HUEman Behavior

HUEman Behavior

by DailyMakeover

Nancy’s Single Process Lesson

Nancy is one of my blogging inspirations. She is the creator and writer for the influential beauty blog Beauty411. When I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to get the chance to meet her and to get to play beauty shop in the bathroom of my suite at the Hilton Hotel.

Nancy is really a salon color gal but was a really good sport and let me apply Clairol’s Perfect 10 (my favorite) AND record it with my Flip Video recorder. During this process I walked Nancy through shade selection, application tips and processing to give her some insider tips on choosing the correct shades and how to get great salon looking results at home (or in this case a hotel bathroom!).

Take a peek at the video. What do you think? LMK

Should you make a big hair color change for your wedding?

Maybe because it’s the season of new beginnings, maybe it’s because we are welcoming the light or maybe it’s because it’s a time of rebirth. Whatever the reason, wedding season is upon us in full force! Once we spring ahead with the clocks it seems there are weddings non- stop until the 4th of July – and I love it!

I get questions all of the time from brides-to- be about what they should do with their hair color. There are a few things to think about before the big day arrives and of course I am happy to share them with you ;)

First off, are you planning on making a big change? If you said yes – reconsider! Hahaha! Ok not necessarily, but give yourself some options. Clearly, a wedding can take a perfectly sane, lovely, delightful woman and turn her into another being – a dramatic color change right before the wedding could be the shove that pushes her over the edge. If you want to make a change in color before the wedding, I recommend making that change 8-10 weeks before the wedding. That way you have at least one, maybe two, more visits to the colorist to tweak the color before the big day – or to color it back if you less than love it.

If you are just maintaining the color you are currently wearing, you can pop in to the salon 3 days to a week before the wedding. If you get your color done more than a week before the wedding you may be able to see a more exaggerated new growth (roots) in your photos. Even if you’re maintaining your color, think about adding some bolder highlights than usual – they will look great in the photos!

I love a good wedding story….How’d it go? LMK

Try on wedding hairstyles in the Star-Inspired Wedding Styles Look Book!

Need more bridal beauty advice? Check out the new Wedding Beauty special section.

Lindsay’s Done It Again!

Linday Lohan paparazzi

Lindsay Lohan is a hair color inspiration today like Linda Evangelista was back in the day. It seems like every time I turn around she has a new hair color. When she first came on the scene — OK maybe the first time I really paid attention — was in Mean Girls as a gorgeous red head, but way before that in 2002 she was sporting blond highlights. If we skip ahead to 2005 Lindsay took the plunge to super blonde and then in 2006 she was a deep brunette. Now she is back to the reds – my favorite on her – with a rich auburn base with light auburn ends. I like it.

When I’m doing consultations in the salon I talk about Lindsay’s different hair colors a lot. She is a great example of a woman who is not afraid to change it up. When a woman says “I would love to be a blond but it would look terrible on me” or “I don’t think I could ever be a brunette” I use this color chameleon as an example.

If you have been toying around with the idea of a change remember — there are as many different colors that would look good on you as there is creativity between you and your colorist. It may take a couple of tries before you find the perfect blonde or the most devastating red, but give it a shot! I always train my assistants and tell my guests, hair color is only as permanent as the next application. So…why not?

Have you made a big change lately? LMK

Does The Carpet Match the Curtains?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go there – we can leave that to the folks at Betty Beauty! I do get questions all the time about eyebrow tinting. Honestly, something as simple as changing the tone of your brows can really seal the deal in making your hair color look natural or more believable.

Does the Carpet Match the Curtains

Remember to match the carpet with the curtains :)

There are a few ways to give your brows the boost in tone they may need. The option that has the lowest commitment is also the easiest and most risk-free. Using an eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow applied with an angle brush can give the perfect amount of color. The difference between the two can be dramatic however. If you use a pencil the line can be more defined which can also look heavy or hard. Eyeshadow can be softer and more natural.

If you want to lighten the color of your brows, you need to use hair color. I don’t think there is a consumer or professional hair color out there that would recommend using permanent hair color near your eyes, so keep that in mind and be careful. My recommendation is to not make your brows exactly the same color as your hair – it looks weird. You can use the same product on your brows that you use on your hair though. Use a mascara wand or cotton swab to apply some of the left over color to your brows. Only leave the color on for 3 minutes and wipe it off. You will see how the color looks and you can reapply if you want to see more color.

Have you tried it? LMK

Premature Gray? Really?

Premature Gray

Almost twice a week I have a lovely come into the Ted Gibson Salon here in New York City with the same question – “Aren’t I too young to be going gray?” Of course my answer is “Absolutely!!! I can’t even believe you are getting gray hair!” Well, after doing a little bit of research, I guess I haven’t exactly been telling the truth.

Honestly there are so many variables in what determines if you are going gray prematurely. Here are some facts for you

•   If you are of Caucasian decent you are prematurely graying if you are starting to see your gray hair in your teens.
•   If you are of African or Asian decent you are prematurely graying if you start to see those pesky grays before you are 30.
•   Regardless of race or ethnic background if you are 50% or more gray by the time you turn 40, you are prematurely gray.

Although there have been studies done that potentially link prematurely gray hair to smoking, most of the reason why and when we go gray is based on genetics. While you are blaming you parents for the gene pool that gave you the gray, think of me, I have the solution!

Are you a prematurely gray gal (or guy)? What are your thoughts? LMK

I don’t give a pluck!

It happens all the time. I will be doing a consultation in the salon with a guest. Suddenly she will lean forward and look closely at herself in the mirror. With a wild fervor and calculated accuracy, she will reach up and do the unthinkable to a bald colorist, she will pluck a gray. I always gently remind them that is completely against the rules of the game to voluntarily pull out their hair in front of a bald man.

So what is it? Is plucking gray hair a pastime or an outright obsession? Does it allow you to hang on to a false belief that you really aren’t turning gray? Is it a physical battle – a way to fight the good fight -against gray? Or is it really a plan to torture those of us who do not have the luxury of plucking?

What about the old wives tale (is that an offensive phrase?) about gray hair and plucking. The one that proclaims for every gray you pluck you will grow two (or ten depending on which old wife is telling the tale) will grow in its place. Unfortunately, this is not true. If it were true, I would have a full head of meticulously plucked and re-grown hair.

Everyone’s got their own reason…What’s yours? LMK

Fergie’s Haircolor Makeover Mishap


Ok – what’s going on with Fergie‘s scalp? Normally I would agree with the artist herself that she is indeed Fergalicious! Unless this is some sort of weird optical illusion (could she be sitting under an orange light?) it looks like her scalp is stained from her recent blond to brunette transformation. This is a great example of what can happen if your scalp is excessively dry or you don’t follow the manufacturer’s directions.

When your scalp is very dry, it can have a tendency to absorb the color, which becomes very visible if you are using a dark color. You can avoid this scary scenario by doing a deep conditioning scalp and hair treatment (like Ted Gibson’s Goodnite Replenish Hair Repair Serum) the night before your color service. You should also avoid shampooing the day you are getting your color done. The natural oils from your scalp will help prevent staining.

Remember – the manufacturer puts directions on the box for a reason – if the packaging says do not apply to scalp – they mean do not apply to scalp. If you ignore that part, you might end up with a racing stripe too! If your hair color stains the skin around your hairline easily, try applying a base (available at beauty supply stores) to the skin. There are products created specifically to shield your skin from hair color, but you can just as easily use a petroleum jelly or heavy moisturizer. If you stick with these simple tips and tricks, staining will be a thing of the past!

Have you ever had an issue with a stained scalp or hairline? LMK

Recessionista Tuesdays!


Bargain Hunting? Photo:
Sara Stasi

When I was in LA for Academy Awards weekend, I really wanted to make myself feel a little better with some retail therapy. Ted and I hopped in the rental car and drove down to the South Coast Plaza. We thought it would be fun to do a little shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue – it’s the only credit card we had a little room on (don’t tell Susie Orman – or my mother for that matter!). When we walked in and started strolling around, there was nothing on sale! I couldn’t believe it – NOTHING! Needless to say, highly disappointing. We got so used to sale shopping during the holidays I couldn’t even imagine paying full price – so we left Saks and went to Bloomingdales. TONS of stuff on sale – jackpot!!!! (Even better news, we don’t have a Bloomies card and paid CASH for our bargains)

That whole experience made us do some questioning. If we were willing to walk out of a store we love shopping at because there were no bargains, what are women thinking about visiting a high end salon in NYC? We know there are a million options in Manhattan for women to get amazing hair, what were we going to do to make sure the women who choose to spend their money with us feel like it’s worth it? In so many ways it is time for those of us in the service industry to step up our game.

In addition to giving great hair services (which honestly is a given – women shouldn’t be wondering if they are going to leave the salon looking gorgeous, they should know it) and fabulous customer service in a chic yet unpretentious environment we have to do more. We give a complimentary hand massage while color is processing. We do a scalp neck and shoulder massage with every hair cut. We offer complimentary beverages and have menus from all of the restaurants in our neighborhood so our guests can order anything they like for lunch – from Indian to Sushi or a grilled cheese with bacon from the diner!

Ultimately, we know during this economic crunch we are all looking for a bargain. We wanted to think of a way to give the girls more bang for their buck. We put on our thinking caps to find a way we could keep the girls that are coming happy and to bring new guests in that haven’t been to the salon before. All of a sudden it hit us like a ton of bricks! Recessionista Tuesdays! If you haven’t heard of the Recessionista, she is the Fashionista who is suddenly very aware of the economy and even more aware of where she is spending her money.

On Recessionista Tuesdays everything is $75. MAJOR. All haircuts – whether you go to the junior stylist or most senior – $75 (normally $95-$175). All single process colors and partial highlights – whether you go to the junior stylist or most senior – $75 (normally $100 – $225). And blow outs are $40 (normally $85)! We are so excited and have gotten a huge response! March 10th is our first Recessionista Tuesday and we have CNN and NYC’s ABC affiliate, Chanel 7 coming to do stories and interviews. As an extra special fun perk, anyone can stop by the salon between 10 and 12 to enter a drawing for a complimentary cut/color makeover with Ted and me (worth over $1100!!). I am so excited I can barely stand it! I am also very proud of us for thinking outside the box and figuring out a way for the girls to feel pretty during a time that a lot of people are not feeling so pretty. What are you doing to feel fabulous in a frumpy economy? LMK

Tip for At-Home Roots

About a month ago, a long time client of mine came in to have her new growth colored. The first time I met her she said “I seemed to have lost my Feragamo glove, if you find it I will have my driver come pick it up.” She always has the right bag, the perfect shoes and a blow out twice a week – get the picture? This last time she was in she asked in a hushed tone “Jason, what can I do at home to cover my grays so I don’t have to be in the salon every three weeks?” At that moment, I knew the recession had finally hit Manhattan!

A week or so after that Kate Hathaway (Annie‘s mom) was in the salon asking a similar question. She said “Jason, I love coming to Ted Gibson for my color but my schedule is so crazy I don’t have the time to be here every three weeks. What can I do when I’m at home or on the road to get by?”

clairol nice n easy

The simple solution for both women – whether it’s a crazy schedule or stretching salon visits to help the budget – Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch Up. I LOVE this product. There is just enough product in the package to get you through a couple more weeks. It blends out gray hair through your part and hairline (exactly where people see it) and processes in just 10 minutes. You can use the easy angled brush to apply the product, drink some coffee, brush your teeth and then jump in the shower to rinse it out – SO EASY! The shades are easy to select and are formulated to emulate hair color that has been on the hair for a few weeks. The best part about it is it won’t interfere with my plan (or your colorists) in the salon. It really is the perfect solution. Have you tried it? Did you love it???? LMK

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

3 Favorite Haircolors Right Now

I love the cover of this month’s Marie Claire! How gorgeous do Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin look? MAJOR!!! I gotta say, I have never been a real big fan of Jennifer (don’t hate) and I don’t know much about Ginnifer, but I have been captivated by Drew ever since I saw her call her brother “penis breath” at age five in the movie ET – genius.

Anyway…they all look spectacular on the cover. I love the representation of the three hair color pallets. First, we see Ginnifer, right on trend with her deep brunette with subtle tone on tone variation. Next is Drew, a favorite of mine because she is not afraid to take risks with her sense of humor, her fashion, her activism and in this case, with her hair color. Finally, Miss Aniston – I have to hand it to her – she is hands down the number one celebrity example of a blond when clients come into the salon requesting sunkist, beachy hair color. Jennifer has found a look that works for her and stuck with it – beautiful.

My only question is, how do they make all these women look the same age – 22?!?! LOL – I love the magic of a little re-touching! What do you think? LMK

My Own Haircolor Makeover!

Well after my post Should Men Color Their Hair I got interesting comments from a couple of guys. Jerome colored his hair from the neck up – the beard, mustache and all the way to the top! He said “What a difference. I feel that I now look as young as I feel. I love it! I’m going to age gracefully, but not yet.” Eric on the other hand, says “There is nothing more ridiculous than a wrinkled face with no gray hair” but also says “As long as the face’s age matches the greyless head of hair, I say men can color”.

I took all of this to heart. I weighed my options. I took the plunge! I color hair every day and see how the results make people feel, yet the last time I played with color on myself was when I was a wannabe club kid in Minneapolis with fire truck red mustache, eyebrows and head (I had hair then- LOL). I decided what the heck and colored my beard. At first, I thought it was too dark but when I saw pictures of myself in my twenties I realized the color was pretty close to the original.




I have to say, I really like it! I have received so many compliments since I colored my beard. People have told me my eyes look bluer, my skin looks brighter and I look more rested!!! Funny those are all the things I tell my girls in the salon – take a look, what do you think? LMK

A Champagne Toast

Kate Bosworth blonde highlights

Kate Bosworth: The golden tones in her swept back hair
give the perfect complement to her complexion
Photo: © George Pimentel/

The 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter definitely had some amazingly stunning, total babes on the red carpet. There were some major highlights – and by highlights, I mean atop the pretty heads of some favorite eye catching celebs.

Kate Bosworth more than fantastically made the cut! The golden tones in her swept back hair give the perfect complement to her complexion. I love the subtle variation and the way it gives her hairstyle movement. It’s always amazing to me how a few highlights can really intensify the subtle drama of a hair color.

Anna Paquin and Gwen Stefani at Vanity Fair 2009 Oscars afterparty

Anna Paquin: best beach blond at the party
Photo: © Kristian Dowling/

Gwen Stefani was super chic and super blond
Photo: © Kristian Dowling/

Not only do I love Anna Paquin‘s show on HBO True Blood, I love her hair color. Because of this she wins my vote for best beach blond at the party. I love the way her single process blond is set off with the super pale, beachy looking highlights. She looked fresh and sparkly.

Madonna 2009


The rock-n-roll duo of Gwen Stefani and Madonna pulled out all the stops with their super chic and super blond looks. I thought it was really refreshing to see Miss Gwen had traded in her typically platinum hair for something a bit softer and more elegant. As far as Madonna is concerned…. What can I say – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. She is an Icon to say the least.

Gorgeous Haircolors at Essence Luncheon

If you all didn’t know it already, Ted Gibson and I are an item. We are partners in business and personally. (I have to let you know I hate it when couples call themselves partners….we call each other husband.) We have been a couple since I met him when he was my teacher in beauty school 15 years ago!

Halle Berry Essence Black Women in Hollywood

Halle Berry’s hair color has a rich,
neutral brown base and beautiful variation
Photo: © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

Because we are both involved in so many different things we get the chance to meet so many different people and get invited to some really cool stuff. I mean really cool stuff – like the kind of stuff that I catch myself looking around a room thinking “how in the world did this kid from Northern Minnesota end up here?” Well, last Thursday was definitely one of those events.

I had the incredible opportunity to be Ted’s +1 at an event (if you haven’t heard of being a +1, it’s the same as “and guest” – so Ted got an invite and was told he had a +1 and by default, I am the +1). We went to the Beverly Hills Hotel for the 2nd Annual Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon. MAJOR!!!!

Kerry-and-Diahann Essence Black Women in Hollywood

Kerry Washington
Photo: © Jordan Strauss/

Diahann Carroll
Photo: © Jordan Strauss/

The dining room had less than 400 people in it (I think I counted about 40 tables of 10) and the room was PACKED with celebs. Everyone from Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry and nominee Taraji P. Henson to icons like Diahann Carroll and Marla Gibbs to mega star Queen Latifah (by mega I mean a Golden Globe, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Image Awards, a Grammy Award, six additional Grammy nominations, and a nomination for both an Emmy Award and an Academy Award – on top of all that she’s a Cover Girl – MEGA STAR), along with everyone else from Kerry Washington to Mo’Nique and Miss Omarosa herself (she sat at our table – or did we sit at hers…). The event was so inspiring on so many different levels that it truly was a highlight for me.

Omarosa Essence Black Women in Hollywood

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth
Photo: © Arnold Turner/

AND there was some good hair color!

When you look at Queen Latifah and Dihann Carroll you can see that really, like I have said before, any woman can be a blonde – it’s just a matter of finding the right blond for you! I actually got a good laugh when Ms. Carroll was accepting her Icon Award and announced her color wasn’t natural “It’s Clairol”! The two of them looked amazing. When I was introduced to Queen by Omarosa (just imagine that moment for a moment!) and everyone was talking about where they had met before all I could add was “I listened to your Dana Owens CD in my car the other day” – dork.

I also loved Halle Berry’s color. It is right in line with the gorgeous brunette trend we have been seeing. The color has a rich neutral brown base and some beautiful variation running through it from tone on tone highlights. I have to add – in person, this woman is so amazingly beautiful it is devastating!

What trends have you seen on the red carpets? LMK

Hot Haircolors At The Grammys

Katy Perry at the Grammys 2009

Katy Perry gets my vote for best brunette
Credit: © Jon Kopaloff /

I just returned from Philadelphia where I had a great time with Daneen – AKA Spoiled Pretty. I invited her to my suite to have a red carpet party for the Grammy’s. I gotta say we had a blast – playing with hair color, gossiping about red carpet looks and of course sharing some tasty treats. Here’s what I thought:

A Red – Adele. First of all I’m thrilled that one of my FAV new artists was recognized at the awards show for her amazing talent. I am now going to recognize her for her pretty red hair. I love the subtle redness that sets off her complexion so beautifully. If I were going to color it tomorrow I would keep the base the same but kick it up a notch with some lighter coppery highlights. Even as-is I think she looked pretty as a picture.

A Blonde – Carrie Underwood. Personally, I’m not a big country and western fan. I do like what I like however and Carrie Underwood made the cut. Congratulations sister – on hitting the mark perfectly with your gorgeous sandy blond. Her color is perfect with the trend we are seeing all over the red carpets of a turn away from a very golden blond to something a little more beachy/sandy. Oh yea and congrats on the Grammy girly!!!

A Brunette – Katy Perry. I have one thing to say. Devastating. I loved the deep brunette shade – so gorgeous with the pink lip and pink gown. In one night she worked both pin-up girl and music starlet. She looked so good I might kiss a girl and like it! Just kidding.

Did you have a Grammy FAV? LMK

Hair Color Makeovers in Houston!

Jason Backe radio recording

I just returned from an amazing trip to Texas! As part of my job as Clairol Color Director, I get to represent the Clairol brands and have the chance to do cool stuff like this five city media tour I am in the middle of. My first city was Houston and boy oh boy was Houston a blast! Wow, what a whirlwind tour that was. I flew down on Sunday afternoon and came back to New York on Tuesday evening and had a jam packed couple of days working with the local media. I have to tell you – those Texans know how to treat you right!

The first day there I did a radio show for 96.5 Mix FM and used Perfect 10 hair color on the producer John Wahlen – it was hilarious to be live on the radio and coloring this guys hair! He was such a good sport – and a really great guy. Actually, all of the people at the station I met were super. Keith and Michelle are the hosts of the morning show and are HILARIOUS! Michelle has a blog and posted some fun pics from the day.

After I left the station, I had an interview with the beauty editor from The Houston Chronicle while we had a lovely lunch. It’s so fun to meet other beauty junkies. This lady Joy Sewing knows her stuff – she is pretty as a picture and sharp as a tack!

Jason Backe in Hotel

When lunch was finished I went back to the hotel and did Clairol makeovers all day to prepare for my segment on the Great Day Houston show. It was so FUN – even the producer of the show, Sarah Greere, and the host of the show Deborah Duncan stopped by and I got to color their hair with Perfect 10! What a hoot! When it came time to actually do the show I did a live hair color makeover (no pressure right?!?!) I used Perfect 10 on Kaitlin Gangle and I have to say I think the results were spectacular take a peek at the segment here and the big reveal here

Like I said, I had a great time in Houston. As usual Perfect10 performed like a champ! The hair color came out great time and time again – I loved it, what did you think? LMK

Is it time for a change?

I don’t know about you, but I sure am itching for something new! I am positive there are many of you out there feeling the urge to try something fresh. I understand – completely.


When it gets to be this time of year, I want a clean slate. I always joke around and say it’s time to sell the business and the apartment and move to another city! Of course, that’s not really what I want. I love what I do, love where I live and love the people I surround myself with, so I’m not going to pack up and leave town – besides, I’m a Capricorn (who just turned 40 btw), I’m way too practical for that! Knowing, however, that spring is right around the corner (it is, isn’t it?) gets me all riled up and ready to make a move.

A great way to make a change is by switching up your color. I have a series of scenarios in my upcoming blogs posts for you to use as guidelines whether you are considering dark to light or blond to red.

Stay tuned and if you decide to make a change…..LMK, OK? Jason

So You Wanna Be a Blonde?

I have to admit it, there is just something about a blonde. She can be anything she wants. She can be super chic or super sexy, the girl next door or the go-go at the club, the suburban mom or the high power executive. I’m not the one to say whether or not blondes really do have more fun, but I will safely say I have never met a girl who didn’t have fun when she tried out being blonde! In addition to that, I am a believer that any girl can be a blonde – the trick is making sure it’s the right blonde.

Before After brunette to blonde

A dramatic transformation – any girl can be a blonde, the trick is making sure it’s the right blonde

Not too long ago, Ted was teaching a haircutting class to a whole group of Japanese students and I had the rare opportunity to take a lovely volunteer’s hair color from brown to blond. She was a model we found on Craigslist and she was open to anything. Because it was a demonstration for hairdressers we wanted the change to be dramatic – and the idea of taking this virgin hair to bleach blond was making me go crazy with inspiration!!!

brunette to blonde the final result

The final result

The process took about seven hours. I used Blondor (Wella’s version of bleach) to lift the hair in several stages. It was one of the most tedious hair make-overs ever. I wanted to take my time lightening the hair to keep its integrity intact – in my opinion it’s better to let the hair lift slowly than to blast the heck out of it quickly. When it was finished….it was devastating. We all loved it (loved it might be an understatement) and I thought we were finished, but she decided she wanted even more change and asked Ted to cut it all off!!! We loved it – what do you think? LMK

Thinking Of Becoming A Redhead?

Are you ready to shed your brunette locks for something a bit more ruby, copper or auburn? As I mentioned in Redheads Light Up The Red Carpet, –and have continued to notice–there is most definitely a trend pointing in the direction of red. If this trend is calling your name, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Before-After redhead

Great example of how a girl with dark eyes and a medium complexion can go red

First, we should talk about shade selection. Here are some general guidelines:

• If you have green or blue eyes and fair skin, you would look great in the copper family.
• If you have hazel or brown eyes and a medium complexion (tan or olive), you would look fab with an auburn shade.
• If your complexion is dark, deep or ebony, you would be amazing in a ruby shade of red.

Now let’s discuss application. Refer back to the tips I shared in Hot Headed. For the best results, stick with what we in the business call a “virgin” application: apply the color to the mid-shaft and ends first, then go back and do the ½ inch closest to the scalp. If you are going a shade of red darker than your natural color, you can use demi-permanent color, but if you are going lighter or looking to have bright sparkle with your new hue, you need to use permanent color.

Take a look at the before and after shot of a cutie (shown above) that came into the salon. I think she is a great example of how a girl with dark eyes and a medium complexion can go red.

What do you think? LMK

Should Men Color Their Hair?

What about men – should they color their hair, too? I have mixed feelings about it. We are so used to seeing hair color on women that we can look at just about anything and not find it too jarring – or even believe it is natural. Hair color on a man, however, is a different story.

George W Bush hair color changes

Even our former president George W. Bush dabbled in color!

Although men are a rapidly growing demographic in the hair color industry, it is a complicated situation. Generally we are not accustomed to seeing men with hair color and when we do, we recognize it immediately! I have colored Timothy Hutton, Gabriel Burn and other men for certain roles and have used some tricks to keep it looking real. Leaving out a little grey around the temples, processing for less time or using a lower volume/percentage of peroxide all work well for believable hair color on the mature man.

The younger generation is much more experimental – and so are their moms! My eight year old nephew came to New York and he asked for white streaks in his hair. With his mothers blessing I did it and he was the coolest kid at school when he got back to MN (if I would have done that as a kid I would have got my butt kicked!). We also have lots of male models coming to the salon for glosses, demi-permanent colors and highlights to enhance their natural tones.

What do you think? LMK – Jason

Get Radiant Hair In Dreary Winter

Keri Russell

A few face-framing highlights brighten up Kerri Russell’s
cool brown hue.
Credit: © Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd.

Well, it’s here …the blah, blah, blahs of January and February. It is dark when the alarm goes off in the morning. It gets dark at 5:00pm. The holidays are over and if you don’t have a winter vacation to the beach booked, there is absolutely nothing to look forward to. On top of it all, back in October and November many of you probably decided to “go darker for winter.” For crying out loud! Is it too much to ask for a little SPARKLE?!?! Friends, I say absolutely not!!!

This is the perfect time to start teasing Mother Nature and everyone else with a sprinkle of springtime in your hair color. I’m not saying you should go crazy and bring on the beach blond of summer – that may be a little inappropriate (I just had dinner at a favorite sushi restaurant here in NYC and they had gigantic branches filled with pink cherry blossoms on display. I will say that is a total favorite of mine at the Ted Gibson salon for the spring, but when I saw it in January, I thought it was a little premature). Adding a little taste of early spring to your color is just the perfect tease to get you through the mid-winter doldrums.

I have noticed the same thing with my girls in the salon this week. They have been coming in droves – looking worn out and tired. They have been leaving however a little bit lighter, a little bit brighter and a whole lot more invigorated! It’s amazing a few brighter pieces just around the face or lifting the base as little as one shade can turn the sparkle on and put the steam back in the engine to make it to May.

Feeling a little blue? Go see your colorist or pick up any at-home highlighting kit–I like Nice ‘N Easy Hair Painting–and do it yourself. All you need is just a few brighter pieces to kick it up to spring. Go for it and then…

Any product I mention in HUEman Behavior is one that I’ve tested out myself and is in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.