Britney Spears’ New Brunette Hair Color


Before -circa Sept 2001
Photo: © Kevin Kane /

After- circa January 2010
Photo: © Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS

One of the most exciting parts of the Grammys (at least for me) was seeing Britney Spears hit the red carpet. That’s right, I’m not ashamed to say it, I’m on Team Britney. Her bubblegum pop glory days in the late 90′s and early 00′s were ones I secretly relished. Her performance at the VMA’s with that snake? Priceless.

Unfortunately it’s been a rough and rocky road for poor Brit Brit since those days, but when I saw her at the Grammy awards looking reasonably well put-together and in control, I started to get hopeful that maybe 2010 would be the year Britney finally nails that comeback.

What really caught my attention wasn’t her see-through dress (that hot mess is a whole other story), but her new brunette hair color. Maybe it’s because she’s been running around sporting bleached, fried-out extensions as of late, but I really liked the chestnut color and caramel highlights. It looked shiny, lush and healthy instead of straw-like and bland.

Celebrity colorist extraordinaire Rita Hazan politely disagrees with me. She thinks Britney looked better with her golden blonde locks from back in the day. “Blonde works better with her pale skin and makes her look happy and young. [This brunette] is not a good fit because it makes her look matronly and older,” she says.

What do you think, do you like Britney better as a blonde or a brunette? Tell us in the comments!

Celebrity Hair Heist: Anna Kendrick


With her recent Oscar nomination, Anna Kendrick has cemented her position as the latest Hollywood It Girl. In addition to holding her own alongside George Clooney in Up In The Air and stealing scenes from her star-crossed co-stars in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the talented actress is also blessed with gorgeous good looks, a sassy sense of humor and a to-die-for lineup of red carpet gowns at her fingertips.


Anna has a terrific sense of style, so we expect the young star to really bring it on the red carpet. Instead we’ve seen the same array of wide-eyed ingenue looks: Softly tendriled updos, shimmery eye makeup and rosy lips.


With the Oscars looming, we thought we’d give Anna a red carpet makeover to try and help her wow on her big night. We put her photo in the Makeover Studio to try on a few looks that we think will give her a bit more of a beauty oomph.


We love Kate Hudson‘s glam lob on Anna because it looks sophisticated and chic, but has an air of youthfulness to it that keeps it from looking old-fashioned. And since it’s just an amped up version of her current style, it would be easy for her to adopt without feeling uncomfortable.


The tousled layered look is an old standby for many up-and-coming starlets and for good reason: The style works on almost every face shape and adds instant sex appeal. We’d like to see Anna show off her sultry side with a boudoir-inspired coif like Jennifer Aniston‘s. She may be an Oscar nominee, but that doesn’t mean she can’t cut loose and let her hair down.


If Anna really wanted to step up her game on the Oscars red carpet, we think Mary Elizabeth Winstead‘s über-trendy bob would be a good place to start. The short style is equal parts edgy and sleek and will help her shed her “pretty” reputation in favor of a more fashion-forward, avant-garde persona. Hey, it worked for Rihanna

Which look do you think looks best on Anna? Tell us in the comments!

Inspired to give yourself a red carpet makeover? Head over to the virtual Makeover Studio, download your photo and get started!

How Stars Try A New Look Before The Real Makeover

Making the decision to change up your look can be scary, especially when you’re undergoing a big transformation like a radical haircut or hair color change. Even celebrities can get nervous about makeovers. That’s why a few of them have adopted the “try before you buy” approach. From faking a bob to tiptoeing into a new hair color, check out how these stars tried out a style before they decided to commit to the makeover.

Rihanna Goes For The Gold


Photos, from left: © Joe Kohen/, © Jerritt Clark/WireImage, © Marc Broussely/Redferns

Rihanna is what we like to call a beauty daredevil: She’ll try anything once, from shaving her half her head to wearing a Dionne Warwick-inspired ‘do. But she took it real slow with her recent hair color makeover. Before Rihanna got bitten by the blonde bug, she started off with just streak of gold to her hair. By placing a strategic highlight of the color she was considering near her hairline, Rihanna was able to tell if the color would complement her skin tone. If you’re making a big color change like RiRi, it’s best to start with just a little color before you go whole hog. If you want to lighten your hair, first give highlights a test run–you’ll see how you look with a lighter color but it will be easier to fix if you don’t end up liking it. Ditto for going darker, just do lowlights instead.

Jessica Stroup Takes A Short Cut


Photos, from left: © Jason LaVeris/, © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd., © Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Chopping off your long locks can be traumatizing, especially if you’ve had long hair all your life. 90210 star Jessica Stroup had a clever way to test out a shorter ‘do: Instead of blindly cutting her hair and hoping she liked it, she tried a faux bob first. This sneaky updo involves tucking your hair underneath itself at the nape of your neck to simulate a short cut. The stunning starlet simply tucked her hair under to the desired length, pinned it and then took the new hairstyle out for a test drive. She must have loved the results because soon after she showed up on the red carpet sporting a real bob. If you’re thinking about going short, give the faux bob a whirl–it’s a great, non-committal way to find out if a shorter hairstyle will look good on you.

One of the most foolproof ways to see if you’d like a new hairstyle or color is to download your photo into our virtual Makeover Studio and try on the potential look. You’ll be able to see exactly how a makeover will look BEFORE you take the leap (and spend the money) on a new cut or color.

Rachel McAdams’ Blonde Ambition


Before -circa August 2009
Photo: © RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital

After- circa January 2010
Photo: © Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

In the spirit of the New Year and starting off fresh, I need to confess something: I have a major girl-crush on Rachel McAdams. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, wonderfully talented and just all around adorable. I think I shed actual tears when I heard she and Ryan Gosling broke up because I thought they were just the most unbelievably cute couple on the face of the planet.

So it pains me to say that I am not loving her latest look. The beautiful starlet likes to change up her style, going from dark to light and back again, even throwing in some colorful pink streaks for fun. Earlier this year she was rocking an absolutely GORGEOUS dark brown hue that is actually one of my favorite looks of the year. When I saw she had decided to go back to blonde, I couldn’t say I was a fan, especially of this particular shade of blonde.

It looks two-tone, with a cool platinum color at the roots and a brassy blonde about halfway down. The shade does nothing for her skin tone or her features, unlike the earlier brown which offset her peaches and cream complexion and made her beautiful blue eyes sparkle. I’m hoping she decides to ditch the color soon and embrace being a brunette. It looks so much better on her and really accentuates her classic beauty.

What do you think of the new blonde hue?

Rock Your Roots


Photos: © Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, © Dave Hogan/Getty Images, © George Napolitano/FilmMagic, © John Shearer/WireImage

As anyone who colors their hair knows, roots are the cardinal sin of hair dying. Or so it used to be. Recently, we’ve been spying more and more celebs, especially of the blonde variety, who are sporting some major roots on the red carpet. In fact, it’s almost as if they are showing off their rootage. What gives?

According to Eva Scrivo of New York’s Eva Scrivo Salon, roots actually look more natural than uniform color. “The depth created by a root line looks more natural and allows women to feel that their hair color looks a bit more lived in. It feels more organic opposed to an opaque single color, which can look almost wig-like,” she says.

Women have become nothing if not more savvy about their hair color, which Scrivo states as the reason roots have become more acceptable. That’s great news for the lazy and/or cash-strapped among us who can’t afford to get color touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. Just don’t think this means you can rock a totally two-tone ‘do. Showing roots looks good if your natural hair color is just a few shades darker than your dye job, say chestnut brown roots with caramel strands. Someone with hair that’s naturally dark brown with platinum blonde hair dye is going to look a bit silly with their roots showing.

If you love this look and want to enhance your natural roots even more, Scrivo suggests asking your colorist to add a few highlights at the part of your hair and around your face. As your roots grow out, the highlights will help “break” the demarcation line and enhance the root look. For a softer lift, try doing this with a glaze or semi-permanent color instead.

On the flip side, if you think roots are something to be hidden and not flaunted, there are some quick and simple ways you can hide root growth until you can get to the salon. Instead of a straight part, create a haphazard zigzag part–this will blur the line of your roots and make your color look more blended. Or try a tinted dry shampoo like Bumble and bumble’s Hair Powder or Neil George’s Refresh Dry Shampoo. According to Scrivo, spraying dry shampoo in the root area gives your hair lift and the tint helps to lighten up dark roots, hiding re-growth and making them less noticeable.

Do you bare your roots or hide them away?

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

2009 Best And Worst Makeovers

We’ve dubbed 2009 the year of the makeover. We saw celebrities undertaking dramatic changes with their looks, some for the better and some that should have been left well enough alone, We’ve rounded up our favorite transformations of the year, along with the biggest style mistakes. Read on to find out who made the grade.


Carrie Underwood

The country crooner decided to take her lustrous blonde locks to new lengths by cutting it into a long bob. The new style features tons of volume and a much softer, less structured look. We’re big fans of the new ‘do because it shows that you don’t need to make a big change in order to make an impact. Carrie may have only cut a few inches off of her hair, but that slight change helped to refresh and invigorate her stuck-in-a-rut style.

Halle Berry


Let’s be honest here, could Halle Berry EVER look bad? The gorgeous star has been all over the hair map this year: She rang in 2009 with long, lush locks, which she then chopped into a layered, chin-length bob and then cut it yet again into a textured pixie. We love the cropped look on her because it emphasizes her amazing bone structure and really helps to show off that gorgeous face. Remember ladies, there’s no better hairstyle than a pixie to flaunt a fab face.



Long flaxen curls are the status quo for most pop stars, which is why we love the fact that Fergie Ferg decided to go against the pop-tart grain by dying her hair dark. The toasty chocolate brown shade really warms up her olive complexion and helps her stand out from the rest of the pack.

Selena Gomez


The tween idol grew up before our very eyes when she chopped off her long, teenybopper locks in favor of a sophisticated “lob” (long bob). Her shorter strands look elegant, chic and positively grown-up, making her a style icon in the making.

Drew Barrymore


Miss Drew likes to keep things interesting by mixing up her beauty choices and this year was no exception. She started off doing her best Brigitte Bardot impression, turning up on the red carpet sporting some major volume and teased tresses, then took the plunge and chopped her hair into a textured bob. After one brief misstep with some black hair dye, she finally found her groove with this sweet and simple bob.


Kristen Stewart


Okay, we know this one isn’t really fair because it was done for a role, but still. We think K.Stew looks her best when she’s sporting Bella’s long chocolate waves, so seeing her at the Twilight premieres with this ratty rock mullet broke our hearts. From the flat, too-dark hue to the choppy, messy layers — there’s really nothing in this look we can get behind. We hope this Joan Jett biopic wraps soon so Kristen can ditch the she-mullet and rock something a little more flattering for her beautiful face.

Katharine McPhee


It’s like some unwritten rule in Hollywood that blonde is better. Not so in our eyes, as evidenced by Katharine McPhee’s tragic transformation. The raven-haired songbird must have had a case of temporary insanity when she told her stylist to chop off her gorgeous hair and dye it blonde; what else could explain this dramatic change? While the cut could have been cute if she had shortened up the back a bit, there’s just no rescuing the color–it washes her out and pushes her into the background, instead of putting her on center stage where she belongs.

Hayden Panettiere


Bangs, when done correctly, can help frame your face and define your features. Unfortunately that’s not the case with poor Hayden here, who cut her long hair into a shoulder-length bob with an ill-advised fringe. By opting for blunt, straight-across bangs, Hayden ended up adding unwanted fullness to her round face; she would have been better served going with a soft, sideswept bang to help break up the roundness, instead of emphasizing it.

Taylor Momsen


It’s hard to remember that Taylor Momsen is only 16. That’s because she’s so busy piling on pounds of unnecessary makeup. The young Gossip Girl star has become a fan of rimming her eyes in layers of dark liner and smudged shadow, then topping it off with a bold, statement lip. While we applaud her for playing with color, we think she’s gone too far. All that makeup makes her look way too old, and a bit tacky. We like the bold lip, but we think she should learn to take it easy with the eyeliner — the combined effect is more trampy than trendy.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz


The younger Simpson sister has a well-documented flirtation with hair dye. While we can’t say we totally love the orangey-red shade she’s been wearing this year, it’s definitely a lot better than the dull black shade she just unveiled. Even worse, her new cut features full, blunt bangs that are too heavy for her face shape. Our advice for Ashlee? Ditch the bangs and go back to honey blonde — it suits her complexion and brightens up her face, making her look fresh, radiant and age-appropriate.

Who do you think should win the award for the year’s best makeover?

Drew Barrymore’s New Textured Bob


We love Drew Barrymore at Daily Makeover HQ for her vivacious variation when it comes to hairstyles. This does-it-all Hollywood big shot boasted a bevy of wild looks in 2009, but we’re happy that she’s ending with a totally cute, textured versatile bob. Let’s take a quick look at the evolution of Drew’s mane since the beginning of the year, ‘kay?


Credit: © Vince Bucci/

First, there was her Marilyn moment (some critics may refer to it as a fauxment) at the Golden Globes in January. This look is all about exaggerated volume combined with a perky length.


Credit: © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

In April, Drew channeled famed French bombshell Brigitte Bardot at the Los Angeles premiere of Grey Gardens with her side part and volume at the crown. Sexily tousled bedheady strands complete the “voulez-vous” look.


Credit: © Jason Merritt/Getty Images

To promote her flick Whip It, Drew drummed up some controversy with her two-toned bob. It’s certainly edgy (a look Drew typically does well), but the effect was much less ombre as it was blonde-hair-dipped-in-shoe-polish. We do, however, love the cut, piece-y texture and color (well, the top three-quarters of it).


Credit: © George Napolitano/FilmMagic

Lastly, Drew ends the year on a follicular high note with her honey-blonde bob that has a softly-tousled texture. The sunny shade compliments her skin tone and the cut emphasizes her bone structure. It’s a ‘do that a real gal could rock easily. We love this look!

See what you’d look like wearing Drew Barrymore’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio.

Want more celebrity makeover scoop?

Celebrity Hair Heist: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Hair Heist: Did Katy Perry Steal Katharine McPhee’s Style?

Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian’s Hair Color

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Nicole Richie’s Hot New Hair Color


Before -circa May 2009
Photo: © John Parra/

After- circa December 2009
Photo: © Charley Gallay/WireImage

Nicole Richie, the quintessential BoHo babe, recently traded in her sandy blonde mane for a rich and sophisticated chocolate brown shade.

I have to say, I love the new color. Her original blonde locks looked generic and a bit too “done.” The darker color really brings out her beautiful brown eyes gives her skin a natural glow. Isn’t it amazing what a simple color change can do? Sometimes that’s all it takes to refresh your look.

Back in the day, when Nicole was hanging out with Paris Hilton and living The Simple Life, she wasn’t someone who I ever thought I would look to for style inspiration. But now, thanks to her new focus on family and toned down style, I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I’m loving her beauty choices.I could totally see myself wearing that color and the bangs look super cute.

What do you think of Nicole’s new ‘do? It is a direct hit or a total miss?

Celebrity Hair Heist: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz


Recently Ashlee Simpson-Wentz made her debut performance this month in the Broadway hit Chicago. Embodying the lead part as a murderess Roxie Hart, Ashlee traded in her famous fiery red hair color for an inky blacker-than-black hair hue. Offstage, her new hairstyle is a total “black rocker chick look,” says celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan. “It’s really dark, but she’s young enough to pull it off,” says Hazan.

Ashlee-Simpson Wentz hair color makeover.jpg I agree Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is young–and edgy–enough to pull off this severe look, but I’d prefer to see her with a warmer, friendlier brunette hair color–the kind baby Bronx won’t mistake as the Wicked Witch of the West and have a freak out. I couldn’t help but put her in the Makeover Studio and try on a few looks.

celebrity virtual makeover ashlee simpson wears anne hathaways hair.jpg
Here Ashlee Simpson is wearing Anne Hathaway‘s warm medium brown bob. This brunette hue isn’t too far off from her previous red hair (which I really liked), but still has enough moxie to play Roxie.

Celebrity Virtual Makeover Ashlee Simpson with Terri Seymours hair.jpg
A slightly darker look is Terri Seymour‘s chocolate brown hair color. In fact, I don’t think anyone can go wrong with this flattering neutral brown hair color.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz wears Kim Kardashians black hairstyle.jpg
And the darkest I think she should go is Kim Kardashian‘s raven black locks. Thanks to some major shine and some warm undertones, this black hair color looks more sexy than severe.

Which one do you like best? Tell me!

Inspired to give yourself a celebrity virtual makeover? Go to the Makeover Studio now!

Hair Heist: Did Katy Perry Steal Katharine McPhee’s Style?


Katharine McPhee’s new blonde pixie
Photo: © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

Katy Perry’s longer locks
Photo: © Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

So a couple weeks ago, we reported on Katharine McPhee‘s new blonde pixie cut. And coincidentally, Katy Perry, who vacillates between a curled bob and shoulder-length locks has been sporting long, tumbling waves that are the spitting image of Katharine McPhee‘s hairstyle of yore.

What do you think? Coincidence or hair heist? And tell us in the comments: Do you like Katy Perry’s new longer ‘do? Or should she take some Tylenol to bring down her McPheever?

Contributed by Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Katharine McPhee’s New Bright Blonde Hue


Katharine McPhee recently decided she was Over It re: her sultry sleek brunette locks and swapped them for a babelicious new blonde hue. I think this is a classic case of a really well-done color treatment performed on someone whose natural coloring lends itself a bit better to a dark, dusky hue. See also: Kardashian, Kim.

What do you think? Is it a nish-nish (i.e., she should change it back), in the words of the sage Bruno? Or an ach-ya (i.e., she looks fab!)? Tell us in the comments!

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Kristen Stewart’s New Jett-Black ‘Do


Soft waves
Photo: © Jeffrey Mayer/

The new Jett-black ‘do
Photo: © Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kristen Stewart recently had her hair cut much shorter for her new role as Joan Jett in The Runaways. Her textured volume with straight bits in the front is a pretty major departure from her formerly long, tousled waves as Twilight‘s Bella Swan.

What do you think of Kristen’s new crop? Do you love rock and roll (so put another dime in the jukebox, baby)? Or do you miss the headband-adorned Bella of her Twilight days? If so, you’re in luck: filming for the third installment of the series, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, began this month in Canada. The lead stylist on-set will likely re-Bella-fy Kristen’s hair with extensions in her former signature chestnut brown.

While Kristen’s rocker coif is a big change from that of Bella, I’m interested to see how she styles her shorter locks in the interim.

Try on Kristen’s new haircut in our virtual makeover studio now

Contributed by: Daily Makeover Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian’s Hair Color


Glossy, dark hair
Photo: © Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd.

Blonde beach waves
Photo: © Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to multiple hair hues and textures. Recently, the coif cameleon made over her look from dusky dame to sun-kissed beach babe. Spoiled Pretty’s Daneen Baird recently interviewed Kim’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic about how the starlet has changed up her makeup routine post-dye. Softer lashes and brows and peachy tones are the key to “lightening up” Kim’s look to correspond with her lighter hair.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s new blonde hair? Yay or nay?

Contributed by: Daily Makeover Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Calling All Blondes: You’ll Want To Win This!

Blond hair color is one of the trickiest to maintain because it can so easily be damaged by heat styling, chlorine, the elements and everyday wear and tear. If you struggle to maintain a gorgeous blond hair color, then you’ll want to scoop these styling tips and enter yourself to win this TLC package from Redken.

Special Offer for Readers!
You could win all of the Redken products featured in this video! One super-lucky reader will win all of the following, valued at $135!:

Extreme Iron Repair
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And the entire Blonde Glam Haircare Line!

Just tell us in the comments below how you keep your blonde looking its best and you’ll be entered to win. Contest ends August 10, 2009 at noon EST. Full rules and regulations here.

Congratulations to winner Emma Conigilaro. Thanks to everyone who entered and shared your beautiful blonde tips!

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5 Beauty Tips for the Workplace

Whether your personal style is city chic, boho eclectic, whimsically romantic or anywhere in between, most women have to tweak or tame their style a bit for work. Here are a few beauty moves that’ll give your look a professional edge without having to sacrifice style.

Rule 1: Go for a swept-back hairstyle. Keeping your hair out of your face looks polished and put-together. If your hair is long, low ponytails or sleek ballerina buns are easy and low-maintenance. Take a cue from Cameron Diaz (below left) and wrap a bit of hair around the base of a ponytail to give the look a chic twist. Short hairstyles are also easy office wear. Our favorite crop: Katie Holmes shiny, swingy bob (below right).

Cameron Diaz February 2008

Photo: © Steve Granitz/

Katie Holmes May 23 2009

Photo: © Paul Morigi/

Rule 2: No roots allowed. If you color your hair, keep up the maintenance. Dark roots could imply you’re not on top of your game. Also, stay away from chunky highlights (too obvious!) and chose tones that blend together for a natural look. Elizabeth Bank‘s color is perfect!

Fergie April 22 2009

Photo: © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

Rule 3: Neutral makeup is trustworthy. Work is not the place to try out flashy bright colors. These trendy hues could make you come across as a party girl. Instead, use warm, earthy neutral tones. Fergie‘s makeup here is flawless–natural and sophisticated. Definitely office-ready.

Rule 4: Enhance eye contact with eyeliner. Looking co-workers in the eye says you’re decisive and confident, but too much back eyeliner could be detracting. Instead, bring out your eyes with a brown or grey liner and blend it thoroughly to avoid harsh lines.

Rule 5: Keep lips dewy, not glossy. Use a sheer color on your lips that is one to two shades darker than your natural lip color. Leave the heavy gloss in your purse for post-work cocktails. A great new lipstick that has a wide shade range, excellent color payoff, and feels plush on your lips: Maybelline New York Color Sensation Lipstick comes in 48 shades, $7.49 each.

Katherine Heigl Becomes A Blonded Brunette

Have you noticed how many “blonded brunettes” are surfacing this summer? From formerly dark brunettes like Leighton Meester, who are lightening up with streaks of caramel, to buttery blondes like Katherine Heigl, who are going darker with golden browns, the border line between being a brunette or a blonde is getting fuzzier–and more gorgeous–than ever.

Katherine Heigl December 11 2008

Photo: © Steve Granitz /

Katherine Heigl July 16, 2009

Photo: © Sara De Boer / Retna

Katherine Heigl is the most recent celebrity to jump on the blonded brunette bandwagon. This traditionally blonde bombshell starlet stole the spotlight during The Ugly Truth media blitz to debut her new golden brown hue. Personally, I see her as a true blonde through and through–but because her new brown is borderline blonde, it still works for me. What do yout think?

Going green is good–except when it comes to your hair color!


I recently scooped this great (and cheap!) hair color-preserving tip from Sharon Doram, celebrity colorist and Color Director for Nexxus Salon Hair Care (her clients include Renee Zellweger, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman). She says:

“Baby oil is great at preventing green hair caused by the green copper sulfate in pool water. Apply a bit of baby oil to dry hair before taking a dip and it’ll prevent any green particles from seeping into your hair.”

She also swears by Nexxus Dualist Color Protection & Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. “Use them right after you get home from the pool and it’ll wash the baby oil out without stripping your color,” says Doram. Find out why else she uses it!

Top Hair Colors & How To Prevent Fading

Thinking of tweaking your hair color? I just met up with Sharon Doram celebrity colorist and Color Director for Nexxus Salon Hair Care (her clients include Renee Zellweger, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman and Marie-Louise Parker). She gave me the scoop on this summer’s top hair colors, plus a surprisingly simple tip on how to prevent haircolor from fading. Here’s what she’s loving this minute:

Gwyneth Paltrow

Pale and solid blondes like Gwyneth Paltrow. Less is more when it comes to blondes right now. A light pale blonde with more solid tones instead of high-contrast highlights looks fresh and modern.

brunettes like Audrina Patridge

Chocolate brunettes like Audrina Patridge. The key here is a natural looking brunette shade laced with subtle highlights. A warm chocolate hue is classic and easy to maintain, yet still has an added layer of dimension with natural looking highlights.

auburns like Amy Adams

Warm auburns like Amy Adams. Warm shades such as copper, strawberry or auburn are the big trend. Steer clear of the blue-based burgundy reds for now.

Nexxus Dualiste Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair Color TLC: The secret to gorgeous hair color is keep it super shiny and maintain the depth of your shade for as long as possible. To prevent haircolor from fading, Doram swears by Nexxus Dualiste Color Protection & Instant Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. “Water from washing your hair is actually the main culprit of causing your hair color to fade. Water penetrates the hair shaft causing it to expand. As a result, the hair cuticle is lifted slightly, making it easier for dye molecules to escape,” says Doram. The Nexxus Dualist Color Protection & Instant Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated prevent water damage and these dye molecules from escaping.

I’ve been trying this duo out for two weeks now, just after recently getting my own hair color done, and love them. They smell great, keep my hair shiny, and my hair color hasn’t faded a bit.

As one the web’s largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you’d like to know how we select products to feature.

A Confidence Boost for Susan Boyle?

OK, everyone is still buzzing about the prospect of a Susan Boyle makeover–including us! Already there are photos of wearing a sleek leather jacket, cute wrap dress and most recently–with groomed eyebrows. Maybe she was inspired by our virtual makeover?

Susan Boyle makeover

It’s inevitable that Susan Boyle will in some way, big or small, get a makeover. Who wouldn’t take it up a notch if you knew the entire world is looking at you? And there are more benefits to getting a makeover than just looking good.

The Susan Boyle makeover debate spurred us to poll our viewers to see what they think. Over 500 women responded and three quarters of them think she should get a makeover. But, they also said that a makeover wouldn’t detract from who she is. Bravo! I agree with this because a makeover should never change who you are. 

And there’s another benefit of getting a makeover: feeling more confident. 95 percent of the respondents said when you feel good about how you look, you look better and stand taller. Extra self-confidence is something anyone could use when they are unexpectedly in the spotlight.

Here are some other survey highlights:

• Reasons to have makeover: increase confidence (34%); just for fun (23%); look special for a special occasion (15%); update for seasonal trends (14%); become more beautiful (12%).

• Half of the respondents liked their overall appearance, but would welcome some makeover advice. When asked which services they would like to have done during a makeover, haircut/hairstyles ranked as the number one choice (27%), followed by makeup (26%), clothing advice (24%) and hair color (25%).

• Having a makeover doesn’t come without reservations. The two scariest things: letting someone change their haircut or color (47%) and the reaction of friends (25%).

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Before & After: Mandy Moore’s Makeover

There’s another bob in Hollywood! This time, screen siren Mandy Moore has lopped off about five inches to go for a shoulder-skimming shaggy bob. The long layers create a sexy texture without making this short style look too fussy or busy. She also went dramatically darker with a rich chocolate-y hair color. I love it. I think she looks more polished and brings out her defined jawline. Click on her pic to try it on!


After: The screen sirens shows off a
new sleek and sophisticated
brunette bob on October 22, 2008.
Credit: © Gregg DeGuire/


Before: Mandy Moore on September 5, 2008
plays the part of a bombshell
with long, flowing sun-kissed hair.
Credit: © Gregg DeGuire/

I also want to give kudos to her new makeup look, especially her eyes. See how the defined black liner makes her brown eyes look more intense? In
her before picture, Moore used brown shadow which blends in too much with her brown eyes, instead of making them pop. The contrast of the black liner really creates a wow factor. What do know which eyeshadow colors are best for you? Read this tip: How to make your eyes pop.