Makeup Tips to Know Now

Whether you favor natural makeup or want a complete makeover, there’s no wrong way to create your look. Work a brush like the pros do with these makeup artist tips that every woman should know.

Emma Stone make up

Emma Stone
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Make lip color last longer by layering products. Start by lining and filling in the entire lip with pencil. Next, apply lipstick and blot. Dust translucent powder over the lips, and apply a final coat of lipstick. Add gloss in the center of the bottom lip to make your mouth pop.

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When shopping for foundation, test a few shades on your jaw area and wait 30 minutes before making a decision. Some make up formulas change color when they react with your skin’s pH.

Haven’t mastered a steady hand? Try these makeup tips! Instead of applying liquid eye liner in one fell swoop, dot the tip along your lashes. Connect the dots to create a perfectly straight line every time.

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Create a gorgeous glow using illuminator. Swipe a liquid or powder highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow above your lips and down the bridge of your nose. The slight sheen will add subtle dimension to your face.

Dirty brushes cause make up to go on splotchy because product builds up on the bristles. Wash your most-used brushes (foundation, concealer, eye shadow) weekly with water and gentle baby shampoo. Reshape the bristles and let the brushes dry flat, since water can damage the glue that holds the brush head in place.

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Do you need a make up primer? It depends. If your skin is plagued with large pores, fine lines or uneven texture, a silicone-based primer can help your complexion products go on smoother. A color-correcting primer can help tone down redness or yellowness in the skin.

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Use eye shadow to bring out your eye color. For blue eyes, try taupe, copper or shimmery brown. For brown eyes, try a luminous champagne shade. See our top makeup tips for every eye color here.

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To make your eyes look bigger, avoid dark liner and instead apply a shimmery pale shadow, like a gold or a soft bronze, all over the lid. Then add a slightly deeper shade in the crease. This trick creates depth, making your eyes appear larger and more open.

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