HUEman Behavior

HUEman Behavior

by DailyMakeover

Chameleon Julia Allison


Julia Allison returns to her roots as a brunette!.

If you didn’t see my post a while back about changing Julia Allison‘s hair from her virgin brunette to a fiery red, check it out here, so you can get the backstory. That was about 8 to 10 weeks ago and I have been retouching her new growth every TWO WEEKS ever since! That girl worked that look–on red carpets, openings and galas–she was a devastating red head! That’s right, WAS!

She came into the salon last week with her fab red ponytail and said she was ready for a change. She was nervous thinking I was going to be angry and even though I did come up with the PERFECT gloss formulation for her, I was actually excited to change her color again! When I asked her what she was thinking for her new look she said maybe Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie-ish. I love the new look! LMK what you think!

Robin’s Redhead Makeover

Last week I saw my friend Robin’s name on my schedule at the Ted Gibson Salon in NYC. I hadn’t seen her in over a year so not only was I excited to do her color, I was excited to spend some time with someone who’s company I really enjoy. When she arrived at the salon, I was thrilled when she told me I could do whatever I wanted!

As many of you know, I have been mildly obsessed with redheads. Don’t get me wrong – I’m intrigued by a gorgeous rich brunette and my love affair with blonds is still in full force BUT right now in fashion and on the red carpets…..there is just something special about a redhead. These moments in fashion don’t come along too often so I am seizing the moment!!!!

To keep her hair color looking fresh and gorgeous, I recommended she use Ted Gibson Individual Color Captivating Copper Shampoo and Conditioner — it will help enhance and prolong the life of her color.

Take a look at Robin’s transformation. What do you think? LMK!

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Polo Anyone?

I know, polo has nothing to do with hair color! LOL!!! It does however lend a little insight into one of the many places inspiration can come from. I spent one day earlier this summer with my good friend Carolyn Hsu – the brains and beauty behind one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Obsession. She sent me a message on twitter that she had a couple of VIP tickets to the Bridge Hampton Polo Cup opening weekend and invited me to join her. I was super excited by the idea and of course accepted.

I had never been to a polo match before so I was curious about what to wear, what the scene would be like and what I should expect. To get myself prepared, I did some Google searching. I read all about the different ways people participate at an event like this. Being from the Midwest, I of course identified with the “tailgate” party option so I ran over to the specialty store in the neighborhood and bought some fancy snacks to impress my date!

Honestly – I have never in my life been to an event that was less about the actual event. Out of the hundreds of BP’s (beautiful people) there – everyone from Kyle McLaughlin and his pretty, funny, smart and incredibly successful wife Desiree Gruber to super hot polo star and Polo Black spokes model Nacho Figueras – almost no one was watching the ponies (that’s polo lingo that I learned). Everyone was under the big glamorous tent mingling.

The fashions were fabulous, the people inspiring, the weather spectacular but the time spent with friends was the pinnacle. Have you stepped out of your box recently and tried something new? LMK!

Style Studio Mom-alicious Makeover!

Recently I’ve been all about the redheads — it’s such a hot color for fall! When Ted brought me on board for a segment with MSN Style Studio to help a new mom liven up her look, of course my first instinct was to take her red.

Check out the video to see how it all came out and then head over to MSN Style Studio for more great videos from Ted.

Fixing A Color Oops

Becca Before

Becca and her pre-colored hair
before Color Oops

Just the other day I was doing some makeovers for Twin Cities Live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The producers of the show asked that I only use at home hair color and then give DIY tips for at home colorists and kitchen beauticians.

When I got the jpegs of the women I was going to do the makeovers on, I could see some of them had previous color on their hair. I knew I would have to remove the color to achieve my ultimate goal of turning all three women into red heads but I really wanted to follow the request of the producers.

That’s when I remembered a product I had come across a while back – it’s called Color Oops. I stopped at the store and picked up a couple of boxes and used it on two of the makeover models. I used my flip camera to document the experiment with Becca.

Take a look so you can see the outcome. Have you ever colored your hair too dark and wished you could fix it? Have you tried Color Oops? LMK!

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Red Hot In The Twin Cities

Twin Cities Live

Behind the scenes with Devin, Rhonda and our lovely models at Twin Cities Live!

I was in Minneapolis doing a job for Twin Cities Live the other day – my friend Brian Graham was amazing and let me work out of his FABULOUS salon! I have to tell you – it is so GORGEOUS!!! You have to check it out and if you live in Minneapolis, you have to get an appointment!!!

Rhonda Jackson did the make-up. What a rock star!!! This woman can work a brush (make-up) and a wand (mascara) and change the world!!! You can take a look at her work and see how she can transform a woman and really tap into her personal beauty.

I also have to give a huge thank you to Devin Toth. Devin was Ted Gibson’s assistant for two years before he earned a chair on the floor at the Ted Gibson salon in New York City. He travels with me on all of my hair color jobs and he does the MOST AMAZING hair dressing. I’m so proud of the work he does.

I think the segment went well – take a peek! What do you think? LMK – Jason

Adventures in Paris

Earlier this spring I went to Paris for a long weekend. The weather was TERRIBLE – it poured rain every day – but hey, rain in Paris isn’t so bad – fabulous food, amazing cafes and of course – the beautiful people.

Wherever I travel I love to explore the local beauty supply stores! Call me obsessed (or crazy) but I really love it. While I was in Paris, I played a little hooky from my scheduled commitments to explore the magical street (of course I don’t remember the name – we found it through the hotel concierge) where all the beauty supply stores are.

Who knew I would be in such fabulous company?! I was traveling with Ted Gibson and while we were shopping around we ran into the ever lovely Eva Scrivo (who I have developed a MAJOR crush on). We had a blast shopping for hair pins, hair color, hair pieces and hair color. It’s fabulous how looking at the same thing in another place can be so inspiring!!!

When Inspiration Strikes

People ask me all the time where my inspiration comes from and I think sometimes they are surprised by my answers. For me, creativity is a part of who I am and it comes out in a whole bunch of different ways – from loading the dishwasher, to meeting people at events and yes, of course to hair color. I find inspiration all around me – for years and years I never had to leave Manhattan! There is so much happening in this magical city that I found it unendingly inspiring. Over the last couple of years though I have wanted (needed) to get out of the city and explore. It is surprising to me how inspired I feel when I get out of town.

Recently, I have been doing a lot of traveling upstate. It’s amazing how once I cross the George Washington Bridge I am revitalized! My new favorite place to visit is the Emerson Resort and Spa – the rooms come with a mini bar stocked with 24 bottles of wine and a wine list including red, rose, white and sparkling! The concierge hooked me up with an outdoor guide from Catskill Outback Adventures who took me kayaking for the day and the Emerson is home to the world’s largest kaleidoscope! Between the amazing spa treatments (one of the best massages of my life), the wine a day on the river and the magic of the kaleidoscope, how could I not be inspired?????

What fuels you? LMK – Jason

Living The Jet-Set Life

Khloe Kardashian, Ted Gibson, Jason Backe at W Ft. Lauderdale

Me, Ted and Khloe K. living it up at the W Hotel party.

Recently Ted and I were fortunate enough to be invited to the grand opening party at the new W Hotel, Fort Lauderdale. The W will be the newest location for the Ted Gibson salon, planned for a grand opening of its own this fall.

Yes, the party was AMAZING – the hotel is RIDICULOUS in its fabulousness – and the CROWD was insane. Everyone from Khloe Kardashian to Cindy Crawford made an appearance! Ted already told you about his fabulous VIP encounter with Khloe, definitely check it out if you haven’t read it already.

Free food (the owner of the hotel, John Yanopoulos, told me they served over 23,000 hors d’oeuvres!), free drinks and beautiful people were everywhere!!!

Don’t let all the glamour fool you though – the trip wasn’t all play. There was a little bit of work involved, but it’s work the way I love it – in a luxury hotel suite with ocean views and in-room catering (chocolate cake and mimosas!!).

See how the fabulous people do it! Lucy Yanopoulos let me capture the day with my Flip camera so you can see how the jet set does it – trust me – they do it right!!! Check out the video and LMK what you think!

Hair Color SOS

I was having a conversation on Facebook the other day with one of my friends about her recent hair color woes. Read on to find out what her color catastrophe was and my advice to her on how to fix it.

Sara Before & After



Hi Jason

I hope things are going well for you! You always seem so happy and positive about life on your Facebook posts, it’s fun to read!

I have a hair color dilemma, just wondering if you could give me your 2 cents. I colored my hair tonight using Clairol’s Perfect 10 5G, which is called Medium Golden Brown, but it looks pretty red. I’m not too happy with it (the redness) and would like to have it look more like Hershey Chocolate Brown. Should I recolor using a different shade of Perfect 10 — and, if so, how long to wait in between colors — or should I just go have it professionally corrected?

My hair is very healthy. This is the first time I’ve colored it in years.


Hi Sara!
It’s not surprising that if you haven’t colored your hair for a while and you chose a golden shade that it looked red to you. It happens all the time where a permanent hair color with a “golden” shade looks really red to someone comparing it to their natural color. In the future, you would probably find a neutral shade more likely to give you the warmth and depth you are looking for.

Before you head to the salon to get it fixed by a pro, try one more step… Pick up a box of Natural Instincts Brass Free – 5C (medium brown) or 6C (light brown). Apply it to damp hair, you will probably only have to use 1/2 the bottle when you comb it through. Leave it on for 8 minutes and rinse it off. Blow dry a section to see if you achieved your desired shade – if you did, great! If you didn’t, repeat the process with the other half of the product for another 8 minutes.

Good Luck!!!!

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Julia Switches It Up

Julia Allison Before/After



If you haven’t heard of Julia Allison yet, you will! This girl is a major mover and a shaker. She is the superstar of the blogosphere and internet with her MAJORLY successful blog NonSociety and she is one of the hosts of tmiweekly — a TV show found on the internet that addresses a modern girl’s questions around “life, tech and style.” Check it all out – not only is it informative….ITS TONS OF FUN!

When Julia and I met at the Ted Gibson Clip-On Hair Extension Blogger Event a month or so ago, she teased me with the ultimate candy as far as a colorist is concerned — she told me she hadn’t colored her hair for several years and was considering changing it to RED!!!!

I was beside myself with excitement and anticipation. Imagine — taking virgin, shoulder length, brunette hair and coloring it RED!!! OMG, I could barely stand it. We scheduled a date.

Let me just say one thing. DEVASTATING!!! What do you think? LMK!

You’ll have to turn into tmiweekly to see the whole process — she brought a camera crew to the salon and is making a webisode of the entire experience!!!

Color For Kids

Family Reunion

Me rocking my best Bret Michaels hair
at the 80′s birthday bash.

For the longest time I have thought it is crazy to color a kid’s hair. Over the years I have seen mom’s bringing their tween-aged daughters in to get some highlights to make them more blond or had them ask about putting “sun-in” through their child’s hair at the beach. My response has always been the same – don’t color your kids’ hair, they have their whole life to worry about their hair color. Honestly, I also was a little judgmental in thinking the parent was sending a message to the kid that they aren’t pretty enough the way they look and they need to change it.

Now, I’m wondering if I was harsh in my judgments. If you saw my post a while back about my nephew Brady and his highlights, you know I have colored a kid’s hair – and he LOVES it, so do all of his friends. Well, I just returned from Minnesota for a family visit (and an 80′s-themed, camping, 40th birthday party – yes it was SUPER FUN!) and my niece Sydney told me she wanted to color her hair. She is seven. She asked for “red stripes.” After asking her mom (my sister) for approval, we decided to go ahead and do it.

I think what I learned is that playing with hair color (at least for my niece and nephew) isn’t about changing them or sending a message about what will make them better looking, it is all about letting them be creative and expressive. It was a blast!!! I love the results and so do they. Take a look at the video and LMK what you think!

Commenter Crisis: Denise

One of the joys of hair color is being able to switch up your hue with the season– going darker in the fall and lightening up for the summer. Unfortunately for some women, there can be some major color snafu’s along the way. Read on to find out commenter Denise’s highlights horror story.

Hi Jason,
A year ago my hair had blonde highlights and after nine months I decided to change it. I went to a salon and asked the guy to cover all the highlights and told him to just dye it black. My hair turned blue!! He tried to cover it with red and my hair was half purple and half blue. I was so upset and I told him that he had to fix my hair, which he finally did, and now I have all black hair.

The thing is, I really miss my highlights, so I was thinking about getting highlights this summer. I’m scared that something bad would happen to my hair though. What should I do?

Hi Denise!
First, let me explain what probably happened when you went darker. Hair color is formulated with the perfect balance of tones and is manufactured assuming it is being applied to virgin hair. When we lighten hair we are removing the natural red, orange and yellow tones to reveal light brown or blonde. When you wanted to make your blonde highlights black, it sounds like your colorist didn’t “fill” your hair first – that is salon speak for replacing the missing red, orange and gold tones. In his defense, when going black, 90% of the time it’s OK to skip this step but if you get stuck in the 10% it doesn’t work and it’s a real drag!

Second – can you go lighter for spring/summer? Absolutely! One option is to do it with highlights over multiple salon visits. First do a full head of very fine, very close together medium to light brown highlights. On your next visit follow that up with a half head of medium blonde highlights and on your next visit another full head of highlights to make it look even more blonde. With this approach you can slowly but surely achieve a neutral, natural looking blonde and keep the hair as healthy as possible.

The key word there is slowly — If you are an instant gratification girl you can lighten the entire base and then follow that up with a full head of highlights. You can expect your hair to feel a bit more compromised when you are finished and it will most likely have a very warm (golden or even reddish) result, but the upside is you can be all over lighter in just one visit.

My recommendation for anyone thinking about going from light to dark like you did last Fall is to do it with demi-permanent hair color. You can still get a rich deep brunette or even black shade but it will gently fade and when you change your mind in the spring to go lighter (as almost everyone does), it is so much easier and so much less damaging to change than permanent color.

Long story short (too late, I know), GO FOR IT! I hope this helps.
- Jason

Commenter Crisis: Wardeh

Whenever I write a new post, I always check back to see what you readers are saying. Recently I’ve been noticing a lot of you have been telling me your various hair color problems in the comments. In light of these cries for help, I’ve decided to create a new feature, Commenter Crisis, to address your color woes. First, up is commenter Wardeh.

I’ve been coloring my hair for the last 5 years and nothing’s been working. When I go to the salon to do one color, it comes out something else. I’ve been trying medium brown with some highlights and it comes out orange. Salons are very expensive and I don’t have the money to do it all the time so I need some tips for coloring my hair the way I want it.

Hi Wardeh
There are some things that may be helpful in giving you the result you are looking for as well as leave a little cash in your pocket. When you color your hair at home with the medium brown shade, choose a brown shade that has the words ash or cool in the description – Medium Ash Brown. The ash will help neutralize the warm tones and keep your color from looking red.

As for the highlights, they are really difficult to do at home. I do have a video clip on my blog demonstrating at home highlights if you want to try it yourself. In most cases though I think you should go to the salon when you want them.

Clairol Natural Instincts Brass-Free

Here is the trick – go after you have done your own base color – it will save you a ton of cash and you will end up with a fab result. The colorist in the salon can add just a few or as many as you like. Be specific in your consultation with him or her to let them know your color has a tendency to turn red so he/she can choose the right products. Depending on your hairstyle, you may only need to go in for highlights every 3 or 4 months – not bad.

When you are maintaining your color at home, only apply the color to the new growth (roots) and don’t get it on the highlights. My sister trained her husband to help and my mother has my sister help her (with a bottle of wine of course! Might as well make a party out of it!). My point is it may be easier with a friend but if you are deliberate in your application it can be very easy. As your color fades and changes in between services, give yourself an at home gloss. Apply one of the Clairol Natural Instincts Brass Free colors to your very damp hair. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse. It will leave your highlights shiny and well, brass free.

I hope you find these tips helpful! I’d love to hear how it works out – LMK – Jason

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Make Your Colorist Your BFF

I had a great chat the other day with Nancy Houlmont, the editor of Beauty 411 about how to create a great relationship with your colorist. Read on for an excerpt from our interview:

Women have such a connection with their hair colorist and it’s important for you both to be on the same wavelength. I am not a fan of a woman sitting in my chair saying “Do whatever you want – you’re the expert”.  Beauty is individual and what I love, you might hate. Always keep that in mind.

I love it when people bring in pictures of themselves with a color they had that they loved and a color they less than loved. It’s great even when they bring in tears from magazines because that shows me so much more clearly the direction that they want to go.  Don’t worry too much about whether the images would look good on you or not — that’s my job — you are simply showing me things you like and things you don’t like so I can understand your aesthetic a little better.

Also be able to articulate what you like about the color you have now and what you don’t like about the color you have now – that way I can perfect or change as needed.  Basically, the more you can tell your colorist and the more specific you can be about what you want or don’t want, the better your end result will be.

Want to read the full interview? Nancy will be posting it on Beauty 411 next month so stay tuned!

Anne Hathaway Lightens Up

Anne Hathaway June 07

Photo: © Kevin Mazur/

A common conversation I often have with brunettes is how to lighten up their hair without making them look like they could be mistaken for a blonde. I recently had this talk with the lovely Anne Hathaway when she stopped by the salon to freshen up her color last week.

When Annie got to the salon we discussed maintaining her hair color.  She loved what we did before award season and wanted the same kind of effect without being as dark and dramatic as it was for winter.

We decided to take the color she had faded to and sparkle it up a little by doing a single process with  a neutral tone light brown demi-permanent color.  A demi-permanent is a fantastic option for dark brunettes because it can add depth, richness and shine without being heavy or opaque.

We followed the single process up with a fantastic shine-enhancing product, Sebastian Cellophane. The Eighties favorite was revamped with a new protein base that makes it an incredible treatment with unbelievable shine. When we were finished, she was the perfect summer brunette – and really pleased with her new color.

This look can also be easily done at home.  Try Natural Instincts Brass Free as the demi-permanent (available several shades from medium blonde to medium brown) and follow with Nice N’ Easy Shine Happy for that spectacular salon looking shine at home!

Try it out and LMK what you think!

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

The Mother Teresa Of Hair Color

I recently received a request from a friend of a friend who had a less than pleasant salon experience and asked me for suggestions – see the email chain and pics below. I loved it, what do you think? LMK

Hi Jason,

Before haircolor

Great to finally “meet” you… Thank you so much for helping me out–I really didn’t want to spend the rest of summertime looking like a cheetah :( I had asked for natural brown or red highlights (possibly slightly lighter, but subtle) and I think the colorist and I had a different understanding. I’ve attached some pictures of what my hair looks like now–I just got it done last night so I haven’t washed it yet. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated :)


Hi Kathleen!

No worries this will be as easy as pie! If you were in the salon, I would recommend a gloss. For at home I say try Natural Instincts. I recommend the Brass Free shades – Brass Free will eliminate the orangey tones and still leave nice variation. By the looks of your before picture, I think you should try Brass Free Lightest Brown, 6.5C – look at the images on the back of the box for the before and after and see if this looks like a good match. If Lightest Brown seems too light try the Brass Free Light Brown, 6C. The darker the color you choose the less variation in the final color you will see. Since you just paid to have highlights you probably don’t want to cover them up completely you just want a tone that suits you better. When you purchase it, get two boxes. If you end up needing only one, you can return the unused box or save it to do another “gloss” in 3 or 4 weeks.

When you do your application, start with your hair wet but towel dried. Apply the product from scalp to ends, comb it through to ensure even application, process 8 minutes and then rinse. After you rinse, dry the area that bothered you the most so you can accurately read how the color deposited – ideally you will still have nice variation in color but the orangey-redness will be neutralized. If the red still shows through too much, repeat the application with any leftover product or with the second box of color.

I’m excited to hear how it goes for you!!! Keep me posted


After haircolor

You are the best!!! You are like the Mother Teresa of hair color! The result came out amazing : ) I did it yesterday and it was truly as easy as you said it would be, and my first time with box hair color too!! I’m totally sold! I used the 6, light brown, and applied it two times.

The second time was the charm, and took away all of that awful orange/red brassiness. I am relieved to finally no longer look like a tiger — it was a scary 36 hours.


Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Brady’s Extreme Highlights

When I was home in Minnesota a few weeks ago, my nephew Brady Hall wanted some highlights in his hair. He is eight years old so we had to get the OK from my sister (his mom) who said what the heck! I decided to try the Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Hairpainting kit and make a video at the same time. In the video you will see the product and how I applied it with tips and tricks along the way. Brady and I thought the results were super cool – AND he’s the coolest kid in school.

Have you tried at home highlights? How were your results? LMK – Jason

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

Perfect Hair Color for Prom


Times have changed!

Last weekend Ted and I were just outside Philadelphia selling Ted’s brand new clip on hair extensions on QVC (which, I might add, he sold out of in 7 minutes!). On the drive home, I noticed a billboard advertising prom dresses and I had to laugh (when you see my prom picture you will laugh too!) because times sure have changed!!! Gone are the days of girls with natural hair color and floor length satin dresses.

Prom today is all about girls having the chance to live out a Hollywood glamour fantasy for one night. The dresses and hair are emulating what we see on starlets from the red carpet vs. the bridesmaid looking dresses of the 80′s and bridal party updo’s with curly tendrils hanging down on each side! I say right on girls! Live out that fantasy and have a great time doing it – as we grow up there are less and less chances to have a fantasy night out on the town – LIVE GIRLS! LIVE!!!

Perfect prom hair color is crucial to completing that starlet look. It can be as simple as taking a box of Natural Instincts from your favorite drug store to add sparkle, depth and shine or heading in to the salon for the advice and guidance of an expert. Either way keep in mind the hair color trends for the season.
If you are sporting a blond shade, to be on point you should stay on the cooler side. That means less golden and more sandy or beachy tones. Whether it is a single process or highlights – or both – a neutral looking blond is right on. Kate Moss and Heidi Klum are good example right now.

Brunette? Go for rich and deep color with hints of walnut or chestnut to be in line with the trends. Whether you make a bold statement with a single process like Katy Perry or something soft and glamorous like Anne Hathaway, you will be sure to be the belle of the ball.

If you really want to kick things up a notch and be a show stopper at your prom, there has never been a better time to be a red head. Now, more than ever, reds are making a chic, sophisticated fashion statement and are guaranteed to turn every head in the room. Remember this tip for going red: the lighter your complexion and eyes the more copper you can have in your red and the darker your complexion and eyes the less copper you should have – think red-red or ruby red.

Whatever you decide, have a blast!!!! And LMK

Also–Please take our Prom Survey!

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge

Angie’s Root Dilemma

When I met Angie, we started to talk about an at home solution to extending the length of time between salon visits. She loves going to the salon and doesn’t want to stop but at the same time she doesn’t want to be there every three weeks to have her new growth colored.

I have mentioned this product before and I swear by it. Clairol’s Root Touch Up can be a life saver. It is exactly what Angie was looking for, just a little cheater to give her a couple extra weeks in between salon visits. In this clip, I cover everything you might want to know about the product – from what it looks like when you open the package to how you mix it, apply it and process it. You even get to see the final result and what a great job the product does at blending out the grays through her part and around her hairline.

I love it – I hope you do too! What do you think? LMK

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.