Hair Color Chameleons: See the difference!

These celebrities changed their hair color more than a few times. Here, the “highlight” hair color makeovers of the year.


l to r: © Mike Marsland/, © Venturelli/, © RD/Dziekan/Retna Digital

Jessica Biel tried out a platinum blonde hair hue, but toned it down in several phases to finally settle on this warm brunette hue with glistening honey highlights.


l to r: © John Shearer/, © Deryck Lewis/, © Jon Kopaloff/

Rose McGowan left her fiery red hair color for an ultra dark espresso hue.


l to r: © Lester Cohen/, © Gregg DeGuire/, © Gregg DeGuire/

Mandy Moore started out the year as a warm brunette, but is closing out 2008 in a rich chocolate brown hair color.

Now that’s a makeover!


Is thick fringe for you?


Bold bangs are a big hit right now. Jessica Alba (at left), Mena Suvari,   Kim Kardashian, and Kerry Washington (all below) are just a few celebs who are sporting thick brow-skimming fringe. This bold hairstyle is definitely hot, but watch out–not everyone can wear it. So if you’re tempted to give yourself a big bang makeover, listen to this advice I scooped from Jay Small of the Caru salon in Hoboken, New Jersey.

• Big bangs enhance your cheeks, so if you have a round face or wide cheekbones, this look may backfire and make your face look wider. On the flip side, thin and oval faces will benefit from this bang style.

• Kinky hair caution: If you have curls, waves or cowlicks around your hairline, be forewarned that you will have to spend time each morning smoothing out your bangs. Unless you have naturally stick straight hair, this is not a wash’n'wear look.

• Skip this look if you wear eyeglasses.

• “Use a styling spray that boosts shine, creates texture, and helps bangs keep their shape without feeling stiff,” suggests Small. He uses Paul Mitchell Illuminating Shine Spray.

Want to see what you’d look like with thick fringe? Go to our All About Bangs Look Book to try on these–and more–bang hairstyles.


Now that’s a makeover!


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Beauty Blogging Junkie: Amber’s Racy Red Makeover


The brains and beauty behind, Amber Katz, dived into the Makeover Studio and tried on a look she’s never dared before–striking red hair. “I’ve been blonde my entire life except for a brief one-year stint as a brunette, so I took the opportunity to try out Kate Walsh’s hair. I’ve always thought that she should write a thank you note to the genetic lottery for it. It’s so shiny and gorge,” says the virtual redhead.

I think she looks fabulous as a fiery redhead–which is definitely a hair color you want to road test before you commit to real life. 

Amber, thanks for sharing your makeover and let us know if you decide to go red in real life! 

Now That’s A Makeover! 


How Ashley Tisdale Went From Blond To Brunette

High School Musical 3 star Ashley Tisdale is rockin’ a brilliant new brunette hair color. (You were right HUEman!) While her dark warm chestnut hair color seems like a drastic change from her usual blond hue, a closer look at Ashley Tisdale’s gallery shows that she’s been gradually going darker over the last six months. This is a really smart makeover move for anyone who’s been with the same look for a long time and wants to try something new, but doesn’t want the total shock of a drastic change in one day. Here’s how she gradually transitioned from blond to brunette.


WAY BEFORE: Ashley Tisdale is a bubbly                       BEFORE: In September, Ashely Tisdale goes a 
bright blonde on May 21, 2008.                                         few shades darker, but still keeps some blonde highlights. 

AFTER: On October 26, we see Ashley has taken the plunge to being a 100% brunette babe.

Click on Ashley Tisdale’s new hairstyle to try it on. 

I love Ashley Tisdale’s new hue. It’s great for fall and winter and also gives this 22 year-old a grown-up, sophisticated and chic look.

What do you think?

Now that’s a makeover!