HUEman Behavior

HUEman Behavior

by DailyMakeover

Vena Cava Backstage!

If you saw my last post, you know I got the opportunity to color some hair for the Vena Cava show for New York Fashion Week. It’s always fun and exciting to be able to be a part of Fashion Week – especially when I get to see some of my own work on every single girl coming down the catwalk! MAJOR!!!

Well yesterday morning I went with Ted Gibson bright and early to Milk Studios in the Meat Packing District to prep the girls for the show. We had to be there about an hour earlier than originally planned because Ms. Anna Wintour herself requested an early viewing!!! We had to get four girls ready–AND FAST!!!

I got a little bit of the backstage action with Ted as well as his inspiration for the looks captured on my Flip video camera. The girls looked HOT!!! Ms. Wintour thought so too and she specifically commented on how she loved the color in the hair–be still my heart

Anyway I loved the look – hope you do too. Check out the video and LMK.

Vena Cava Prep

When Ted Gibson came home from the Vena Cava test (that’s what they call it when the hair and makeup artists figure out the looks for the show) he said the designers wanted to see a pop of color running through the hair. I, of course, immediately thought about how I could make that magic happen!

I used my Flip camera to show you how I took blond wefts of hair and changed them into vibrant shades of purple, pink and green for Ted to use on the models. I used my new fav consumer product–Streekers–to create the looks AND I have to say I love the results.

Remember–it is right on the money for trend right now to see a little sparkle of color. I loved it and I was told that when Ms. Anna Wintour saw the ribbons of color in the hair, she loved it too!!! Don’t be afraid! Give it a try and LMK.

My Latest Obsession: Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions

About a year ago, I met a woman who was talking about a new product she had created called Platinum Seamless hair extensions. I thought they sounded interesting and by the looks of them in her hair, I thought they looked great. We sent Nancy Jaminion (the extensions goddess at Ted Gibson Salon–she has given extensions to everyone from Gabrielle Union and Anne Hathaway to the recent Kate Gosselin makeover for the cover of People) to the class. She came back feeling like they were a cool product but honestly, I didn’t think about them much after that.

My friend Ron King (who, BTW, owns an amazing salon in Austin, Texas and is opening a second location soon) came to NYC to do some work for Platinum Seamless and offered to come by the salon to do a class. He is so into the product and I thought, what the heck!

Let me tell you something! I AM OBSESSED!!! You know how I am–once I find something that is innovative and unique, I get so inspired I can barely contain myself!!! I made a Flip video during our class. The results are fantastic and a full head takes about an hour (compared to six hours with Great Lengths).

I love them and we have been doing the service like crazy here in the salon (oh and Ted did “breakovers” for The Wendy Williams Show using Platinum Seamless and his very own clip-in extensions).

Check out the video and LMK.

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

I’ve Been Waiting – INOA

Ever since I have been a colorist, I have been listening to women express their issues with hair color. There are a handful of trade-offs women have simply accepted as fact. The tradeoffs I hear most about are that hair color smells bad, that hair color irritates or burns their scalp and that hair color damages their hair. Some complain a little, some complain a lot and some have reactions so severe, they can’t even put permanent hair color on their scalp. All of them however attribute their discomfort to ammonia–the ingredient that has been essential since the invention of today’s permanent hair color. I have been waiting for the day I can tell my guests they no longer need to have trade-offs when they color their hair.

For the last several weeks I have been one of a handful of colorists around the country to be able to preview the new color line from the hair color creators themselves, L’Oreal. It is called INOA. INOA stands for Innovation No Ammonia. That’s right, NO AMMONIA!!! In a nutshell,with INOA you get great gray coverage, up to three levels of lift and NO SCALP IRRITATION!!!

I could seriously go on and on about how amazing this product is. I am sure you will have a million opportunities to hear all about it because Ted Gibson and I spent the entire day yesterday with beauty editors from all the major books–from InStyle and Allure to American Salon and Launchpad Beauty–we even had a private sitting with VOGUE! It was MAJOR!!!!! With this REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY I can’t imagine how the press wouldn’t be all over it.

Enough of what I think – check out these four “real women” who are clients of mine at the Ted Gibson Salon to see what they think of the INOA hair color experience.

Are you intrigued or inspired? LMK .

From Valentino to Gaga!


When I saw Tricia Ismail’s post on, I was immediately inspired!!! I have been noticing on runways like the Zak Posen’s and Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2010 Collections and of course on my fave Gaga but it was so great to see that Tricia compiled them all into one place. Check out the link if you are interested.

People come into the salon all the time asking for similar variations of these looks. There are a few different ways you could achieve these pastel to vibrant shades yourself if you are so inclined.

The first is with Streekers. Streekers are temporary hair colors that come in pink, ultraviolet, red, green, yellow, orange, purple and blue. They are super easy to use because they come in a lip gloss like applicator. You can easily add ribbons of any shade into your natural hair color. Because the color is temporary you can change your look as frequently as you like and it will shampoo out after one wash.

You can also buy clip in extensions or have your hairdresser apply a more permanent extension like Great Lengths (the brand we used for Kate Gosselin’s makeover). Extensions, like Streekers, come in so many different colors and will give you the Gaga look you may be gagging for.

There are many hair color brands you can try as well. L’Oreal has an at home color line called Colour Rays that will give you vibrant color results that will stay put. Manic Panic, a semi-permanent hair color, has been a favorite of punk rockers, club kids and teens for years and has a huge selection on colors to kick you up a notch. I was also searching around and found a million how to videos using Kool-Aid for a great pastel tint for hair.

Whatever your desire for fab faux or permanent, colorful, sparkle there are so many options!!! Maybe next week I will post a video trying some out….

What do you think? LMK.

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Rihanna Channeling Dionne Warwick?


Dionne Warwick

Photo: © Arnold Turner/WireImage

I only had dinner with Rihanna once. O.K., well maybe we didn’t exactly have dinner together but we were in the same restaurant AND she was only four tables away from me AND we had a moment–she looked right at me and gave me a huge smile–so yes, it counts. After all, I have been at a few lame dinner parties with people and had less interaction…

Anyway, when I had dinner with Rihanna, I couldn’t help but check out her hair and more specifically her hair color. She had just started wearing the blonde on the top–in the moment all I could think about was that bird the guy on the late 70′s TV show had on his shoulder… Baretta, I think. Anyway, she’s a pop star–she can pull off the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo look in a way that is quite chic. I liked it.

Recently, instead of the spiky Cockatoo version she has been wearing it down and curly. Immediately I thought of old school Dionne Warwick!!! Compare the pics… Am I wrong?I think Dionne would be into the imitation as it’s the sincerest form of flattery. After all, That’s What Friends Are For. Right?

I love inspiration –the way I feel when I’m inspired, the different sources–birds on a shoulder or song birds–and I love any modern twist on a retro or classic.

What do you think? LMK.

Kate Gosselin’s New ‘Do!


Just before Christmas Ted came up to me and said “You will never guess who I am doing a makeover on for the cover of People Magazine!!! Kate Gosselin!!!” I naturally said “Don’t you mean the makeover WE are doing???” Hahaha – actually I was blown away by what a great (and super fun) opportunity this was.

I have to admit every time I saw a picture of Kate in a magazine I always thought, what is she thinking with that hair?!?! Since I never saw an episode of the show John and Kate Plus Eight, I really didn’t know anything about her except what I had read on the covers of the weekly magazines.

Kate’s color was, in my opinion, too stripey, the variation had too much contrast and it looked really dated. When we did the consultation for her new color I was completely surprised by the fact that SHE REALLY LIKED HER HAIR!!! During our initial chat she expressed that she wanted to keep the bold variation and that she really loves to see some contrast in her hair. It was my job to A. Make it look different enough that it would have some impact on the cover of a magazine and B. Make it look pretty!

Kate had never had a single process (one color all over everything) before and that is what I decided to do to the base. I wanted to lighten it from the natural medium brown to a medium sandy blonde. After that, I did a gloss to take all of the previous highlights down to a softer, darker blonde. Then I put in a half head of highlights and lowlights to break up the stripes that were there before and make everything a lot softer and more modern looking.

I was thrilled with the color – and so was she! I listened to what she said and kept the bold variation she loved but did it in a way that looked expensive (she laughed when I told her that!) and super sexy. In the end, Kate was so happy with the way I kept the parts of her color she felt identified her and at the same time, gave it a whole new twist.

If you are curious about the whole day – nearly 20 hours? It was a blast. I love Kate, she is charming and funny, she can tell a good story, she is patient and lovely. People like Kate and these kinds of work days take my job from fun to super fun!!!

I love Kate’s new look – What do you think? LMK.

Ok, It’s Pretty BUT…


Before -circa May 2009
Photo: © John Parra/

After- circa December 2009
Photo: © Charley Gallay/WireImage

I was all excited when I heard that Nicole Richie had changed her hair color. She has always been someone I like to keep an eye on. Whether she is in the weeklies for being too skinny or married or pregnant or whatever–I like her. There are some people who I just think are good celebrities–even if they don’t have a hit TV show (or any TV show) or aren’t in a string of A-list movies (or really any movies) and Miss Richie is one of those people for me. I love reading about what she is up to, I love looking at her fashion choices and I love her evolving looks. Remember a few years ago when she cut her hair into that MAJOR concave, shoulder length bob with the asymmetrical side swept bang? DEVASTATING! I loved it.

So anyway, back to her color. I couldn’t wait to see the end result (I have no idea who did it–but it wasn’t me). In all honesty? It’s a little boring. I was expecting a deep, rich, sultry, sexy, brunette hair color that would emulate the deliciousness of chocolate cake or the cool strength of walnut. Nope. All we got it is brown. Plain old brown.

Ok, ok, yes. It is very pretty. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the formulation or the application. The tone looks lovely from roots to ends, it is shiny and not matte or drab. The tone on tone variation is well done. The color is perfectly lovely – on a regular girl. A girl who lives next door. Not what I expected from a fashion girl who really had the chance to make a bold statement.

Am I crazy? What do you think? LMK.

Punch Up Your Holiday Color!


I get questions from my guests in the salon all the time about ways they can make their hair color a little bit more dramatic or dimensional. At the same time, most women want their hair to look very natural for every day. A solution I am so inspired by is temporary hair color.

If you saw my post, with a Flip Video clip, about TouchBack a few weeks ago you know how excited I am about this product. Whenever I can get my hands on something that is new and exciting I just can’t put it down–that has definitely been the case with TouchBack. It is a temporary hair color in this genius marker-like applicator that you can use to cover up your grays instantly with no stickiness or flaking. It’s amazing not only because it covers the gray and is so easy to use but because it looks and feels like professional salon color!!!

Since I have been obsessed with TouchBack, I have been trying to use in all sorts of different ways. One of them is for giving hair color some extra drama without the commitment of permanent hair color. For example, I have used it on blondes to give dark blond, light brown or red variation in the hair, which looks amazing when the hair is styled up or in a ponytail. I have also used black or deep auburn shades on brunettes for similar dimension and movement.

The great thing about a temporary color like TouchBack is you can be as creative and expressive as you want to be. When you are tired of the look (or even if you put it in and decide you want to change it) all you have to do is shampoo! That’s it! MAJOR!!!!

The trick to getting the look you want is to choose a couple of shades. Remember the closer you stay to your current shade the more natural your additions will look–the farther you stray the more drama and excitement!!! After you choose your shades, start with a section about the size of a pencil eraser somewhere in the interior of the hairstyle (not on the part of coming off your hairline). After you apply you can gauge your work–if you like it, go ahead and add more or make the pieces bolder and bigger. Have fun with it!!!

I would love to see some pics of your holiday hair after trying out TouchBack!!!! LMK.

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

The Hair You Always Wanted

I have a guest at the salon who has been coming to me for about five years to have her hair colored. She has also been seeing various people at the salon to have her hair cut. She is a very well put together woman–great fashion sensibility, pretty skin, nice makeup, good manicure–you know the type. Although she always loved her cut and color, for her entire life she has never LOVED her HAIR.

She is of Northern European decent and has that kind of hair that is fine and limp. On top of that it is also frizzy and would never grow beyond her shoulders. For her, her hair was a combination of frustrations that always made her feel like she had to start the day with a fight!

I guess I was in that fatal rut with her that so many hair dressers and colorists fall into with long time clients. I knew her. I knew what she likes, what she doesn’t like and how far I could push the envelope when she wanted to make a change in her color without seeing her in for an adjustment two days later! Because of that relationship of, I don’t know what to call it–respected boundaries I guess, we were doing variations of a theme for years. Well, the last time she was in it was like I was struck by lightning. We had a serious conversation about her hair and how we could take if from something she had to fight with to her crowning glory.

We recently started doing the La Braziliana Hair Keratin treatment at our salons in NYC and DC. It is an amazing treatment that removes frizz and cuts your blow dry time down by up to 90%, (check out some of my favorite blogs for reviews on treatments in DC, The Make Up Girl and NYC, Beauty Blogging Junkie) so first we did that. No more frizz.

Next I introduced her to Nancy Jiminion–our extensions pro who has done them on everyone from Gabriel Union to Anne Hathaway. She did a half-head of Great Lengths extensions on my client that matched her color perfectly and changed her short, fine hair, to glorious cascading locks that now fall past her shoulder blades. AMAZING!!!!

My point to all this is–with all of the options we have in the salon today, there is no reason to hate your hair. Stop in for a consultation so you can unlock the secrets!!!! Don’t just wish for it, GET IT!

Do you have the hair you’ve always wanted? LMK.

“Twilights” with Ashley Greene


I normally don’t work on Mondays (Sunday/Monday is the traditional hair salon weekend) but when I heard that both Elettra Weideman Rossellini and Ashley Greene wanted to come in for some color how could I refuse–a supermodel (shooting a MAJOR campaign with Mario Testino) and a super celeb (the most gorgeous cast member of the Twilight series)?!?!?! Come on! Had to say yes–HAD TO!!!

I am not going to talk about Elettra’s color today–I am going to keep it a secret until what she is shooting for is out of the bag–lips are sealed ’til then!

I can, however, tell you all about the oh-so-lovely Ashley Greene. I had to tell her it was a good thing I adored her so much, or I might have to hate her.


The girl has it all–she is gorgeous, she is smart, she is funny and she has a heartbreaker of a dog named Marlow–whom I am obsessed with. Check her out, pictured above! I actually asked her to contact the breeder because Marlow is such a sweetpea! Anyway let’s talk color.

When Ashley got to the salon her hair was almost black–to me it looked really heavy, almost hard. Because of her amazing eyes and pretty face the dramatic color actually worked really well on her. As we chatted about what she has going on now–various photo shoots and press appearances, etc. We decided we should keep her look consistent but make it a little softer and a little lighter.

I decided to lighten the base color slightly, leaving it brunette but a softer brunette – more like chocolate cake than onyx. I also added some hidden highlights (Twilights–heheh) to give her hair a really touchable sexy dimension. I love a hidden highlight where you can’t see where the highlights come from–they just sort of appear–gorgeous.

I love the way Ashley’s color looks and so does she! Isn’t that the hair for a starring role in a rom-com?

What do you think? LMK!

Jayne Goes Streeking!

I have been asked several times by guests at the salon if there is a way to put some vibrant colors in their hair just for fun. Of course, it is more than possible but it has never really been easy. I have colored wefts of hair and sewn on clips for vibrant clip-on extensions, I’ve bleached the hair white and done a product like Fudge or Manic Panic over the top and I’ve tried various formulas of permanent hair color placed in foil packets. All of these attempts gave me great-looking results but like I said, none of them were easy and all but the clip-ons were permanent.


I recently received a set of complimentary temporary hair colors to try. Because of my years of experience and celebrity clientele, every once in a while I get sent products from beauty brands or their press representatives to try out. This product Streekers is AMAZING!!! It is perfect for just those occasions when you want a little kick to your hair color and you want it NOW!!!


When I was at the salon today, Jayne (pictured at left) came in for a haircut with Ted Gibson and she asked me about adding a few vibrant blue streaks in her hair. I told her I could do it and then went through all of the options I told you about and then it dawned on me!!! I had this collection of Streekers in my office. I ran back and grabbed the blue one and painted some pieces in… FAB!!! After I applied it, we let it dry and then brushed it out–it wasn’t sticky, it wasn’t flaky–it felt just like the rest of her hair. If I would have been thinking, I would have made a video with my Flip camera–but I wasn’t so I took a picture with my BlackBerry. The photo quality isn’t that great but you get the idea….

She LOVED it and got exactly the result she was looking for. The best part is, when she is tired of the blue streaks she can shampoo and they are gone!!!

I love this stuff–What do you think? LMK.

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Commenter Crisis: Emily

More commenter color crises this week, friends! I can’t let a color emergency go unaddressed, can I? Commenter Emily writes:

Hi Jason,

I really enjoy your blog and how much fun you have with hair! I have a question for you, if you have time with your busy life! :)

I have such a hard time getting my hair color to be and stay what I want it to be- some sort of dark ash blond/light ash brown. I’ve been dyeing my hair for about eight years now, and in the last two years my hair goes extremely brassy no matter what I do to it. (My natural color is a light/medium ash brown–cool hair and skin tones).

I’ve colored it myself, had it done in various salons, asked numerous people’s opinions, read up on tips online; you name it I’ve done it. Occasionally I can get roughly the right shade going on, but within a few weeks it’s brassy as ever. I feel so bad for my poor hair, and take good care of it otherwise, but I’m so tired of fighting it! Do you have any suggestions or tips for me? Any ideas will be MUCH appreciated. :) Thanks!


Emily – this is a great question that so many people ask about AND yes!!! I have some tips for you that may help in your quest for the perfect ash shade.

When you have your hair colored and achieve that gorgeous ashy tone, the key is maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! It is not uncommon for an ashy shade of blonde or brunette to fade and become golden, or even brassy.


You want to make sure you are using a color preserving shampoo and conditioner like Ted Gibson Clarity Color (it has a color protecting complex to help lock color in and resist fading) and you should be shampooing as little as possible because the more you shampoo, the faster your color will fade. Try shampooing every other day or every third day. You can also look for a violet based shampoo and conditioner. If you remember the color wheel, from grade school, you will remember violet and yellow are opposites so they will neutralize one another.

The most important part is to nip brassiness in the bud as soon as you see those unwanted tones. By going into the salon and having a gloss applied as soon as you seeing the gold appear (I recommend after two weeks) you will stay ahead of the curve and avoid a hair color you less than love. Book it for a Friday night so you have a great blow-out for the weekend! If you want to emulate a salon gloss at home, try an ash shade of a demi-permanent (Natural Instincts actually has a line called Brass Free) applied to wet hair. You leave it on for three to five minutes and then rinse it off. After that if you are still brassy, re-apply for another three to five minutes. Your hair will look fantastic.

Emily – I hope these tips worked…LMK!!

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Commenter Crisis: Tennischick5551


I received this question in the form of a youtube comment on a video I posted at HueManJason about Color Oops and the results expected. Here is Tennischick5551′s commenter crisis:

Hey Jason!

So I dyed my hair black with a semi-permanent dye in September and it said it comes out in 28 washes but…they lied. I still have it and it’s mid-November!! It is still pitch black! My natural hair color is a dirty blonde–if I use Color Oops, will it make my hair dirty blonde again or if it will come out orange??? I’m at boarding school and I really don’t want to go home at Thanksgiving with black hair! My mom’ll freak!! So please HELP!!!! Thanks!!! :)

Hi Tennischick5551!

There are a couple of really great points here Tennischick551! The first thing I want all of you kitchen beauticians to please remember is the two level rule. If you are expecting the results described on the packaging (here the promise of washing out in 28 shampoos) you can only change your color two levels lighter or two levels darker than your starting color (that means if you describe your color as a dirty blonde, I would guess that means around a medium ash blonde, it is recommended that you only color as dark as light brown). When you follow this rule, you will have results closer to those listed on the packaging.

For the Color Oops question….hmmmm. I don’t know. Hahahah – sorry if that isn’t very helpful but I have only experimented with the product twice and one of the times is in my video. I would guess that your concern is correct. When hair is colored darker, there is oftentimes a lot of red and orange in the base color to make sure the end result doesn’t come out too ashy. When the black or dark brown colors are removed, it exposes the red and orange left in the hair. If I were in your situation, I would try the Color Oops and let it lighten to the level of lightness your original color was (remember to only apply the product from the line of demarcation to the ends and you may need to apply more than once). If after you lighten the color, it is orange you can follow up with a demi permanent color (like Natural Instincts) in a medium ash blonde. That will neutralize the orange and leave your hair in a neutral to golden blonde.

I would love to see a before and after!!! Shoot me an email so I can see the results–very exciting. LMK!


Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Sample Self Evaluation


Before: Lisa hated her hair color.

When I asked her during her consultation what she liked about it she said “Nothing!” I said what do you dislike about it–she said “Everything!” I asked her how she would want her friends to describe her, blonde, brunette, redhead–she said “I don’t care as long as I feel pretty.” I asked how often she wanted to be in the salon and she said every 6 to 8 weeks. She also brought in a photo of herself from about ten years ago as a blonde. She told me she always felt the prettiest as a blonde and has tried to do so many shades over the last ten years and just hasn’t been happy. Although the color she had was not a bad color – meaning it was done well-I thought it sucked all the color out of her skin, aged her and exaggerated the pink tones in her complexion. I knew that if she were going to be a blond we would have to go for something neutral to sandy (not a lot of gold) to minimize the pink in her skin and that would take a lot of time, a lot of money and she would have to be in the salon every 3-4 weeks to have her color done. It may also really compromise the integrity of her hair. I also knew that a coppery strawberry blond would minimize the pink in her skin and make her blue eyes sparkle. After weighing both options and having some serious dialogue, we decided to go for the coppery strawberry blond.

What I did:

I used Platinum with 20 volume and did a full head of highlights in a herringbone pattern starting in the nape working my way to the crown. When I moved to the sides, I did diagonal placements following the shape of the hairline. Through the top I did a herringbone pattern following the shape of her front hairline until it met at the crown in the back. My weave varied throughout the entire application, I wanted to see bold pieces mixed in with medium pieces and I also wanted some very fine weaves and slices to diffuse into the previous base color to make it appear lighter. I processed the highlights under the rollerball until they were pale yellow, between a level 8 and 9. When we went back to the shampoo bowl, I wet her hair, mixed a color cleanse with 20volume and applied it from scalp to ends. I let this process until the base softened slightly, the darkness was off the ends and I got about 1 level of lift. After shampooing and towel drying, I mixed a gloss of Hi-Richesse, 1/3 7.43 and 2/3 8.3 with 15volume. I applied it from scalp to ends and let it process, while watching it, until it was pretty–about 20 minutes. I shampooed, conditioned and dried her hair. I also used Majarel 8.3 with 30 volume on her eyebrows for three minutes to have them blend with her new color.



Lisa was thrilled with the results. She felt like she had a dramatic change that wasn’t too drastic. She felt like her new hair color was special and that it looked expensive and natural. She also commented on how pretty her eyes looked and how she doesn’t think she will need to wear as much makeup because her skin wasn’t so washed out looking.

What I learned:

1. This was a great example of how in three easy steps –highlights, color cleanse and gloss–I could really make a huge change for someone without breaking the bank or taking a full day to do

2. I really used my communication skills to figure out how I could meet her expectations. The consultation started off really frustrating because she kept telling me to do what I want because I am the expert. I figured out a way to take what she was saying and bring her to a place where she loved her hair

3. I also learned that being patient and taking my time during the consultation will help me to be thorough enough and get clear enough to make choices that will make my work smooth and fun

What I would do differently:

1. I would have made the gloss a little deeper in the back and a left it as is on the top to add a little more dimension

2. I would have added a frame highlight to give it even a little more sparkle and brightness through the front.

3. She was so eager to purchase the shampoos and conditioners I recommended, I should have sold her Ted Gibson Hair Sheets, too!!!

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Intercoiffure Inspires!


Last week, I was invited by L’Oreal to be their guest at the Intercoiffure luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. It wasn’t my first time at the event, which is always a showing of who’s who in the hairdressing industry.

This time around the crowd was great! Oribe (who is on the cover of this month’s American Salon magazine–in the pic above, I’m with Lori Morris, editor for the magazine), Vivienne Mackinder, Malcolm Edwards of L’Oreal, Nick Arrojo and John Paul Dejoria of Paul Mitchell were there along with my friend Scott Buchanan, owner of the Scott J Aveda Concept Salons. In addition to being one of the most successful people in the industry Scott has always been a huge inspiration to me as a man, a professional and an entrepreneur. The presentations done by L’Oreal, Paul Mitchell and Gina Khan, the spokesperson for Logics, were pretty incredible and I captured some of the models on my Flip camera to show you.

John Paul said something that really inspired me and I have repeated it to my staff, my clients and myself at least a thousand times. “The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is simple. Successful people are willing to do all of the things unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do.” Every time I clean the toilet at the salon or get up at 5:00 am to take the train to the salon in DC, I remind myself it is all contributing to my future success–and I am so grateful for it.

When you watch the video you can see the passion, inspiration, vision and talent all of these people share. The hair is sometimes a little over the top, but it is intended to be. The hair is transformed into gigantic ribbons that look like sheets of wood or intricate ropes tied into up-dos–not so hairdressers will literally bring that to the salon, but to show us there are no limits. It was very exciting and so much fun to be invited.

What was the last quote or phrase you heard that really inspired you? I’m interested to hear–LMK.

My New Favorite Product

About a week ago I got a package messengered to me at the Ted Gibson Salon here in New York. When I opened it, I was surprised to see a note describing this new product and about 12 samples in various shades. It is called Touch Back – it is a temporary hair color that comes in a “marker” so you can literally color over your new growth to hide your grays!

I was completely inspired by the idea and couldn’t wait to test it out. I grabbed my Flip camera and hit the streets! I made it my goal to try this out on as many people as I could – men, women whoever would let me!

I have to say – the product is genius. You know what I mean, the kind of product that when you see it your like “Why didn’t I think of that?” It is so easy to use and there is no risk! It applies quickly and easily – it even comes with a small comb to hold the hair s you are targeting in place and prevent you from coloring your scalp. The shade selection is so simple and the coverage is amazing! It dries quickly and doesn’t flake or feel sticky and you can even brush through it when you are finished. Basically you can hide your grays before a date or a meeting in less than 3 minutes – like I said – GENIUS!!!

I can’t wait for you to try it out and see how it works for you – make sure to LMK!

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Whatever You Think–You’re the Expert

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I would not have to fly commercial airlines anymore! It happens all the time: A first-time guest sits in my chair and I get the ultimate hair color responsibility requested of me. “Do whatever you want Jason” or “I know what you think is best Jason” or “You’re the expert Jason.” I am always flattered that someone who has never met me before trusts me implicitly with her hair color. And at the exact same time, it can scare the pants off me!!!

When I was a novice colorist, I would take those statements and run with them, coming up with the most adventurous hair color scenarios I could fathom I would pour my heart and soul into giving these women the hair color of their lives. Ultimately, I would finish and hear one of two things: “Jason! You are a genius, this is AMAZING!” or “Jason! You just completely ruined my hair!!!” The latter was usually uttered through sobs.

Now, years later, I have matured as an artist and have fine-tuned my craft so that I can deliver results that meet or hopefully exceed guest expectations. I have learned that what I think is pretty may not necessarily be received as such by a customer. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how much I love it–I’m not the one wearing it, you are. I have also gained the confidence to know that everything I do is beautiful–even if you don’t think so! If that is the case I can easily change it into something else I love, that you will love too.

During this long, sometimes painful period (which really never ends–shock, shock) I have come up with a few simple questions to guarantee I am on the same page as my guest. These questions are very valuable for you to communicate more effectively with your colorist or stylist and get you the results you are looking for.

• What do you like about your hair now?

• What do you dislike about your hair now?

• What have you done to your hair in the past that you absolutely never want to repeat?

• What was your hair like during your prettiest moment?

• When you see your girlfriends, do you want them to notice you changed your color?

• When you are described by a stranger do you want them to say you are a blond, a brunette or a red head?

• How often do want to be in the salon? Every three weeks, every six weeks, every 12 weeks?

Try them on for size – these simple questions will guide you down the path of pretty hair color. I’d love to hear a story from you on how they worked (or didn’t….) LMK.

Electrifying Sparkle For Elettra


I was so excited!!! My dear friend Elettra Weideman was in the Ted Gibson Salon not too long ago and said she wanted to make her hair red!!! I had colored her hair red about six years ago and we loved it. She looked amazing! Okay, let’s be real: She wasn’t chosen to be a Lancôme spokesmodel because she doesn’t always look amazing–but I think the red hair color we were doing years ago did have a special little something to do with it.

When she came in for her appointment a week later, she had disappointing news. All right not THAT disappointing–Lancôme had planned a photo shoot for her and they wanted her to be blonde, not red. Needless to say, I scrapped my plans and started a new vision. I wanted something soft and pretty, but at the same time, bold and sexy. I went for a full head of medium and dark blonde highlights and then followed that up with a re-highlight of bold, pale blonde ribbons to give it dramatic movement and sparkle.

She loved it, I loved it, the folks at Lancôme loved it! Do you love it? LMK!

The Luckiest HUEman

Allure October 2009 formatted.JPG

Last week, the brand new October issue of Allure magazine came out. I was completely unaware, because I hadn’t received my subscription yet. I was in my office checking out what was happening on Twitter and I got a message from @beauty411 (one of my fav bloggers) congratulating me on being listed in Allure‘s Best of the Best Directory! I was so surprised! In case you didn’t know Allure keeps their Directory selections a total secret – even while they are doing the evaluations, it’s a secret! I had no idea my “first time guest” worked undercover for Allure!

To be recognized by Allure is always an amazing honor, a huge privilege and a great surprise. I say I am the luckiest guy because every day I get to do what I love the most – make the girls feel pretty.