How to Cure Dry Winter Hair (Plus Get a Great New Hairstyle)

Stylist Melissa Aguerre of Cutler Salon spills some tips to our friends at StyleCaster on locking moisture into hair during the drying winter weather.

How to Cure Dry Winter Hair (Plus Get a Great New Style)

The cold winter weather wreaks havoc on many things including our skin, lips, nails — even our
hair. Whirling winds not only destroy our hairstyles, causing an
irreparable frizzy mess (and let’s not even get started on static), but it can also dry out our locks, causing dandruff to rear its ugly head.

combat the dryness, stylist Melissa Aguerre of Cutler Salon recommends
giving the ends of your hair regular olive oil treatments. Using olive
oil from the store and putting it into your hair mid-shaft through to
the ends will help seal in much-needed moisture. Throw on a showercap
and sleep with the oil in your locks overnight for a restorative
effect. Aguerre also suggests washing your hair less frequently during
the winter to help keep natural oils in place. We suggest accessorizing
your ‘do to draw attention away from your slightly dirtier locks.
Below, Aguerre gives a step-by-step guide on how to style your hair so
that no one will ever notice you’ve skipped out on the shampoo.

Step 1:

style is easier to create on dirtier hair a day or two after you’ve
washed it, or even a day after a blowout. Begin by brushing the hair
and then lightly blow dry your locks to smooth out ends.

Step 2:

this look, your ponytail and part are going to be on the same side.
Pick which side you want the ponytail to fall on and part your hair
accordingly. If you’re going for a sleeker look, we recommend a deep,
straight part; for a looser, more summery ‘do, try a messy or
zig-zagged part.

Step 3:

small sections of hair starting at the top of your head, and lightly
backcomb while working your way down. With either a tail comb or a thin
paddle brush, start backcombing at the root of the hair until about
mid-shaft. Backcombing the hair keeps the smaller pieces from falling
out of the ponytail and lifts the hair  away from the head a bit to
balance out the look.

Step 4:

you’ve lightly teased the hair, gently brush or comb it where you want
your ponytail to sit. We recommend positioning the ponytail behind the
ear or at the base of the hairline. Secure with an elastic.

Step 5:

you’ve secured your ponytail, flip your tail comb over. Using the
pointy side of the comb, go in around the parietal ridge and gently
loosen the hair so it doesn’t lay so flat against the head. Lightly
cover the head with Redken 09 Workforce ( for salons) hairspray.

Step 6:

Now you’re ready to finish the look by adding a cute hair accessory of choice. If you have a headband with an asymmetrical detail (like a
feather or bow), place the detail on the same side as the part and the

Contributed by: Rachel Adler

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