoos, dresses like a rock star and is all of 5’1″–FABULOUSLY entertaining!!! Surprisingly, Ivy was always pretty conservative with her hair color and liked to simply cover the few grays she had and stick with her natural dark brown color. One day she stepped off the elevator and immediately drew all the attention to herself. She was wearing a wig that had orange, red, yellow and black stripes coming off the center part. The wig was sort of plopped on top of her head with her own hair hanging below it and she was carrying a gigantic mirror. The mirror was so big she had to have a friend (who was actually a stripper/dancer who also drew quite a bit of attention) help her carry it. She wanted her hair to look like the wig on top, her own hair on the bottom but the colors to match the shades of the wood in the frame of the mirror. Who am I to argue?

More recently a long time client of mine, her name is Liz (and honestly – I ADORE her), warned me before she started in on the consultation. She and I always have relatively lengthy conversations about her color –but this was a doozy! It included everything from a hair sample to pictures from last summer to childhood! Check out in the video clip I included above.

What are your crazy consultations? LMK.

What’s Your Trick?

The other day I was standing at the front desk with my guest as she was getting ready to pay the bill. I am usually with my next guest when the previous is paying so normally I am not around for this part of the salon visit. She asked for the total and it was around $800. She took out her credit card and said to Karl (one of our client coordinators) “Put $250 on the card and I will pay the rest in cash.” She must have seen the curious look on my face because she explained that her husband never questions her salon visits if they are under $300 so for as many years as she can remember she has always only paid for the portion her husband sees (the credit card statement) with her card and the rest cash! This scenario had me wondering; what are the tricks women do to have the salon experience they want without getting into an argument about it at home or work.

Of course I got many responses to the question. There was a lot of answers like they were going to a doctor’s appointment or there was a daycare emergency or that a repair man was coming to the apartment and they needed to be home for it. I was glad to know that not only do I color hair, I am also known as Dr. Backe!

The award for most creative has to go to “Jane”. Jane works at a very popular magazine. She found it very difficult to find the time for her color and haircut with Ted and me. On the day of her appointment she would bring an extra sweater and an extra handbag to work. When it was time to leave for her salon appointment she would change the settings on her screensaver, leave the lights on in her office and strategically place her extra sweater and handbag in a conspicuous place – then sneak out of the office. Anytime people would ask “Where is Jane” the response was “She must be around, all of her stuff is still here”! Genius!! As long as she always had her blackberry she was golden!!!

What tricks have you done to make it to your color appointment? LMK.

Best Hair Color At The 2010 Oscars

I sat myself down on my sofa at 6pm sharp last Sunday night to watch all of the Academy Awards 2010 drama from soup to nuts. I started with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet for E! and continued to watch all the way through the last minutes of the ABC presentation. I love an awards show and clearly this is THE ONE!

First of all hats of to Jay Manuel! I am so inspired by the way he has taken his career. Starting off as a freelance makeup artist in NYC and evolving into an expert on fashion and style. That is fantastic!!!! AND–I think it’s time for him to change his hair color. I used to think it was a cool look but now I think it’s a little old. My advice, if you’re interested Mr. Manuel, is to mix it up a little bit–if you’re not interested, it’s ok–you are adorable either way.

Ok let’s talk about the ladies… I am going to point out what I thought were some of the prettiest hair colors. There were three reds that really stood out to me. My high school “it” girl Molly Ringwald did not fail and pulled out exactly what I expected (less than love that haircut though). I thought Sandy Powell (winner for best costume design) had a gorgeous red and the cut and color really complemented one another in a super chic way. I can not make a comment about red heads and not mention Julianne Moore if she is in the room – amazing, gorgeous and believable.

Sandra Bullock Oscars 2010

Credit: © Jason Merritt /Getty Images

Brunettes? Hands down the woman of the evening herself, Sandra Bullock. Her single process brunette with tone-on-tone variation was gorgeous. I loved her strong side part and sleek style – perfect with the dress. Second place goes to Demi Moore. I almost don’t want to acknowledge her as she clearly has a pact with the devil looking so good. Her monochromatic single process is the exception to the rule that you should have some variation for softness and a youthful look. Amazing.

I have to be honest. I am so disappointed with the blonde hairstyles this year. I thought Elizabeth Banks‘ color looked like chicken fat (sorry girl). I also thought most of the blonde women looked like they needed their color done! I am going to say that, although I wasn’t gasping for air because the color was spectacular, Cameron Diaz (who FINALLY looked chic and together vs. just getting out of bed) and an all time fav of mine, Kate Winslet, take the cake for blondes.

Did you have a fave color from the show? LMK.

Dental Porcelain Veneers: Hollywood Smile Part 2

Last week, I met with Dr. Thomas Connelly a second time. This time he showed me the plaster molds he took of my top and bottom teeth (the before) and sat them next to a wax/resin build out of the new teeth (the after).

I have to say–the new teeth looked spectacular. I loved them. It was super amazing because I got to actually put the new teeth in my mouth over my real teeth to see what they would look like–another whole step I never knew existed. It gave me the chance to say “Yes I love it” or “No I don’t love it and this is what I think needs to change.” It was a very surreal experience to see myself with my potential new teeth. I loved the way they looked and at the same time it made me think.

That night I was having dinner and thinking about when I was a kid. Thinking about the fantasies had, wishing I could change this about myself or that about myself and believing if I looked different than I did life would be easier or I would like myself more. I was going through the whole list of insecurities I had as a kid and remembering the emotions they conjured up.

Then I started thinking about how now, as an adult, I love the way I look. I love who I am and all of the things that make me the person I have become. It made me wonder if I really want to change my teeth. I love the way my husband loves my smile–I love the way my niece says “Uncle, you’re a real big laugher!” It made me start to wonder if I should mess with something I have grown to love about myself. I was definitely having cold feet.

Have you made a makeover decision for yourself and at the last minute had cold feet or changed your mind? LMK.

Dental Porcelain Veneers Review: Hollywood Smile


I have never been that guy who hates my smile. My teeth are far from perfect–actually they are not the slightest bit straight. Although I am not insecure at all about my smile, it has never been something I get a compliment on. As a kid I had a retainer with a spacer in it which, after all the money spent by my parents, did nothing. It was fun to put in my friend Cheryl’s glass of milk so she had a surprise when she got to the bottom though. It was not so fun when I left it on my tray at McDonalds and I had to go through the trash to find it.

Over the past five or six years I have been considering getting them straightened (Oprah made a comment once about your teeth giving away your age!). A guest in the salon one day happened to be an orthodontist and I chatted her up about Invisalign. I had heard a lot about them and had some clients who had them and loved them. She thought I was not the best candidate for Invisalign and recommended braces. Just in conversation over the shampoo bowl she estimated one to three years… no way. I just can’t do it.

I recently met Dr. Thomas Connelly and went in for a consultation for dental porcelain veneers. The consultation was pretty cool. Dr. Connelly took impressions of my mouth, a million pictures of my face and teeth and set me up in this contraption to measure the details of my face to create an accurate simulation. I took this photo while I was there and thought I would share the experience with you all. I know a lot of people who have gotten veneers but I didn’t know anything about the process.

I’m fascinated and super excited!!!! Have you gotten any porcelain veneers? How was your experience? LMK.