Face Slimming Hairstyles


Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Photo: © Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Just like the perfect little black dress can make your body look sleeker, a flattering hairstyle can take pounds off of your appearance. On the flip side, the wrong hairstyle can add unwanted to weight to your face. It boils down to simply knowing how to minimize a round face shape or wide cheeks and how to bring out your eyes and lips. There are only three simple steps to finding the most flattering face slimming hairstyle.

Cameron_Diaz+Jan_11_2009[2] copy.jpg

A side part would flatter Cameron Diaz’s features
Credit: © Vince Bucci/WireImage.com

1. Try a side part. A side part allows you to sweep bangs or long face-framing pieces diagonally over your face, which breaks up a round face shape. This style can also bring out your cheekbones.

2. Your hair length should at least skim the shoulders. A cut that is around shoulder length or slightly longer creates the illusion of a longer, leaner face. Short cuts aren’t a good option because they can add more width to an already full face shape.

3. Play with layers. Layers around nape level can help minimize a double chin and give more definition to the shoulder area. If you have fine hair, layers will also give it a body boost. But make sure you don’t get layers that are shorter than chin length, which could add an unflattering wideness to your face.

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Katy Perry Bridal Hairstyles


Katy Perry may have kissed a girl (and liked it), but the sultry songbird is now betrothed to British funny man Russell Brand. She is quite the style chameleon: In the past year, the blue-eyed brunette experimented with bangs, retro waves, bobs and updos with reckless abandon. So when we heard about her recent engagement, we couldn’t resist giving her a bridal-specific makeover. Here, our favorite looks for Katy impending nuptials:


We loved Rose Byrne‘s sparkly barrette she rocked to anchor her side-parted Old Hollywood waves. Katy loves a side-part and would be able to pull off a little dazzle against her canvas of deep black tresses.


Teri Hatcher‘s sleek side-parted side-bun is a bridal win as well. We love it for its subtle chicness.


A ’20s finger-waved do like Kim Kardashian’s would appeal to Katy’s retro yet edgy sensibility. Bonus: This updo would provide ample hold during what will no doubt be a night of dancing and mayhem.

Which one do you like best?

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Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

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Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Celebrity Hair Heist: Anna Kendrick


With her recent Oscar nomination, Anna Kendrick has cemented her position as the latest Hollywood It Girl. In addition to holding her own alongside George Clooney in Up In The Air and stealing scenes from her star-crossed co-stars in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the talented actress is also blessed with gorgeous good looks, a sassy sense of humor and a to-die-for lineup of red carpet gowns at her fingertips.


Anna has a terrific sense of style, so we expect the young star to really bring it on the red carpet. Instead we’ve seen the same array of wide-eyed ingenue looks: Softly tendriled updos, shimmery eye makeup and rosy lips.


With the Oscars looming, we thought we’d give Anna a red carpet makeover to try and help her wow on her big night. We put her photo in the Makeover Studio to try on a few looks that we think will give her a bit more of a beauty oomph.


We love Kate Hudson‘s glam lob on Anna because it looks sophisticated and chic, but has an air of youthfulness to it that keeps it from looking old-fashioned. And since it’s just an amped up version of her current style, it would be easy for her to adopt without feeling uncomfortable.


The tousled layered look is an old standby for many up-and-coming starlets and for good reason: The style works on almost every face shape and adds instant sex appeal. We’d like to see Anna show off her sultry side with a boudoir-inspired coif like Jennifer Aniston‘s. She may be an Oscar nominee, but that doesn’t mean she can’t cut loose and let her hair down.


If Anna really wanted to step up her game on the Oscars red carpet, we think Mary Elizabeth Winstead‘s über-trendy bob would be a good place to start. The short style is equal parts edgy and sleek and will help her shed her “pretty” reputation in favor of a more fashion-forward, avant-garde persona. Hey, it worked for Rihanna

Which look do you think looks best on Anna? Tell us in the comments!

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Top Beauty Trends At The Grammys

Stunning songbirds rocked the stage at last night’s Grammy Awards. From Britney Spears’ new brunette look to Lady Gaga’s bright pink lip, we scooped tons of beauty trends ruling the red carpet.

Metallic Eye Shadow


From left, Jennifer Hudson and Nicole Kidman Photos: © Jason Merrit/Getty Images, Mary J. Blige © Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Metallic shadow is perfect for awards season as it’s a subtle way to insinuate a star is ready for the physical award of the same hue. It also lends a festive vibe that’s suited for post-holiday chillier weather, no? Jennifer Hudson went for the gold with her eye shadow, offset by a bright pink lip and new blunt bangs. Nicole Kidman went for a cooler vibe with tinsel-colored shadow and a berry lip, while Mary J. Blige told a very glamorous beauty story via golden eyes as well, contoured cheeks and a cropped coif.

Shocking Pink Lip

shocking pink lip collage.jpg

From left, Katy Perry Photo: © Christopher Polk/Getty Images, Jennifer Hudson and Lady Gaga Photos: © Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The Barbie pink lip is no doubt the result of a resurgence of the pin-up pretty look we’ve seen grace the red carpets throughout award season. With minimal eye makeup and low-key hair, it packs a powerful beauty punch while giving ladies that retro, Benefit Cosmetics packaging vibe. Katy Perry is no stranger to the bright matte pink lip, pairing it with her signature dusky locks and Betty Page bangs. Jennifer Hudson’s pout popped in an electric pink shade and spotlight stealer Lady Gaga‘s pink lip stood out against her simply-colored (though admittedly, not simply styled) solar system dress.

Casual, Flowing Waves

messy waves collage.jpg

From left, Miley Cyrus Photo: © Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Marisa Miller Photo © Christopher Polk/Getty Images, Ke$ha Photo: © Lester Cohen/WireImage, and Britney Spears Photo © Larry Busacca/Getty

This was a slight change of pace from the typical beachy waves and retro finger waves we see at awards shows. Naturally, the Grammys are a time to let loose and allow your inner rock star to break free, so Miley Cyrus did exactly that. The teen sensation boasted slightly off-center parted free-flowing undone waves complimented by a soft smokey eye and a light pink lip. Marisa Miller rocked a variation of Miley’s look, but added a bit of Brigitte Bardot bringin’-it-from-the-boudoir sexiness to the equation. An even more mussed take on the look was newcomer Ke$ha who paired her voluminous messy waves with an eye makeup concept cribbed straight from Jem (of And The Holograms fame). Lastly, Britney Spears premiered her new dusky brunette locks in the form of side-parted, flowing waves.

What were your favorite looks at last night’s Grammy awards?

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

How to Cure Dry Winter Hair (Plus Get a Great New Hairstyle)

Stylist Melissa Aguerre of Cutler Salon spills some tips to our friends at StyleCaster on locking moisture into hair during the drying winter weather.

How to Cure Dry Winter Hair (Plus Get a Great New Style)

The cold winter weather wreaks havoc on many things including our skin, lips, nails — even our
hair. Whirling winds not only destroy our hairstyles, causing an
irreparable frizzy mess (and let’s not even get started on static), but it can also dry out our locks, causing dandruff to rear its ugly head.

combat the dryness, stylist Melissa Aguerre of Cutler Salon recommends
giving the ends of your hair regular olive oil treatments. Using olive
oil from the store and putting it into your hair mid-shaft through to
the ends will help seal in much-needed moisture. Throw on a showercap
and sleep with the oil in your locks overnight for a restorative
effect. Aguerre also suggests washing your hair less frequently during
the winter to help keep natural oils in place. We suggest accessorizing
your ‘do to draw attention away from your slightly dirtier locks.
Below, Aguerre gives a step-by-step guide on how to style your hair so
that no one will ever notice you’ve skipped out on the shampoo.

Step 1:

style is easier to create on dirtier hair a day or two after you’ve
washed it, or even a day after a blowout. Begin by brushing the hair
and then lightly blow dry your locks to smooth out ends.

Step 2:

this look, your ponytail and part are going to be on the same side.
Pick which side you want the ponytail to fall on and part your hair
accordingly. If you’re going for a sleeker look, we recommend a deep,
straight part; for a looser, more summery ‘do, try a messy or
zig-zagged part.

Step 3:

small sections of hair starting at the top of your head, and lightly
backcomb while working your way down. With either a tail comb or a thin
paddle brush, start backcombing at the root of the hair until about
mid-shaft. Backcombing the hair keeps the smaller pieces from falling
out of the ponytail and lifts the hair  away from the head a bit to
balance out the look.

Step 4:

you’ve lightly teased the hair, gently brush or comb it where you want
your ponytail to sit. We recommend positioning the ponytail behind the
ear or at the base of the hairline. Secure with an elastic.

Step 5:

you’ve secured your ponytail, flip your tail comb over. Using the
pointy side of the comb, go in around the parietal ridge and gently
loosen the hair so it doesn’t lay so flat against the head. Lightly
cover the head with Redken 09 Workforce (Redken.com for salons) hairspray.

Step 6:

Now you’re ready to finish the look by adding a cute hair accessory of choice. If you have a headband with an asymmetrical detail (like a
feather or bow), place the detail on the same side as the part and the

Contributed by: Rachel Adler

Check out StyleCaster for more
fashion, beauty, and celebrity news:

Sundance Sightings At The L’Oreal Paris Beauty Suite

Though the general aesthetic of the Sundance Film Festival revolves around boots with the fur, jeans and puffy coats, the stars who frequented the L’Oreal Paris beauty suite still managed to look put together. Natural makeup was the trend as it seems bordering on insanity to pile on pounds of makeup to complement your leggings and thermal get-up. Right? Here’s a list of some of the celebrity highlights of the weekend:

Kate Mara


Credit: © Matt Carr/Getty Images

Kate Mara showed up rocking a sparkly hat, a maroon sweater, jeans and tall brown boots. She looked chic in a creamy neutral pink lip.

Amanda Peet


Credit: © Matt Carr/Getty Images

Amanda Peet looked natural with a bit of brow definition and light makeup. Said pregnant Peet, “OMG, I’m so excited right now, you don’t even know!” after receiving her gift bag of L’Oreal Paris treats.

Parker Posey


Credit: © Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Parker Posey was wearing an ankle length plaid skirt and boasted a supercute crop with bangs. She joked that she wanted to take home the L’Oreal Paris-branded pillows that adorned the suite.

Dakota Fanning


Credit: © Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Dakota Fanning embraced the sparkly hat trend and looked elegant with long, straight blonde locks and natural makeup with lotsa lashes.

Josh Radnor


Credit: © Matt Carr/Getty Images

This sighting changed up the situation from Sundance to Fundance. My crush on him doubled when I saw him drinking a coffee with adorably mussed hair.

Ben Affleck


Credit: © Mark Von Holden/WireImage

Having Ben Affleck in my “dance space” pretty much made my decade. Not to be dramatic, but it was actually in the top three moments of my life. The L’Oreal Paris gals and I discussed him ad nauseum the rest of the day.

Jonah Hill


Credit: © Matt Carr/Getty Images

Jonah Hill definitely brought the vibe of the suite up a notch. He was cracking jokes with his fellow castmates before heading up the stairs to his shoot.

James Franco


Credit: © Matt Carr/Getty Images

James Franco looked deliciously disheveled, as only he knows how. Said a fellow suite squatter, “I wouldn’t mind rolling out of the other side of the bed he clearly just rolled out of.” She has a point.

Dax Shephard


Credit: © Jeff Vespa/Wire Image

Dax Shephard asked to get powdered up at the L’Oreal Paris makeup station before his shoot. “Feel free to make my nose look smaller,” Shephard quipped.

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Sultry At Sundance: Marguerite Moreau

marguerite moreau.jpg

Credit: © Michael Bezjian/WireImage

Marguerite Moreau stopped by the Entertainment Weekly suite with a few members of the cast of her film Douchebag, which premiered the night before at Sundance. Moreau took advantage of the L’Oreal Paris hair station and went for some flat iron action with L’Oreal Paris hairstylist Vanessa. Vanessa flat ironed small sections of the hair with a one-inch iron, then applied a pea-sized amount of L’Oreal Vive Pro Glossy Style Smooth Gloss Serum.

Vanessa shared this hair tip to keep your hair from looking over-saturated with product: “Always apply serum just above the ears and work your way down. Never put it too close to your scalp.”

Sultry at Sundance: Katie Aselton


Credit: © Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Katie Aselton has devastatingly gorgeous hair. She came to the suite for a quick makeover before getting photographed with her fellow cast members for her movie Cyrus. Reported Aselton, “I’m super-addicted to Skyn ICELAND products right now. I like the eye gels and the brand’s Nordic Skin Peel.”

Katie shared an un-beauty related, but just as vital tip for looking awake: “Coke out of a can and chug that stuff down. If I had more secrets, I’d prob look better right now!” We thought she looked fabulous and asked about who cuts her hair. Said Aselton, “I go to The Hive in LA to my stylist Jeremy Clarke. I’m obsessed with him!” L’Oreal makeup artist Tiffany used a bit of L’Oreal True Match concealer and True Match Roller Perfecting Roll On Foundation for a dewy look, and L’Oreal Colour Juice gloss in peaches and cream.

Katie also stopped by the L’Oreal Paris hair station for a hair touch-up. Stylist Vanessa gave her big waves a quick brush-through to loosen them before using a fine-toothed comb horizontally to maintain the S-shape of the waves. She then flat ironed a bit around the face.

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Top Beauty Trends At The SAG Awards


The ladies of Nine, Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman
and Penelope Cruz, bring the sexy to the SAG’s.
Photo: © Michael Caulfield /WireImage

The award show season is officially upon us, which means gorgeous gowns and trendsetting beauty looks are de riguer on the red carpet. The Golden Globes set the bar pretty high, but the the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, which were held on Saturday, took the glam factor to the max. From the ladies of Nine, shown above, to the rest of Hollywood’s elite, the hairstyles and makeup effects were off the gorgeous charts. Here, our favorite trends:

Old Hollywood Glamour


From left, Marion Cotillard Photo: © Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images, Diane Kruger and Anna Kendrick Photos: © Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

They say true glamour never goes out of style and in the case of Diane Kruger, Anna Kendrick and Marion Cotillard, this couldn’t be more true. Each of these stunning stars opted for retro, old-school Hollywood vibe, which meant classic, structured updo’s, seriously smoky eyes, lots of lashes and a strong lip look. We think Diane stole the show with her creamy red lip, porcelain skin and sleek hairstyle, but bright-eyed newcomer Anna and French siren Marion were also red carpet standouts with their bold, colorful eyeshadow and side-parted ‘dos.

Soft & Chic


From left, Kyra Sedgwick Photo: © Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore Photos: © Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Who knew simplicity could be this gorgeous? Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore and Kyra Sedgwick decided to leave the theatrics at home, opting instead to sport soft, elegant updos and chic, understated makeup. Kyra’s rose lips and loose hairstyle were equal parts age-appropriate and amazing, but it was Kate and Drew’s nude lips, subtle flushes and swept-away hairstyles that had us screaming ecstatically at our TV’s. The combination of modern chicness with romantic softness created the perfect onscreen pair.

Sexy Drama


From left, Deborah Ann Woll, Penelope Cruz and Michelle Monaghan Photos: © Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

It wouldn’t be an awards show without a few bombshell beauties. Penelope Cruz, Deborah Ann Woll and Michelle Monaghan were a certifiable trio of temptresses on the red carpet. All three chose to dramatically sweep their hair to the side, creating a glamorous, statement hairstyle that was equal parts strong and sexy. Combine that with defined eyes, lustrous waves and luscious pouts, and these stars got our vote for the sultry sirens of the SAG’s.

What were your favorite red carpet looks from the SAG Awards?

Golden Globes Best Beauty Looks

Forget minimalistic, pared-down looks–this year’s Golden Globes were a thoroughly elegant affair with soft and pretty looks ruling the red carpet. From elaborate, tendriled updos to rosy lips and shimmery lids, there was plenty of romance in the air. Here, we picked our favorite looks of the night. Check them out, then head to the virtual Makeover Studio to try on your favorite look in just one click!

Golden Globes 2010 Top Hair Trends

Red carpet beauty at last night’s Golden Globes Awards did not disappoint with its bounty of structured updos, loose side ‘dos with flowing tendrils, lush waves and hot hair accessories. Here, our favorite looks of the evening.


Drew Barrymore


Credit: © Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Drew Barrymore’s smooth, side-parted bun provided a toned-down, retro vibe in contrast with her ornate sea urchiny trimmed nude dress. Dewy, glowy skin enhanced by bronze adorned eyes and a creamy pink lip compliment her structured ‘do. Her Grey Gardens character Little Edie would be proud of this starlet’s very Hollywood moment.

Kate Hudson


© Steve Granitz/WireImage

Kate Hudson’s Jetsons-esque gown initially wasn’t my fave, but it grew on me as the night went on. However, there were NO questionable feelings when it came to her structured updo with its side swoop and volume at the crown. Violet shadowed lids, dramatic inner eye liner, extreme lashes and lacquered nude pout complete the look. Her bold bronze cheek evokes memories of mom Goldie Hawn as a spry young thing on Laugh In.


Courteney Cox


Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Courteney Cox went for a chic, loose updo defined by a center part and undone long tendrils. Fresh skin, soft gray shadow boasting a fanned-out feather fringe and an icy light pink lip complete the Courtney’s polished beauty concept.

Sandra Bullock


Credit: © Steve Granitz/WireImage

Sandra is stunning in a sultry side ‘do punctuated by loose, flowing waves. A side-part and undone bends and waves add a hint of romance to the star’s hairstyle. Blushed pink cheeks, shimmery purple shadow amped up with some heavy liner and a muted pink lip complete the look.

Anna Kendrick


Credit: © Steve Granitz/WireImage

This up-and-comer looks romantic and relaxed, reflecting none of her uptight Up In The Air character’s idiosyncrasies. Her loose updo is toned down with flowy tendrils while a side-part adds polish. Anna’s soft smoky gray eye and heavy liner and glossed pink lip bring a soft romantic vibe.



Credit: © Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Christina Hendricks

Christina’s loose red waves and side part are a total beauty win. The peaches and cream complexion is something that Mad Men makeup artist Lana Horochowski is famous for and bombshell Christina Hendricks no doubt made her proud last night. Her red lip makes her look as if she should grace the packaging of a Benefit Cosmetics product–that’s how pin-up this beauty story is.

Zoe Saldana


Credit: © Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This sci-fi stunner wowed the crowd in a burgundy ruffled number. But the look was “best supported” by Zoe’s glossed-out side-parted curls that are soft and touchable. Her smoky mauve eye and lots of liner make her peepers pop while berry red blush and rosy pink gloss round out the look.

Julia Roberts


Credit: © Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Julia Roberts boasted a recent change of hue: Her signature red locks were lightened to a bold blonde and twisted into beachy waves. This Pretty Woman has the tousled look down pat. She paired her casually chic locks with a purple-shadowed, black-lined eye and neutral pink lips.

Amanda Seyfried


Credit: © Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Amanda Seyfried went for Old Hollywood glamour last night with long flowing waves and a deep side-part. A makeup palette in varying shades of rose and mauve round out this pretty look.

Jennifer Aniston


Credit:© Steve Granitz/WireImage

Yes, she knows what works and sticks with it (basic black and long side-parted ‘dos), but this time around, Aniston kicked up the glam factor. Jennifer’s voluminous highlighted waves are a bit bedroom, glammed up with a sweeping long side bang. Bronze cheeks and a caramel-nude pout make her the portrait of a California girl.

Leona Lewis


© Steve Granitz/WireImage

Leona Lewis

The sultry songbird looked every bit the starlet last night with her sleek long locks curving into subtle waves at the ends. A just off-center part and highlights give this look a glamorous vibe. A dramatic smoky eye and light pink lip bring out Leona’s gorgeous green eyes.


Rose Byrne


Credit: © Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Side-parted, voluminous Hollywood waves are nothing new on the red carpet, but Rose Byrne adds a touch of drama with a sparkling barrette. Rose’s smoky grey eye, perfectly pink cheeks and rosy lip give this retro look a bit of modern flair.

January Jones


Credit: © Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Mad Men beauty went for a wide black headband to distinguish her ‘do from a sea of unadorned chignons. The headband was a risk that she pulled off with aplomb. A modern red lip (she’s surely no stranger to a retro iteration) is the star of this beauty show, tempered by January’s signature, defined brows.

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

How Stars Try A New Look Before The Real Makeover

Making the decision to change up your look can be scary, especially when you’re undergoing a big transformation like a radical haircut or hair color change. Even celebrities can get nervous about makeovers. That’s why a few of them have adopted the “try before you buy” approach. From faking a bob to tiptoeing into a new hair color, check out how these stars tried out a style before they decided to commit to the makeover.

Rihanna Goes For The Gold


Photos, from left: © Joe Kohen/WireImage.com, © Jerritt Clark/WireImage, © Marc Broussely/Redferns

Rihanna is what we like to call a beauty daredevil: She’ll try anything once, from shaving her half her head to wearing a Dionne Warwick-inspired ‘do. But she took it real slow with her recent hair color makeover. Before Rihanna got bitten by the blonde bug, she started off with just streak of gold to her hair. By placing a strategic highlight of the color she was considering near her hairline, Rihanna was able to tell if the color would complement her skin tone. If you’re making a big color change like RiRi, it’s best to start with just a little color before you go whole hog. If you want to lighten your hair, first give highlights a test run–you’ll see how you look with a lighter color but it will be easier to fix if you don’t end up liking it. Ditto for going darker, just do lowlights instead.

Jessica Stroup Takes A Short Cut


Photos, from left: © Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.com, © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd., © Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Chopping off your long locks can be traumatizing, especially if you’ve had long hair all your life. 90210 star Jessica Stroup had a clever way to test out a shorter ‘do: Instead of blindly cutting her hair and hoping she liked it, she tried a faux bob first. This sneaky updo involves tucking your hair underneath itself at the nape of your neck to simulate a short cut. The stunning starlet simply tucked her hair under to the desired length, pinned it and then took the new hairstyle out for a test drive. She must have loved the results because soon after she showed up on the red carpet sporting a real bob. If you’re thinking about going short, give the faux bob a whirl–it’s a great, non-committal way to find out if a shorter hairstyle will look good on you.

One of the most foolproof ways to see if you’d like a new hairstyle or color is to download your photo into our virtual Makeover Studio and try on the potential look. You’ll be able to see exactly how a makeover will look BEFORE you take the leap (and spend the money) on a new cut or color.

Star Stylists’ Golden Globes Beauty Trend Predictions

It’s no secret that the Daily Makeover editorial staff love an award show red carpet moment. Is there a better opportunity for a makeover? Celebrating the talent of the entertainment industry in all its Hollywood glory is a glamorous break from our regularly scheduled, quick-paced, freezing cold New Yorker weekend activities. Patience, however, is not our best virtue, so we checked in with some of our favorite hairstylists to get the scoop on what kind of hairstyles we can expect to see on some of the Golden Globes gals.

Anna Kendrick


Credit: © Steve Granitz/WireImage

Stylist Stephanie Hobgood reports latest It Girl and Golden Globe nominee (for Up In The Air) Anna Kendrick is going for a classic beauty vibe this Sunday. Anna swears by Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner to keep her hair shiny and moisturized. “Anna is so youthful and is blessed with such beautiful hair and skin,” Hobgood, who works with the star, says. “She reminds me of the actresses in the 1920s or late 1940s, like Clara Bow or Veronica Lake.” Regarding Golden Globe trends, Hobgood thinks we’ll see some big Marcel waves, finger waves and a lot of the old Hollywood glamour. “There will be deep side parts slicked back, sort of androgynous. Also classic chignons, ponytails, and LOTS of braids,” Hobgood predicts. This year will be all about simple and undone updos with softer textures.

Rose Byrne


Credit: © Frederick M. Brown/Getty

John Frieda International Creative Consultant Harry Josh will be working with Rose Byrne. While the concept for Sunday isn’t set in stone, Josh says he’s thinking “sexy with messy waves.” Josh points out that “We’ll see a lot of dramatic looks this season. Compared to last year, there will not as many simple styles–this year will be all about making a statement.” Josh sends his clients home with the Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine from John Frieda, an at-home glazing treatment that anyone can use. Reports Josh, “I like for my clients to use it at least 3 times the week before the big night, so that their hair looks shiny and vibrant on the red carpet.”


Credit: © Jordan Strauss/Getty

Ashley Greene

Mane man Ted Gibson will be telling a very sexy, deliberate and Hollywood hair story via The Twilight Saga‘s Ashley Greene for the Golden Globes. Predicts Gibson, “You will see effortless chic with a modern twist this year.” Gibson says that because people are feeling a lot better about the economy, the mood will be more optimistic as well as a little extravagant. 2010 hair will be all about length and a return to romance, according Gibson. “We’re finished with the asymmetrical 80s, harshness. Hair is going to be a lot softer. Women felt like they needed to be stronger in 2009 and even in fashion, we’re going to see a lot more softness in the clothes and hair in 2010.”


Credit: © John Shearer/WireImage

Amy Poehler

Herbal Essences celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan will be tending to the tresses of funny gal Amy Poehler this weekend. Amy has very blonde hair so Baker Strahan always tries to maintain elements of beauty health and shine for her, because blonde hair reflects light like no other color. “She’s a really cool lady. We stay away from anything overly structured, and keep a bit of wave and movement in her hair so it feels very soft.” Reports Baker Strahan, “Less is more–we celebrate her natural texture and downtown style.” Baker Strahan predicts that trends will be geared to the iconic hair of eras past. Baker Strahan notes, “Nine wasn’t critically acclaimed, but led to a more iconic overlay–1960s-esque, more celebrated hair. Hair with a fullness, va va va voom.” Baker Strahan points out that the Golden Globes tend to be more middle of the road formalitywise. “It’s not People’s Choice, but also not the Oscars.” “French twists will come back, as will braided elements,” he says. “The TV gals tend to go more Boho, while the movie gals are typically more done up.”

Ginnifer Goodwin


Credit: © Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Stylist Ahn Co Tran from LA’s Neil George Salon will be styling Big Love star Ginnifer Goodwin for the Golden Globes. Co Tran has nailed down a couple looks to choose from thus far. “The first look is very wave. I can enhance brunette locks by using a waving iron across the face. The second look is a braid from the side part to right behind her ear.” We can’t wait to see which one Ginnifer decides on! For this year’s show, the overall trend is simple, sexy, and modern, according to Co Tran.

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Jersey Shore Beauty Fails

In case you’ve been busy writhing on the floor post-punch at Headliners, Jersey Shore is the number one pop culture phenomenon of the decade. True, the decade is only two weeks old but Jersey Shore is even catching on in Hollywood. Stars are partaking in their own guido/guidette worthy makeovers. Recently Jersified: Alyssa Milano and Michael Cera. MTV.com writer Lisa Chudnofsky got her own pouf courtesy of Snooki herself.

This fist-pumping and nickname generating MTV opus has peppered more conversations of mine lately than has the healthcare debate. Want to arm yourself with the all the info you need for the watercooler convos on Fridays? Pour yourself a tall glass of Ron-Ron Juice and let’s break down the beauty fails of Jersey Shore.

First, we have a typical day on the beach with the gals.


The girls of Jersey Shore, left to right: Snooki, JWoWW, Sammi

  • The Acrylic French Mani I just can’t “vibe” the acrylic faux nail situations. And the French manicure adds insult to injury. I’d like to see Snooki follow Sammi’s lead and stick to natural nails with a pretty pink polish.
  • Loads of Liner Yes, it’s the summer and yes, you’re wearing your Ed Hardy best. But Snooki, you’re on the beach, doll. Summer makeup is all about taking it down a notch.

  • Obviously Penciled-On Brows
    Overplucking can lead to permanent sparse brows. JWoww would do well to better match her eye pencil to her brow shade and use tiny hairlike strokes to simulate real brows.
  • Scraggly Ends Sartorially, Sammi needs some advice, but she’s doing okay in the beauty department–with the exception of her flat-ironed to death ends, which are dying for a trim. Just an inch or two would increase volume and movement, giving the impression of healthier hair.

For evening, the gals really go all out.


The girls dolled up for a night out. Left to right: JWoWW, Jolie, Snooki, Sammi

  • Highlights JWoWW can certainly lighten up her strands with a highlight. But her dark base lends itself better to a bold caramel or perhaps honey. Platinum streaks are too much of a contrast.
  • Nude Lip It should be a rule that your lipstick should never be lighter than the shade of your actual lips. A darker hue would look more natural on Snooki.
  • Pouf The pouf has actually grown on me; perhaps it’s because Snooki rocks hers with aplomb. But for the average beauty bear? Beauty fail. Leave ratted up ‘dos in the ’60s, where they belong.
  • Tanning Salon Tans The Situation educated America recently about the virtues of a GTL (gym, tan, laundry–of course) night. Snooki recently told Jay Leno she thinks everyone should have a tanning bed in their homes. All this, despite the statistic that you’re 75% more likely to get skin cancer if you use start using tanning beds before age 30.

What’s your favorite Jersey Shore beauty fail? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to try on Snooki’s pouf for yourself in the virtual Makeover Studio.

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

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Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Tips on How to Easily Update Your Hairstyle from Edward Tricomi

Our friends at StyleCaster.com get Edward Tricomi of Warren-Tricomi Salons to provide advice on how to update your hairstyle without making a drastic change.

Tips on How to Easily Update Your Hairstyle from Edward Tricomi

seems to be two types of girls in the world: those who change their
hairstyles constantly, and those who go through their entire life with
the exact same style. Unfortunately, it can be easy to fall into the
first category. We can all understand that desire for change– when you
want it, you really want it!

Recently, we’ve decided
to take a break from torturing our locks. Instead of making drastic
changes to our hairstyles, we’ve decided to update our ‘dos only
slightly. To get the best advice on how to do this, we spoke with
Edward Tricomi of Warren-Tricomi Salons. The hairstylist tells us how to update your look without having to make too drastic of a change.

What is an easy way to update your hairstyle without taking a lot of length off?
Edward Tricomi:
best way to update your hair is by framing your face. The stylist can
angle the front while keeping the length, depending on what you want.

If you have short or shoulder length hair, are there still ways to mix up your look?

There are many ways to mix up your look from adding curls/waves, to
adding volume at the crown of your head, to adding accessories such as
ribbon, braids, headbands, or clips.

Are there any other “easy” updates for long hair besides adding layers?
Layers work on all hair; if you want an instant fix you can add layers
to long hair but be sure that they are longer layers and not super
short. Longer layers fall better.

What do you think is the most universally flattering haircut?

The most flattering haircut is one in which the hair is styled around
the face shape. Again, framing the face is very flattering. Layers are
also easy to create.

Contributed by: Rachel Adler

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Diane Kruger’s Undone Wavy Hairstyle


Before -circa July 2009
Photo: © Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

After- circa January 2010
Photo: © Eamonn McCormack/WireImage

Diane Kruger is a lady of many follicular fancies. The starlet hit the red carpet at the 2010 People’s Choice Awards rocking a curve-hugging Hervé Léger dress and curvy, wavy hairstyle to go along with it. Want waves like Diane’s? We scored a quick tutorial from celebrity hairstylist Richard Marin. Here’s how he created her perfectly undone beach waves in just five easy steps:

1. Start by spraying sea salt texturizer in hair.

2. Blow dry with the diffuser attachment on the Remington Professional Dryer with hair flipped over for maximum volume. Do NOT run your hands through hair while drying as this will cause frizz. Dry 90% of the way and air dry the rest.

3. Next, use the Remington T-Studio Heated-Clip Rollers, alternately curling sections of hair with a 1 inch roller and 1 ¼ inch roller until the entire head is set.

4. Unroll when cool and shake your head around A LOT to tousle the curls.

5. Amp up the volume with a dry spray shampoo, and finish off the look with a spritz of hairspray to control flyaways. Shake, spray, shake some more, and you’re out the door!

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

Haute Hat Hairstyles

Looking for new ways to keep warm this winter? Try on a haute hat! As these celebrities show, there are tons of options out there and even more stylish ways to rock them. No matter what your preferred hairstyle is, there’s a hat to suit your needs. Check out some of our favorite Haute Hat Hairstyles here!

Jessica Szohr’s Sleek New Bob


Before -circa July 2009
Photo: © Jim Spellman/WireImage.com

After- circa January 2010
Photo: © Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

There was a time when I could call myself a rabid fan of the steamy teen drama Gossip Girl. Every Monday night you could catch me plopped down in front of my TV to see what kind of crazy shenanigans the Upper East Side crowd was getting in to. Recently my love of the show has started to wane, something I attribute to a combination of lackluster storylines and the horrendous state of Jessica Szohr‘s hair.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Jessica Szohr is gorgeous, I just can’t stand behind those tattered things she calls extensions. Just because she plays Vanessa, the artsy Brooklyn outsider, doesn’t mean she needs to embody a grungy hipster. In the past couple of years she’s looked like she’s either halfway to growing some really gnarly dreads or like she’s been sleeping in her car.

So imagine my delighted shock when I saw she had decided to ring in the new year with a sleek new ‘do. Gone are the bedraggled extensions (good riddance) and in their place is a chic, gorgeous bob that accentuates her amazing eyes and exotic features. This is yet another case of long-does-not-always-mean-better (see also: Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore). Super-long hair, especially extensions, can drag down your face and sometimes give you an unkempt look. By cutting off all those inches, Jessica helped shed her shaggy style and embraced a hip new ‘do. Let’s hope Gossip Girl can do the same.

What do you think of Jessica’s hair makeover?