HUEman Behavior

HUEman Behavior

by DailyMakeover

Black And White And Red All Over

We heard the evidence in a case about some dude selling crack cocaine – I had no idea people even did crack anymore – it seems so 90′s. Wasn’t anyone listening to Miss Whitney when she proclaimed “Crack is whack?” Apparently not. The Assistant District Attorney was listing the evidence, reading us the charges and I was doing my best to pay attention; however, it was incredibly difficult.

All I could see was this perfectly lovely woman’s HORRIFIC HAIR COLOR! OMG – the worst! She had at least an inch of new gray growth and then bands and bands of various brunettes and auburns going through the mid section finished off with jet-black ends. I was beside myself.

I wanted to offer a visit to The Ted Gibson Salon – my compliments, of course – but unfortunately the jurors and attorneys are forbidden from communicating. What’s a coloris to do? LMK – Jason

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