The Easiest Hairstyle For Thanksgiving Travel

Pulling off fabulous hair when you’re traveling is challenging, right? Not only are you so exhausted after surviving planes, trains and automobiles that you can barely lift a brush, but you’re also up against working with limited resources. Who can lug around their entire arsenal of hair products and tress tools? Enter the ponytail–but not the sloppy Sunday version. We spotted a few posh, sophisticated and chic ponytails backstage at Fashion Week. Watch how celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson makes this evergreen style look spectacular–and perfect for for Thanksgiving dinner.

Rihanna’s ‘Do is a Glamour Do

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Photo: © Michael Loccisano /

Remember last week, we discussed the 2009 Women of the Year Awards hosted by Glamour Magazine? Well, we just got the deets on Rihanna’s stunning ‘do.

Light Hold Spritz resized.jpg

Ursula Stephen, Motions celebrity stylist, created Rihanna’s look for the awards. Want to recreate it at home? Follow these simple steps to achieve Rihanna’s sideswept style.

1. Straighten hair using a flatiron, smoothing each section towards the right side of the head.

2. Using a medium barrel curling iron, gently curl the front section of the hair away from the face, creating a sexy, old Hollywood wave.

3. Apply Motions Light Hold Working Spritz to hold the look through the night.

Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Blockbuster Set

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz


I’m not a person who naturally enjoys cold weather, but this new Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Blockbuster Set is compelling me to don a North Face puffy coat and partake in a winter wonderland.

The Snow Bunnies Blockbuster Set is valued at $150 but retails for a mere $30. It features 0.33 fl. oz of each Harajuku girl: G, Love, Lil’ Angel, Music and Baby. The set makes an irresistible holiday gift for the gal on your list who can’t wait for the mercury to dip below 40 degrees!

Want some more holiday gift recommendations? Check out our 100 Oooh! Inspiring Holiday Gift Guide, which features an expertly culled selection of presents for every recipient at multiple price points.

Even better: We’re giving away one of the fragrance sets tomorrow. But, you have to follow us on Twitter to get the scoop!

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Blake Lively’s Coveted Hairstyle


Blake Lively
Photo: © RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital

So we just posted yesterday about the most popular hairstyles that are tried on virtually in our Makeover Studio, but according to this recent New York Times article, there’s another widely popular celebrity hairstyle: Blake Lively‘s long blond locks. Apparently it’s one of the most often-requested hairstyles at salons all over the city, including the swanky John Barrett Salon in Bergdorf Goodman.

Want to see how you look in her hairstyle? Try it on now!

NARS Fans: Get Your Copy Of 15X15 Before It’s Too Late!

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz


Makeup master François Nars toasted 15 years of NARS Cosmetics the way only he does best: With a combo of his love of makeup, cultural references and photography in his limited edition (only 1,500 copies exist!) book, 15X15 . Individual portraits from the book and photographic interpretations taken by the participants will be available for purchase on the 15X15 Online Gallery beginning today, November 12 through December 12.

100% of the proceeds from the project will be distributed among the charities chosen by the following celebrities, each of whom is featured in the book:

Amanda Lepore

Amber Valetta

Carla Gugino

Daphne Guinness

Dayle Haddon

Francois Vincentelli

Isabella Rossellini

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Lisa Marie Smith

Marc Jacobs

Naomi Campbell

Natasha Poly

Olivier Theyskens

Shalom Harlow

Tyson Ballou

Want exclusive details on the project? Become a fan of NARS 15X15 Project on Facebook!

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Best Moments Of The Glamour Women Of The Year Awards

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Before Monday night’s Glamour Women of the Year event, I had some prime real estate on the red carpet where I was able to catch many of the honorees and presenters on their way into the hall. The awards ceremony itself was a montage of inspirational quotes. Here, my favorite moments of inspiration, humor and beauty from the red carpet and the awards ceremony itself.


Steven Tyler
Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris /

The hilarious Steven Tyler arrived with his entourage and immediately livened up the crowd. Said Steven Tyler on the red carpet about his group, “We’re all here because we’re not all there!”


Andie MacDowell
Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris /

L’Oreal Spokeswoman Andie Macdowell, when asked about the designer of her dress, couldn’t remember! Luckily, her plus one, daughter Rainey Qualley was there to check the tag for her.


Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris /

Iman presented Rihanna’s award to her and said, “Now I am even more impressed with her dignity and courage,” Iman said, referring to Rihanna’s admission that she’d sent the wrong message to fans by returning to ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who had assaulted her. Now, Rihanna will serve as a role model to victims of domestic violence. Iman looked so beautiful, I find it hard to believe she’s even in the same species with the rest of us. It’s a superhuman kind of beauty, dolls.


Maria Shriver
Photo: © Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

It has to be said: I defy you to show me an individual with a more impressive head of hair than Maria Shriver. She stunned in a smoky eye and neutral lip. Said Maria, “The greatest thing you can do is serve another person.” Maria credited her mother, who passed away in August as her own role model.


Photo: © Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Rihanna addressed the crowd in “the tightest dress [she] could find” about the “secret of domestic violence.” Said Rihanna, “I love being part of a night where we are celebrating such strong women.”


Serena Williams
Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris /

Serena Williams was introduced by former Glamour Woman of the Year, Tyra Banks. Said Tyra about Serena, “It’s not enough for her to play fierce. The girl has got to look smoking when she beats your ass.” Serena told the crowd, “My dreams have always been to be #1, since I was young, be the best. You could do whatever you want to do; the most important belief is self-belief/self-love.”


Stella McCartney
Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris /

No fewer than THREE Beatle wives presented to Stella McCartney her award: Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison and Barbara Starkey. Said Stella, “Ladies, girls up there in the balcony, never wear a skirt this short if you get an award.” We think she donned that mini with style.


Marissa Mayer with Matt Lauer
Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris /

Google exec Marissa Mayer was introduced by The Today Show‘s Matt Lauer as “the hot chick from Google.” Marissa accepted her award with grace. Said Marissa, “To take a line from the Google homepage, I’m feeling very lucky.”


Maya Angelou
Photo: © Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Dr. Maya Angelou said “Glamour is profound. Glamour is saying I want to be as beautiful as I can be. To myself first and then to anyone who has enough sense to see me.” Said Bill Clinton, who introduced her, “I have been blessed to know some truly remarkable women. I was born to one; I married one; and I helped to raise one. But I never knew one quite like Maya Angelou.”


Dr. Jane Aronson with Katie Couric
Photo: © Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Dr. Jane Aronson who works to improve the lives of orphans overseas and founded the Worldwide Orphans Foundation was one of the most amazing women I’ve ever seen in my life. Jane said, “You know, I’ve never had a surprise party. Until tonight.” Jane told the crowd, “Whatever our kids have here, the children across the oceans must have the same.” Just when I thought this saint of a woman and I had nothing in common (I’m far too shallow), she admitted she liked being an FOG (Friend of Glamour)… especially when it comes to rocking false lashes.


Laura Ling and Euna Lee
Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris /

Laura Ling and Euna Lee said that they didn’t ask to be in the spotlight, they said, but because they are in it, they’re going to use it for good. The duo made even more of an impact when they were joined by Euna’s daughter on the stage.


Susan Rice
Photo: © Larry Busacca/Getty Images

When Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the United Nations received her award from Michael Douglas, she said, “Talent, courage and confidence are the best forms of beauty.” To Dr. Jane Aronson, of whose work she said she was not previously aware, she said, “We could do some real damage together.”


Amy Poehler
Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris /

But it was Amy Poehler who delivered (deadpanned, I should say) my favorite quote of the night. “Girls. If a boy says something that isn’t funny… you don’t have to laugh.”

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

The Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles

Trying on different hairstyles in the virtual Makeover Studio is beyond addictive. Seeing yourself wearing your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle is a total thrill and great hair inspiration. We were curious to see which hairstyles were tried on the most in the past month. From a sleek bob to Rapunzel-esque waves–they’re all gorgeous!

The Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles.jpg

Want to see how you’d look wearing these celebrity hairstyles? Start your virtual makeover now!

Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards


Last night, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the annual Glamour Women of the Year awards held at Carnegie Hall . The event was sponsored by L’Oréal Paris to honor courageous women who are changing the world. To say this event was inspiring doesn’t nearly do it justice. Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leivi said that this was her favorite night of the year, and I left agreeing with her. It was MY favorite night of the year by far. To be in the same room with Bill Clinton, Stella McCartney, Yoko Ono, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Maya Angelou, Amy Poehler and Laura Ling and Euna Lee, to name a few, was an experience unlike any other. In fact, Cindi Leivi mentioned that so many of the attendees each year ask to bring their daughters to the event, that the magazine is actually concerned that they’ll have to seek out a larger venue than Carnegie Hall next year. And if that’s the case, Cindi says, so be it! “Sharing this evening with your daughters is so integral to the theme of this event.”

Before the awards, I were invited by Glamour to partake in a little pre-party makeover courtesy of L’Oreal Paris. Thanks to the brand’s expert on-site hair and makeup gurus, my boring weekday locks were transformed into a Kate Hudson waves while I got decked out in a smoky eye paired with a pink lip. My favorite products used included L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Hydra Collagen Mascara, L’Oreal HIP Metallic Shadow Duo in Gunmetal, and L’Oreal Infallible Plumping Lip Gloss in Plumped Rose. Check out the transformation, above.

After my makeover, I felt ready to tackle a red carpet press section (have you ever done it? It’s an adrenaline rush like no other, but MAN does it get aggressive up in there!) and a celeb-studded affair shortly thereafter. In fact, I think this quote from Maya Angelou’s acceptance speech last night after she received her lifetime achievement award says it all: “Glamour is being beautiful to myself first. And THEN to anyone else who cares to see it.”

Stay tuned for a Glamour Women of the Year red carpet and recap, in addition to a summary of the event itself!

Contributed by Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

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Get Into The MicroZone With Dermalogica


A MicroZone Treatment at Dermalogica in SoHo
Photo: Dermalogica.

Yesterday afternoon, I journeyed on down to SoHo for a MicroZone treatment at Dermalogica and am totally impressed. It’s priced at a reasonable $35 for 20 minutes, so I was pretty bowled over when I learned that my Dermalogica skin therapist, the very knowledgeable and talented Sarah Longton, was going to give me a pretty thorough facial which included extractions in my T-zone. The best part is that each treatment is zone-specific and absolutely customized, so that you leave the store with expert tips, product recommendations, and less sebum clogging your pores. Can you ASK for more in 20 minutes? Oh, wait, you can! Your Dermalogica skin therapist will even include his or her email address on your face mapping prescription sheet so that you can follow up with questions post-treatment.


During my customized treatment, Sarah gave me a few great tips. She advised me to wash my face in the shower after I wash my hair so as to ensure all acne-causing hair conditioning agents are effaced from my facial. Genius. She also advised that I wash inside my ears with my face wash (she put me on Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser) to fight ear blackheads. I felt really sexy after that, but know what? We’re all about solutions to unsexy problems here at DM, so at least I have the ammo to annihilate this issue of which I was previously blissfully unaware. Lastly, Sarah reminded me that products designed for your face should actually be used all over your facial ZONE. This includes your ears (as mentioned), neck, shoulders, and decollete. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and exfoliants should be employed all over this real estate for maximum effectiveness.

Dermalogica MicroZone Treatments can be booked in advance, but luckily for you, their professionals understand skin care emergencies can’t be planned! Feel free to walk in and ask if there’s a licensed Dermalogica skin therapist available. I’d highly recommend scheduling a quick service in between your regularly scheduled facials. The various MicroZone treatments range from Flash Exfoliation to Eye Treatments to Age Smart Hand Repair Hydrate.

Dermalogica MicroZone Treatments are offered at both their New York and Los Angeles locations:

New York City
110 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 219-9800

Los Angeles
1022 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica CA, 90403
(310) 260-8682

Contributed by Daily Makeover Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

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Celebrity Hairstyle Trend: Sloppy Side Buns

Side swept hairstyles are all the rage now–mostly thanks to this 80′s moment we’re having–but here’s an off-to-one-side style that looks more classic. The deep side part and rippling waves along one side of the face give it an Old Hollywood vibe, but the rumpled “I didn’t really make an effort” texture brings it into 2009 and beyond. To get the look, apply a curl-enhancing spray to damp hair, blowdry you hair any which way, then pull out a curling iron to create defined curls in front and a few more in the back–no need to be meticulous because you’re just going to shake it all up anyway. Gather hair into a low side ponytail, use a hair-matching elastic to secure in place. Bunch up the tail and pin in place.

Left: Zoe Saldana Photo: © Jason Merritt/Getty. Right: Scarlet Johansson Photo: © Junko Kimura/Getty

Zoe Saldana’s to-the-side updo grazes her neckline at the 16th Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Tribute. Scarlet Johansson‘s side bun is pinned up at chin level at the Moet & Chandon Tribute To Cinema.

Posh Girl Gone Wild at Betsey Johnson

Of all the shows I went to during NYC’s Spring 2010 Fashion Week, I had the absolute most fun at Betsey Johnson. “The look is about a posh girl who had one too many martinis and hooked up with the wrong guy on the wrong side of the tracks, and now she’s making it back to The Plaza the morning after,” says makeup artist Sarah Lucero for Stila Cosmetics. LOL! The models were done up with tons of glitter, outrageous bows, and dark naughty lips. I bring this up now because I actually think it’s a great Halloween costume idea! Check out the looks!

Need more Halloween costume ideas? Check out:

Budget Halloween Costumes from Beauty On A Dime

How To Create Halloween Hair from In His Beauty Universe

Vampire Chic from Positively Beautiful

Get A Virtual Vampire Makeover!

Get A Virtual Vampire Makeover

No doubt, vampire costumes will be all the rage this Halloween. For those of us who are mourning the loss of True Blood, totally entertained by the Vampire Diaries and eagerly awaiting Twilight: New Moon, this is prime time to celebrate all things vampire.

Here’s an easy way to embrace your inner vampire (or wolf, goblin, and zombie): Haunted Eyes contact lenses. Pop in Cullen Twilight and you can instantly be Alice, Edward or anyone else in the pack. Want to be more ferocious? Try the bloody Vampire Red eye. There are dozens to choose from and we’ve loaded our favorites into the Makeover Studio so you can see how you’d look with creepy eyes. It’s totally addictive–you must try it!


Need some more Halloween beauty tips? Scoop these Halloween beauty tips for our Beauty Bloggerati!

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Hair Heist: Did Katy Perry Steal Katharine McPhee’s Style?


Katharine McPhee’s new blonde pixie
Photo: © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

Katy Perry’s longer locks
Photo: © Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

So a couple weeks ago, we reported on Katharine McPhee‘s new blonde pixie cut. And coincidentally, Katy Perry, who vacillates between a curled bob and shoulder-length locks has been sporting long, tumbling waves that are the spitting image of Katharine McPhee‘s hairstyle of yore.

What do you think? Coincidence or hair heist? And tell us in the comments: Do you like Katy Perry’s new longer ‘do? Or should she take some Tylenol to bring down her McPheever?

Contributed by Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Dior J’Adore Turns 10…And We’re Still Loving It

I remember when Dior’s now iconic fragrance J’Adore launched 10 years ago. The image of model Carmen Kass emerging from a pool of liquid gold was mesmerizing. Just a few nights ago Dior had a party at The Standard’s just-opened swanky Boom Boom Room (my new nirvana) to celebrate 10 years of J’Adore–and there was some good celeb spotting: Tinsley Mortimer, Nicky Hilton, Joy Bryant and Lake Bell. Everyone was as glamorous as to be expected.

Tinsley Mortimer, Joy Bryant, Lake Bell at Dior J'Adore part in Boom Boom Room.jpg

Dior J'Adore Eau de Parfum Limited Edition Collector's Bottle.jpg

For the fragrance’s 10th anniversary, Dior is launching a limited edition J’Adore Eau de Parfum Collector bottle, $72, featuring a precious glass pendant that you can slip off the bottle and wear as a charm on a chain necklace. The scent is still amazing: a fruity-floral bouquet of bergamot, roses and jasmine. I don’t think anyone could get tired of that blend–so I look forward to many more fabulous birthday celebrations!

The J’Adore Limited Edition Collector Bottle will be available in November at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

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Katharine McPhee’s New Bright Blonde Hue


Katharine McPhee recently decided she was Over It re: her sultry sleek brunette locks and swapped them for a babelicious new blonde hue. I think this is a classic case of a really well-done color treatment performed on someone whose natural coloring lends itself a bit better to a dark, dusky hue. See also: Kardashian, Kim.

What do you think? Is it a nish-nish (i.e., she should change it back), in the words of the sage Bruno? Or an ach-ya (i.e., she looks fab!)? Tell us in the comments!

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Kim Kardashian’s Makeup At The OK! Magazine Party

Kim Kardashian rocking the red carpet at the OK! Magazine party.

At the OK! Magazine party for new Contributing Beauty Editor Kim Kardashian last week, I had the opportunity to meet celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. Doll that he is, he agreed to send a total run-down of Kim’s look for the party when I breathlessly tweeted him post-event that I MUST get the deets. Here they are, straight from Mario:

Kim was wearing a gorgeous Badgley Mischka black dress with some silver accents and her hair was done with a very 20′s inspired wave, reminiscent of the flapper era. For her makeup, I went more modern, with a rounded and subtle smoky eye.

Skin: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation set with a little bit of NARS loose powder. Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer under eyes only.

Eyebrows: Brows were filled in with Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil (universal shade).

Eyes: I used Amber Lights eye shadow by MAC all over her lids and swept along the lower lash line also. I kept the shadow right below the crease of the eye. I lined her top lids and inner rim of the eyes with MAC’s Powerpoint Pencil in Engraved. With a small brush, I blended the top liner up into the lids. Top and Bottom lashes are coated in Anastasia’s Lash Lifting Mascara.

Cheeks: I bronzed Kim’s face with Smashbox Bronzer in Suntan Matte. On the apples of the cheeks, I applied Josie Maran’s Cream Blush in Sunset with my fingers. To highlight cheekbones, I used NARS The Multiple in Copacabana. Lips are lined softly with Lingering Pencil by GIELLA. Lipstick is Casual Beige 222 by Dior applied all over the lips followed by a bit of MAC’s Dazzleglass in Smile.

Thanks to Mario for sharing his products used for Kim Kardashian’s epic look with us!

Contributed by Daily Makeover Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Primetime Emmys 2009 Top Five Looks

We were glued to the TV last night checking out the latest hair and makeup to grace the red carpet. Here are our top five favorite beauty looks of the evening.


Jennifer Love Hewitt

J Love Hewitt rocked center-parted long tumbly curls with the front pieces twisted back and secured out of her face. Makeup was subtle, save for a fiercely fabulous faux fringe. Lips were softly glossed with a light pink.


Debra Messing

Debra’s hair is always the main event in her veritable parade of beauty. For the Emmys, Debra donned a sweeping bangs-adorned side chignon complemented by major mascara, orangey-peach blush and a glossy nude lip.


Ginnifer Goodwin

We have Big Love for Ginnifer’s deep side parted cutely cropped pixie. Keeping the focus on her statement necklace, Ginnifer opted for softly subtle makeup in the form of a taupey smokey eye and simple clear gloss.


Jessica Lowndes

Lashes and liner define Jessica’s breathtakingly green eyes while pinky-nude lips balance out her edgy eye makeup. Jessica’s voluminous faux-hawk half-up do adds a sense of occasion.


Katrina Bowden

Katrina’s crimpy waves pulled to the side in a slapdash, beachy pony make this look breezy, but beautiful. Pink shadow with some liner define Katrina’s eyes while nudish pink satiny lips complete the look.

Try on these looks and more here.

Contributed by Daily Makeover Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Fashion Week Makeover Contest!

As we run from show to show, from downtown to uptown, the Daily Makeover team has collected the hottest trends in makeup and hair from the Spring 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Now it’s your turn to try-on these looks directly from the runway and win!

Starting on Tuesday September 15th, we will be hosting a Fashion Week Looks contest for our fans on Facebook.

It’s super easy to enter. Upload your photo to Makeover Studio and choose your favorite Spring 2010 Fashion Week look and then add it to Daily Makeover’s Facebook Page for our team of beauty experts to select a winner. Remember you have to be a fan of Daily Makeover’s on Facebook to enter.

How the Contest Works:
Follow these easy steps to put yourself in the running for a Zeno Mini (Valued at $89), the leader in at home acne treatment.

• Make sure you are a Daily Makeover Facebook fan
• Register (for free) on to upload your photo and begin trying on looks
• Upload your photo to the Makeover Studio and try-on your favorite Spring 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week look
• Download and save your photo from Makeover Studio and save to your computer
• Upload your saved photo to Daily Makeover’s Facebook Page. Include your name and the look you tried on in the caption
• The more looks your upload to Daily Makeover’s Facebook Page, the more chances you have to win!

A winner will be announced September 21. Now login and start trying on the Fashion Week looks!

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Come Shop With Us At Lancôme For Fashion’s Night Out!


With Fashion Week already in full swing, the Daily Makeover team is excited to take a quick break from runway madness to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday, September 10th. Fashion’s Night Out is a global initiative to promote retail, restore consumer confidence and celebrate fashion. U.S. and international editions of Vogue have coordinated evening extravaganzas to be held in various fashion capitals around the world. Come say hello to the Daily Makeover team and spokesmodel Arlenis Sosa at the Bloomingdale’s SoHo Lancôme Counter from 6 to 7 p.m. The first 100 people to stop at the counter and give the password “Paris” will take home a full-sized product as a little thank you from Lancôme… AND if you say “Daily Makeover” at the counter, you’ll get a few extra deluxe samples. It’s good to have friends in high beauty places, no?

Next, we’ll hit up the Lancôme Boutique on 69th and Columbus from 8 to 9 p.m to meet designer Chris Benz and enjoy champagne and cupcakes as Lancôme opens the waiting list for his Pout-à-Porter lipstick. The lipstick will be kept under wraps until Chris’s show on September 14th, but fans of the Pout-à-Porter collection can get a jump start. Anyone who puts his or her name on the list that night will be entered into a drawing to win two tickets to Chris’s show. The first 10 people on the list will get an official Fashion’s Night Out t-shirt. The first 100 people to stop at the counter and give the password “Paris” will take home a full-sized product as well. Lancôme will also have several guest stars on hand at the boutique: Spokesmodel Elettra Wiedemann and makeup artist Daniel Martin, who helped create Chris’s lipstick. The entire Lancôme PR team will be there, as well as Andrew Sotomayor and Sandy Linter!

See you then!

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