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Date Night Makeup

Anne Heche August 05 2009

Simple yet smoldering makeup like Anne
Heche’s is the key to a great date night look.
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When it comes to dating, what makeup you wear can be just as important as the right outfit. After polling a bunch of single guys, I found out the real deal on how men feel about makeup.

When asked whether they prefer sexy makeup to natural makeup almost all of the men said natural. When asked if they’d rather see dark lips to smoky eyes they all said smoky eyes, but only if it’s not too heavy. A couple of the men liked red lips but the overwhelming majority liked natural, slightly shiny lips. Most men preferred the natural lips because they felt they could go in for a kiss without winding up all covered in lipstick.

So with the end result of a great date being a wonderful kiss, let’s learn how to create the perfect date night makeup.

Soft and sexy skin is a must on a date so after applying a moisturizing body lotion you will want to then create a subtle shimmer all over the body. Don’t ever use a glittery style body shimmer — instead, opt for a very fine glowy one. I love Era Rayz 24 Karat Spray. This amazing spray shimmer never looks overdone and gives the whole body an easy spray-on sheen without rubbing off on your clothes.

DuWop Smoke

Keep your face simple — apply a luminizing face primer and then follow with a small amount of foundation, concealer (if needed) and a light dusting of powder. A little rosiness in the cheeks looks romantic so apply a small amount of rose pink powder blush to the apples and apply highlight shimmer on top of the cheekbones to make them pop.

Create eyes that are slightly defined and a little sexy. Start off by applying a shimmering highlight eye shadow across the entire lid from the lashline to under the brow. Use a soft dark liner on the upper lash line then use an angle brush to sweep on black, eggplant or deep forest green eye shadow, as this will look softer and more smoldering than a hard pencil. I love the DuWop Smoke eye shadow kits.

Ultra Soothing Lip Tint

Next, smudge a tiny bit of shadow that’s a shade or two lighter then the one you used on your top lash line under the lower lash line and use a Q-Tip to soften it so it’s a barley there smudge. Apply a neutral shadow like a taupe shade in the crease to give your eyes soft depth. Curl your lashes and apply black mascara on top and bottom for a flirty fringed look. Brush brows into place and fill them in a bit if needed.

On your lips go for a natural shine lip gloss with a hint of tasty berry flavor so your kisses will be sweet. Use Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Ultra Soothing Lip Tint in Pinkberry.

With this universally sexy look you are sure to get that guy to adore you!

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