Positively Beautiful

Positively Beautiful

by DailyMakeover

How To Wear Emerald On Your Eyes

EMERALD_ARTICLEThe highly anticipated release of Oz The Great And Powerful (the film comes out today) has inspired everything from gem jewelry collections on HSN to makeup palettes from Urban Decay. Everyone seems to be getting in on the magic of emerald green. It’s a lovely universal color that any woman can wear, no matter her age or skin tone. Here are a few fun ways to play up your emerald forest eyes and use this fun shade to showcase your inner Dorothy.

For a light play on emerald, try wearing a simple brown eye shadow and eye liner, and then sweep on deep green mascara on top and bottom lashes. I like the Blinc Kiss Me Mascara in Dark Green ($26, blincinc.com). Not only does it allow you to wear green naturally, but it will last through heat, humidity, long days and a few tears.

If you want to add a slick of color that has a bit more kick, try lining the upper lash line with an emerald green liquid liner and flick it out at the ends in a little wing. An inexpensive way to try this new trend is with the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Duo Liner in Polished Green ($7.99, drugstore.com). Pair it with black lashes and nude makeup to make a statement.

If you are simply in love with emerald green, you must go all out and buy Sephora’s The Color Of The Year Collection ($68, sephora.com). This set includes Color Grid Eyeshadow Block Bionic, Color Code Prismatic Shadow Block, Lightspeed Glitter Dust, Graphic Sculpt Waterproof Jumbo Eyeliner, Color Cube Lid Stain, Color Watt Highlighting Mascara, and a Prismatic Color Block. Follow these steps to get the most out of the color collection:

Step 1: Sweep the white shimmer under the brows, on the inner corners of the eyes and on top of the cheekbones to Carmindize the face.

Step 2: Apply the green lid stain across the lid.

Step 3: Follow with a sweep of the green shadow across the crease of your eye lids and under the lower lash line.

Step 4: Add a sheer wash of glitter across the entire lid.

Step 5: Take the green pencil and trace along the upper and lower lash lines and then sweep on mascara for major green-with-envy eyes.

Makeup Looks Twice As Nice With This Technique


Stila Jewel Eye Shadow ($20, stilacosmetics.com) and NARS Eyeliner Stylo ($27, narscosmetics.com)

When trying to achieve an intense dramatic makeup look that differs from your “usual,” it’s really about double or nothing. Layering two different products kicks everything up a notch, so try these makeup tips for a magnified effect:

1. Create radiant skin by blending an illuminating primer onto skin, and then apply a liquid foundation.

2. Take eyes from polished to pow by applying a pencil or liquid liner, and then sweep over it with a shimmering shadow in the same hue.

3. A double dose of mascara takes lashes from pretty to party when you use a regular formula followed by a colored or glittered one.

4. Back up a cream eye shadow with a sweep of shimmering sparkling powder shadow in the same color to create mucho magic.

5. Sweep on a sheer colored blush, and then top it with a dusting of highlighted powder for a cheeky punch.

6. Lips look uber luscious if you smooth on lipstick then glaze over it with a shiny gloss.

7. On the body, give yourself a healthy glow by applying self tanner, and then go back the next day and use the self tanner again on a sponge, only tracing along the natural contours of your muscles to make them stand out to give the illusion that you’ve been hitting the gym extra hard.

So use these two-for-one beauty techniques, and take your look to the next level.

How To View Hollywood Glamour In A Healthy Way


The Academy Awards is upon us, and soon we’ll tune in to see what everyone is wearing and how they look. As much as we love to emulate our favorite stars, their red-carpet beauty looks should be used simply as inspiration and not a measure against which you judge yourself. I always say that the real definition of “celebrity” is one who is celebrated, so celebrate yourself and use this visual candy only as a way to play with your own look. A great hairstyle, nail shape, eye shadow or lip color you see on an actress can easily be incorporated into your beauty routine if you approach it with a healthy and fun attitude.

First thing to do is choose a celeb that has your similar coloring, so when you try it on yourself, you will look enhanced and not like you are working against your natural special beauty. You also have to be realistic and understand that these actresses have paid thousands of dollars on professional makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers and manicurists to look as amazing as they do. Wait a day or two after the awards ceremony and visit beauty blogs and websites to learn what they wore and how they did it.

Fair skinned gals with red hair can channel Jessica Chastain and watch what she does with new lip colors that play into her ginger coloring. Blondes and brunettes can keep an eye on Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lawrence, Adele and Jennifer Lopez. Dark skinned beauties can find inspiration for hair and makeup from Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington. Mature women like Emmanuel Riva, Dame Judy Dench, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Sally Field look totally amazing and wear sophisticated Hollywood glamour with pure timeless style. I love watching these legends show up and prove that beauty knows no age! So appreciate the glitz, give it a go at home and pick a night to showcase the new red-carpet you!

A Few Of My New Favorite Things

3_COMPACTS_OPENEDOne of the best perks of being a makeup artist is all the new fabulous beauty lines I’m able to test. Recently, a few amazing lines have crossed my path, and I’m dying to share them with you.

The Moscow- and London-based brand Rouge Bunny Rouge is my current favorite and has a wide range of beautifully packaged makeup and skin care products, along with brushes and fragrances. I adore the Looks page on their website that allows you to choose a model’s makeup look, so you can learn which products were used to create it and see instructions on how to re-create the look at home. Try the Blush Wand in Cheeks In Bloom, the Sea Of Tranquility Highlighting Liquid (try mixing it into your favorite moisturizer and apply it on your body), the Brightening Liner Duo in Eyes Wide Open, and the Loose Glitter Pigment in Fire Drops, which will work with any woman’s coloring.

I’m always on the hunt for a cool makeup satchel, and the little coin bags from See Design are the perfect small size for storing your compact and lipgloss. Made from 100 percent cotton canvas and at a price of around $12 each, you can be organized, look chic and not break the bank.

The organic makeup line Kjaer Weis is a small, but luxurious, collection of cream blush, tinted lip balms and eyeshadow singles. It is a refillable makeup system that offers the refills in recyclable packaging, so when you run out of a product in your sleek silver container, just drop in the new product and off you go.

I’ll keep you posted on any new things I discover, as it’s a real treasure hunt for me and so much fun to share!

Beauty Must-Haves For The Office


L’Occitane Rose Petals Hand Cream, Chanel Glossimer, Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, Visine Eye Drops

To make 2013 a success, many of us are staying late to work overtime. Keep a freshen-up kit at your desk, so your beauty routine doesn’t suffer from long hours at the office. If you apply your makeup correctly before leaving the house, you should only need these few products for a quick touch-up.

1. Blotting papers are important for absorbing oil on the face before touching up your makeup. You will avoid major cake face if you zap the shine before adding on more products. I love the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets ($5.49, drugstore.com) to pat away the greasies during the day.

2. A fine tipped concealer brush and a concealer matching your foundation shade will erase any spots or veins that may have peaked out through your foundation after hours at work. No need to ever re-apply a full face of foundation during the day. Just tap on a little concealer to hide any blemishes.

3. Lip balm is a must to keep lips supple in dry office air, so throw in a tinted one, like the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments ($22.50, sephora.com) for a bit of color. I live for these and change my hues with my mood.

4. Hand cream will keep your skin soft and cuticles hydrated. It can also double as a bit of a body moisturizer if you become ashy. Between heaters and air conditions, offices can be like airplanes as far as moisture zappers.

5. A nail polish pen will instantly fix your perfect manicure if you chip a nail on the go. Nothing says tacky like chipped peeling nails, so stay on top of your mani game.

6. Breath spray is necessary to keep your breath minty fresh after meals and coffee breaks. It will also keep people wanting to listen to everything you have to say.

7. Eye drops like Visine Maximum Redness Relief ($6.49, drugstore.com) will take away your red tired eyes after those grueling hours. Nothing says young, fresh and awake like clear pretty eyes.

8. A liquid eyeliner pen is perfect for sweeping on a retro bold eye for a quick day-to-night look. You can be ready for drinks right after work with a quick sweep of black liner winged out at the ends.

9. A shimmering deep eye shadow across the lid is another way to add some extra evening allure.

10. A sparkling light lip-gloss should be paired with the two products above if you have a few moments before going to that business dinner and want to create a smokey eye/pale lip look.

11. A bold lipstick is also another quick fix to go straight from the office to a night out on the town. So pick either your eyes or your lips to focus on to keep balance to the face.

So be sure to keep these items in a makeup bag at your desk, along with a powder compact and lip color in your purse, and you’ll be set for every hour of the day.

Try This Trick To Intensify Your Lash Line

s988899-main-LheroI love playing up my eyes at night, and one way to really intensify my look is to layer my lash line using eyeliner pencils and powder eye shadows. I start off first by using a very dark waterproof gel eyeliner pencil like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($19, urbandecay.com) or the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Liner ($18, sephora.com). I trace along my upper and lower lash lines as close to the roots as possible and then end in a slight wing at the outer corners. Also line the inner rims on the waterline unless your eyes are on the smaller side then just skip this waterline step.

Next, I use a flat, angled brush to apply a shimmering powder eye shadow right along the top of the liner. Use a similar hue that is slightly lighter but way more glitzy. This intensifies the liner and makes the eyes sparkle without going overboard. Play with combos like chocolate brown liner with a golden bronze shadow, deep forest green liner with a glowing khaki shadow, indigo blue liner with shimmering silver shadow, pure plum liner with sparkling purple lavender shadow.

On the rest of the eyes, simply Carmindize them using a highlighter under the brows on the brow bone and on the inside corners of the eyes and leave the rest of the lid bare. Use black mascara on top and bottom lashes for a flirty full fringe look. For a really festive flair, top off the lashes with a coordinating hue of glitter mascara, like one of the fun shades from Sephora’s Glitter Mascara Collection ($13 for each, sephora.com).

3 Beauty Resolutions To Keep This Year

Make taking off your makeup a nightly habit

Want better skin this year? Make taking off your makeup a nightly habit.
Photo: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

Each New Year, most of us make up a long list of resolutions as a promise to ourselves to break old habits, try something new or accomplish fresh goals. Unfortunately, most of us start off with a bang and end in a whimper. This year, totally dedicate yourself to being the most beautiful and healthy you and live your life accordingly. It’s not as hard as you think! Jumpstart a new routine and stay just as consistent to it as brushing your teeth. My top three beauty resolutions will help you look and feel better about yourself in a month’s time, so it will be easier than ever to keep up with the good habits all year long.

1. Beautify from the inside out.
Start eating nutrient-rich foods to boost your complexion. Incorporate more fresh foods that contain skin helpers, like berries (loads of antioxidants), salmon (omega-3 fatty acids), sweet potatoes (vitamins E and C), avocados (vitamin B), almonds (vitamin E), hot peppers (vitamin C) and kidney beans (hyaluronic acid). It’s easy to just toss a few of these things into a smoothie or a salad once a day to get ahead of the aging game.

2. Stick with a skincare routine.
Starting this year, never ever go to bed without taking care of your complexion. Most women come to me with skin complaints, and you would be surprised how many tell me they don’t have a nightly beauty routine. Many fall asleep in their makeup, or only clean their faces in the morning. This is a total no-no and a bad habit that needs to be broken immediately. No matter how tired you are at night, make sure to always wash your face for clean skin, apply a serum to fight aging, and follow with moisturizer so the skin can rehydrate and look glowing the next day. You don’t need to wash your face again in the morning; just reapply a moisturizer and sunscreen (or try a one-step BB or CC cream) and you’re good to go.

3. Feel gorgeous every day.
In 2013, commit to giving yourself an extra few minutes in the morning to perform the ancient feminine rite of beautifying yourself. Apply my simple 5-Minute Face to enhance your natural beauty so you can run out the door looking and feeling on top of your game. Start off with foundation and a little under eye concealer. Next, Carmindize your self by applying a cream highlighter on the brow bone, on the inner corners of the eyes and on the tops of your cheekbones. Dust on a little face powder, and line the upper lash line with a pencil. Apply a sweep of mascara on the top lashes, and then swirl on blush to the apples of the cheeks. Slick on a tinted balm, gloss or lipstick, and you are ready to roll.

Make the commitment to eating right, caring for your skin and sticking with a quick beauty regimen each day, and you can accomplish a gorgeous new you in 2013!

How To Perk Up Pale Winter Skin

Look this glowy...even when it's freezing outside.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

In the dead of winter, we can start to feel pale and lifeless when we look in the mirror, but don’t worry: A few easy makeup tricks can keep your complexion from looking ghostly and turn you into a golden goddess.

The easiest way to add a little sunshine to your life is to blend on a cream bronzer right after you apply foundation. Cream bronzer is more natural looking than powder bronzer and helps hydrate the skin in the colder, drier months. Try Too Faced Aqua Bunny Cream-To-Powder Bronzer ($29, toofaced.com), which comes with the perfect sized brush to sweep on the product along the temples, sides of the face and under the cheekbones for a sun-kissed, contoured look.

For a subtle, all-over golden look, apply Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base ($48, chanel.com) under your foundation. This will deepen your complexion just slightly and give skin a kick of warmth.

Makeup to perk up pale winter skin

On the body, a deep, dark tan can look really weird in the winter, so use a self-tanner that is light and gradual, such as Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($8, jergens.com). Apply it right after your shower and build up the color over a few days for a look that says healthy, not fake.

Eyes and lips can be bronzed for a beachy feel, too. Apply a slight sweep of summertime shimmer across the lids with a shadow like Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Beach Bronze ($24, bobbibrowncosmetics.com). On lips, slick on a spicy, caramel-colored lipstick like L’Oréal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche in Sheer Linen ($9.99, lorealparisusa.com) and top it off with Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Sunset ($20, beauty.com). Goodbye, pale and pasty. Hello, glow!

4 Liner Looks, 4 Ways To Play Up Your Eyes

Cat eyes, smoky eyes, doe eyes and graphic eyes are all fun ways to play up your pretty peepers. The trick to getting it right? It’s all in the liner.

Get The Look: Cat Eye

Cat eye liner


For a sexy cat eye, my favorite trick is tracing. I like to line the upper lash line first with a pencil and then simply trace over it with a liquid liner. Because I’m using the penciled line as a guide, it’s super easy to stencil right over it. You may want to try a liquid lining pen for more precision. I love the Calligraphy and Script liners from Hourglass ($32 each, sephora.com). They glide on with ease, and the different shaped tips are amazing for perfecting the cat eye wing.

Get The Look: Smoky Eye

Smoky eye liner


If a smoky eye is your goal, then use an easily smudgeable eyeliner pencil for a sultry effect. I like the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils ($19, sephora.com), which I trace along the upper and lower lash lines and also apply on the inside rim. I then use a flat angle brush to smudge a little eye shadow over the liner to create a more smoldering look.

Get The Look: Doe Eyes

Doe eyed liner


To create those romantic Bambi doe eyes, line the inside rim with a flesh-colored pencil like Paula Dorf’s Baby Eyes Enhancer ($20, pauladorf.com). This trick will make your eyes look bigger and rounder. Curl the lashes and apply a few coats of black mascara on top and bottom.

Get The Look: Graphic Eye

Graphic eye liner


Create a modern graphic eye using gel liners in fun bold colors. Use a fine-tipped lining brush to draw sharp angles at the outer corners of the eyes, or try to apply a slash of one colorful hue on the top lash line and a different shade on the bottom for artistic flair. Try Make Up For Ever Aqua Creamliner ($22, makeupforever.com) or Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner ($9.99, maybelline.com).

What’s your favorite way to emphasize your eyes with liner?

The Holy Grail Of Foundation?

Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation

All of my career I’ve been completely obsessed with finding that perfect foundation that covers, protects and feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. I’ve dreamed of a magical foundation that would create angel-like skin, no matter what your age, yet couldn’t be detected by the human eye in direct sunlight.

For years, I thought this mythical foundation would never be found. I even developed my own two formulas for the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty line, and I thought they came darn close to being the best, until—drum roll—Giorgio Armani kicked foundation butt with their newest formula.

The new Maestro foundation is literally the Holy Grail for skin. Product developers at Armani created an ultra-fine oil pigment suspension called Fusion Technology that mimics skin’s natural texture, glides on like satin and leaves the most flawless, natural-looking finish ever. It also offers SPF 15 protection, works for any age or skin type, and lasts all day long. In fact, it’s so innovative, they’re not even calling it a foundation but rather a complexion perfector.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup ($62, nordstrom.com) comes in 12 fabulous shades that all have a great blendability factor, allowing each shade to work on a wide range of skin tones. The formula contains extracts of lotus oil, which has free radical fighting properties, and hydrating agents that remain on top of the skin after application to leave a fresh clean feel. I have died and gone to heaven!

What’s your favorite foundation formula?

5 Easy Ways To Take Years Off In A Flash

Makeup tricks to take years off

Lush brows like these can help take years off your face.
Photo: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

We’re all heading in the same direction (whether we like it or not!), and when we see our faces change subtly, most of us scramble to find products that will solve our beauty woes. As a makeup artist, I have my favorite tricks to stay looking young and fresh. Here are my top five:

1. A whiter, brighter smile takes years off your face. Yellow teeth can cause your smile to look dull and dingy, so lighten up! You can use teeth bleaching trays, lasers, Crest Whitestrips ($34.99, drugstore.com) or whitening toothpaste to keep teeth their whitest.

2. Keep brows full and shaped. A thin, sparse brow can make you look way older than a nice healthy one. If you’ve overplucked or the hairs just don’t grow anymore, try a brow growth serum like RevitaBrow ($110, nordstrom.com) to bring them back to life, or fill them in with pencil, powder or brow pens.

3. Brighter eyes will make you look well-rested. Red, tired eyes can make you appear run down. A few drops of Visine ($7.99, drugstore.com) can eliminate the red and wake up your entire face.

4. A pretty pink flush mimics youth and vitality. Swirling a pink blush on the apples of the cheeks gives the look of a young girl out at play and keeps you looking fresh.

5. A thick, lush lash line frames the eyes and looks flirty. Over time we lose lash volume, and it can be a telltale sign of aging. Apply eyeliner along the base of the lashes and sweep on a volumizing mascara to bulk up your fringe.

What are your favorite age-defying beauty tricks?

Want Makeup That Lasts All Day? Here’s The Secret

Want perfectly shaped brows that won’t fade? A glowy complexion that looks as good at 5PM as it did when you first left the house? It takes more than just one product to make your statement look lovely and long-lasting. In fact, five seems to be the magic number for achieving a long-wearing look.

Brows That Won’t Budge

How to make makeup last longer: brows

Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil ($29, sephora.com); Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush ($18, tweezerman.com); Blinc Eyebrow Mousse ($24, soap.com); Tweezerman Pointed Tweezer ($22, tweezerman.com).

If a perfect brow is what you’re after, you’ll need five key tools: Tweezers, cuticle scissors, a spooly brush, brow corrector in the form of a pencil, pen or powder and a little brow mousse. Start off by brushing the brows straight up with your spooly brush and snipping any strays that rise above the brow line. Next, use tweezers such as the Tweezerman Pointed Tweezer to pluck any strays hairs and shape brows into submission. Use a brow corrector product like the Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil to fill in any sparse areas. Finish with a touch of the mousse to keep them in place all day.

All-Day Flawless Skin

Make makeup last longer: complexion

Benefit Eye Bright ($20, benefitcosmetics.com); Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder ($32, sephora.com); Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup ($35, esteelauder.com); Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Luminizing Face Primer ($9.99, cvs.com); Fresh Satin Luster Face Palette ($45, sephora.com).

For a glowy, healthy complexion the top five products are face primer, liquid foundation, under eye concealer, cream highlighter and face powder. Begin by smoothing on a face primer such as Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Luminizing Face Primer. This will even out the skin’s texture and create a glow from within. Next, apply a liquid foundation all over the skin, including the eyelids and under the lower lash line. Buff into your hairline and slightly down the neck so you don’t get a line of demarcation. Now dab a little under eye concealer like Benefit’s Eye Bright on dark circles. Next, Carmindize the face with Fresh Satin Luster Face Palette, dabbing on the cream under the brows, on the inner corners of the eyes and on the tops of the cheekbones. Finish by dusting on a sheer, loose translucent powder for a superior finish.

A Red Lip That Stays Out All Night

Make makeup last longer: red lip

Nars Lip Liner Pencil in Jungle Red ($22, narscosmetics.com); Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick in Jungle Red ($24, narscosmetics.com); Sephora Smoothing Translucent Setting Powder ($16, sephora.com); Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat ($40, nordstrom.com); Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub ($18, blissworld.com).

The big five in creating a red lip that lasts are a lip scrub, highlighter, lip liner, lipstick and powder. Start off by exfoliating the lips while you’re in the shower, using a little bit of white sugar and a wet hand towel. Lightly buff the lips so they’ll be smooth and ready for application later. When you’re ready to apply lip color, first rim the outside lip line with a cream highlighter to create a fuller looking pout. Now line and fill in lips with a red pencil matching your lip color. Apply matching lipstick and blot with a tissue. Add a very light dusting of powder to the lips, then swipe on the lipstick one more time. This application will keep lips red and ready for as long as you’re out and about.

Do you have a trick for helping your makeup stick around?

Find The Best Bold Color For Your Lips

Bold fall lip colors

Photo: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

This season is no time to be demure. Step it up a notch! Play with fall lip colors in the new matte shades that show off your inner diva.

Rose berry, reds and burgundy plums are super chic and work on lips regardless of their shape or size. The trick is in knowing which formulas will work best for you.

If you have small lips, choose sheer glosses in rosy berry shades that won’t minimize your lips’ fullness, but rather will accent them. Try my sheer Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Forever Stay Moisture Gloss in Rose Satin ($9.95, drugstore.com). The berry hue lasts all day and night and delivers a perfect deeper and bolder tint for smaller lips. A Carmindized trick is to first surround the perimeter of the lips with a shimmering cream highlighter to ensure a fuller effect.

Medium lips should opt for a classic red lipstick like the universally flattering Nars Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($24, narscosmetics.com). This hot shade is super sexy and is a regular on red carpets as it stains the lips for a long wearing look.

Larger lip shapes must try a creamy lipstick in a deep plummy burgundy, like Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick in L’Impatiente ($32, available late October at chanel.com). This lip color provides a truly dramatic statement in the cooler months, and its matte texture never makes lips look overwhelming.

Now, if you do go bold and deep with these new colors, pare down the rest of the face with just a sweep of pink blush and soft eye makeup so the lips make all the noise. Keep lips deep-shade-ready by lightly exfoliating them each night in the shower with a little white sugar and a washcloth, and keep a balm by your bedside so lips stay soft and supple.

What’s your favorite bold lip color to wear this fall?

5 Makeup Tricks For Wide Awake Eyes

Most of us have crazy-busy lives, and whether we’re juggling kids, work, school or all three, we can agree there’s nothing worse than someone saying, “You look so tired! Are you feeling okay?” Typically, eyes are a dead giveaway for fatigue, but don’t worry. My top five bright-eyed tips will help you look well-rested in a flash.

Navy mascara at Stella McCartney

Try navy blue mascara, as seen backstage at Stella McCartney’s fall 2012 show, to brighten the whites of your eyes.
Photo: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

1. Before applying any makeup, wake up your eyes by using a few drops of Visine Maximum Redness Relief ($7.99, walgreens.com). These drops will eliminate the red, tired look and brighten up the whites of your eyes. The effect instantly makes you look like you had a relaxing full eight hours of sleep.

2. Use a brightening concealer like Benefit’s Eye Bright Pencil ($20, benefitcosmetics.com) under the eyes and at the outer corners to lift and lighten any darkness. Apply concealer over your foundation; this way you’ll use less product so it won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Curling your eyelashes will help lift the lash line upwards, creating an eye-opening effect. Use a small lash curler like the Preo Japanese Eyelash Curler ($25, cosmeticville.com). This style of curler will grab each and every lash easily so you’ll never pinch or miss a spot.

4. A deep navy tinted mascara not only creates a lush, flirty, wide awake lash look, but the blue hue contrasts with the white of your eyes to make them appear much brighter. Skip heavy shadows, and let the mascara do all the talking. Try Blinc Mascara in Dark Blue ($26, blincinc.com), a tube technology formula that won’t smudge or budge and lead to raccoon eyes. You won’t need greasy makeup remover to clean off this formula — just simple warm water and a little cleanser will release the mascara instantly.

5. Carmindize the eyes by sweeping on a shimmering highlight in the center of the lids, on the inside corners of the eyes and under the brow bone. This will add sparkle and glow to your gaze, fooling everyone into thinking you’re fresh as a daisy.

What are your favorite tips for looking wide awake?

The Best Lip Shades For Your Hair Color

Searching for the perfect gloss or lipstick shade? In my Carmindy app for the iPhone and iPad, I make it easy for women to choose the best universal lip shades for their hair color. Don’t have an i-product of your own? Here’s my quick list of gloss and lipstick shades that will always work with your unique hue.

Brown Hair

Lip color for brown hair

Kat Dennings
Photo: Getty Images

Brunettes look super sexy (but natural!) when they swipe on Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Radiant ($18, sephora.com). For a special occasion, try a red like CoverGirl  Lip Perfection Lipstick in Hot 305 ($6, target.com).

Blonde Hair

Lip color for blonde hair

Emma Stone
Photo: Getty Images

For blondes, always go for shades of pink on the lips. The best universal lip gloss for flaxen-haired maidens is Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Forever Stay Moisture Gloss in Playful Pink ($9.95, drugstore.com). It looks incredible against light hair, no matter how fair or deep your skin tone is. A bright and super bold lipstick for all blondes is Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Schiap ($24, narscosmetics.com). This gorgeous statement color is not for the faint of heart — so rock it at night just to be safe.

Red Hair

Lip color for red hair

Christina Hendricks
Photo: Getty Images

If you’re a redhead, the best gloss hue for you is Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Stylish ($6.99, drugstore.com). For a fun evening out, sweep on a deeper color like Clinique High Impact Lip Color in Go Fig ($15, sephora.com), which looks luxurious on auburn-haired ladies.

Black Hair

Lip color for black hair

Photo: Getty Images

Raven-haired lovelies can apply a gloss like Nars Lip Gloss in Super Orgasm ($24, narscosmetics.com), a peachy pink. Or try a more opaque lipstick like L’Oréal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolor in Unending Kiss ($9.99, lorealparisusa.com).

Gray Hair

Lip color for gray hair

Helen Mirren
Photo: Getty Images

Gray haired women always look amazing in rose and mauve tones, so try sweeping on Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Forever Stay Moisture Gloss in Blossom ($9.95 at drugstore.com) or a lipstick like L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Saucy Mauve ($8.95 at lorealparisusa.com).

What are your go-to lip color shades?

Makeup Artist-Approved Fall Color Combos

Combining colors can be an awesome way to try new makeup looks, and there are three cool combos that I really love for fall. One of the chicest pairings this season is light gray eye shadow worn with a deep plum berry lip. I love this look because the softness of the shadow balances the deepness of the lip, creating a sensual, modern approach to beauty. Think 50 Shades Of Grey, like Bobbi Brown’s new Come Hither collection. Opt for the lighter gray shadow in the palette when pairing with a dark lip, so as not to overpower the face.

Berry lipstick and gray eye shadow

Try the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Collection Palette ($65, bobbibrowncosmetics.com) with Estée Lauder Pure Color Velvet Lipstick in Black Cassis ($25,

Another mix to consider is a sweep of gold on eyelids paired with purple liner, a luxe, gorgeous look I adore. Try a deep purple liquid liner swept across the upper lash line, ending in a wing, with a dusting of shimmering gold on the lids. Balance the face with a soft rosewood pink lip and cheek. I love the golden shimmer found in Chanel’s Routes Des Indes compact, which stands up nicely against a bolder colored eyeliner.

Gold shadow with purple eye liner

Try Chanel Routes Des Indes Illuminating Powder With Shimmer ($80, chanel.com) with Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner in Retrograde ($19, sephora.com).

Finally, a multi-toned eye worn with nude cheeks and lips is a fun way to experiment with your inner peacock! Choose jewel tones in deep greens, purples, blues and teals and sweep one shade on the lid, add another along the bottom lash line, and finish with a flash of colored mascara in a third hue for a fab fall look. I tried a blend of loose shimmers (MAC Pigment in Teal, Make Up For Ever Star Powder in Purple) and pressed shadows (L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue) to channel my inner crazy ego, and paired the look with BadGal Mascara in Plum by Benefit.

Peacock eye makeup

Try MAC Pigment in Teal ($21 at maccosmetics.com, Make Up For Ever Star Powder in Purple ($20 at sephora.com) and L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue ($7.95 at lorealparisusa.com) together with Benefit BADgal Plum Mascara ($19 at benefitcosmetics.com).

Whether you’re a natural girl or a glamorama queen, try one of these looks at night and see what kind of mischief you can get into.

The Lip Color You’ll Covet This Spring

It’s on, ladies: another fun filled crazy month of fashion shows for spring 2013, and what I’ve been seeing I really like.

Think pink this coming spring, as we’ll see tones of petal pink hues ranging from the shocking to the sweet. At Calvin Klein, pretty rosy pink lips and dark brows looked incredible with the black, white and cream palette of the clothes. Ralph Lauren got really cheeky with a swirl of ripe flush on the apples of cheeks, a look that will not only look amazing on all women, but is a fast way to look fresh and youthful.

Pink lips at Ralph Lauren & Calvin Klein

Girls at both Ralph Lauren (left) and Calvin Klein sported a pale pink lip. Photos: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

At Rachel Zoe, a berry-stained deep pink lip was a sexy new twist that will look fabulous with a tan when the weather heats up. At Oscar De La Renta, shocking pink was splashed on smiles that stole the show.

Pink lips at Oscar de la Renta and Rachel Zoe

Pink lips stole the show at Oscar de la Renta (left) and Rachel Zoe. Photos: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

Marc Jacobs, always known for being cutting edge in the beauty department, went with a pale nude pink mouth that balanced 60s shadow and a super strong brow. Here, I’d stick with the nude lips and go with black mascara for a more wearable look.

Pink lips at Marc Jacobs and Charlotte Ronson

Nude lips at Marc Jacobs (left) and beachy pink at Charlotte Ronson. Photos: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

Charlotte Ronson chose pink cheeks and lips on her models to summon up a romantic fantasy as the girls sauntered down the runway in floral patterned sundresses. This is the look I’ll be rocking when the time comes. The best part about pink? It’s universally flattering and keeps us all feeling girly!

How This Makeup Artist Gets Camera-Ready

Makeup artist Carmindy

Carmindy glows on the red carpet. Photo: Getty Images

Recently I was making an appearance on Good Afternoon America for a beauty segment when one of my makeover subjects asked me how I get camera ready. I’m so busy helping other women look their best in a healthy natural way that I rarely comment on my own more intense television beauty routine.

The difference between daytime natural makeup and camera-ready television makeup is all about the level of intensity due to lighting. All women can use my camera-ready technique for special occasions like weddings, big parties and any event where cameras might be flashing. Lighting can wash you out, making you look a bit pasty and pale, so adding an extra layer of depth to your features will keep you looking bright and gorgeous.

When I know I need to “pop” on film, first I start off with the right Carmindized complexion. Begin by using a liquid foundation and add a little more than usual to really cover imperfections under bright lights. You have to be careful because everything is in HD these days, so you need to take the time to blend well with a non-latex sponge. I carry the blending down my chest as well because I suffer from a lot of melasma and discoloration in that area, and I like to keep my skin looking even all over. A brightening concealer applied under the eyes and at the outer corners creates a halo of light that keeps eyes nice and bright. A light dusting of translucent powder all over will set the makeup, and then the real Carmindizing happens.

For my normal light daytime look, I usually use a cream highlighter to Carmindize my face — but for TV or camera, a shimmering, more-intense powder highlighter is swept under brows, on inner corners of the eyes, on the tops of the cheekbones and around the perimeter of the lips. Brows (especially blonde ones) can disappear under bright lights, so I use a brow pencil to darken and lengthen them for a full sexy arch.

During the day I rarely use eyeshadow, but a sweep of it across my lids and into the crease defines my eyes better under bright lights, and a double dose of mascara keeps the lashes looking lush. Blush needs to be applied heavier and brighter then usual. In person it will feel like too much, but on camera you will look natural. Go for pink, coral or bright rose hues and sweep it from the apples of the cheeks back to the hairline. On my lips I usually try to pick a bright, bold lip color to keep attention on my mouth and the focus on what I’m saying. Bright lip color also keeps my teeth looking whiter on film.

The takeaway? If you’re getting ready for your closeup, just remember to kick it up a notch or two, and then it’s lights, camera, action!

Find Your Perfect Beach Beauty Look

Summer can be the best time to play with natural summer makeup looks.  I’m currently vacationing in Montauk, so I’ve been experimenting with these looks on myself and friends. I have chosen my top three all-around best beach looks that work on all women and all ages.

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The first one is for you sporty girls who want to play in the sun and surf and still look amazing. The California easy breezy look is all about protection and showing off your best assets without too much fuss. A stellar sunscreen with a high SPF and a little tint will give your skin a flawless finish and keep it burn-free. Try a light tinted moisturizer with anti-oxidants to not only protect your pretty face but keep you looking younger too. If you want to cover a little more imperfections and get a bronzy glow, go for a shade or 2 darker than your skin tone. Use a glowing Carmindizing highlighter like Anastasia Highlighting Crème Duo in St. Tropez ($26, Beauty.com) to complement the planes of your face by applying it under the brows, on the inner corners of the eyes, and on top of the cheekbones. Then apply the blush that’s included on the apples of your cheeks for a sweet flush. Follow with Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara ($5.19, Drugstore.com) to define the eyes and stay smudge-free. Keep lips hydrated with the Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm ($22.50, Sephora.com) for a little color and lots of moisture.

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For the golden Greek goddess, sweep on a cream-based golden eye shadow, followed by the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Diamond Gold ($23, Sephora.com), paired with waterproof black mascara for a contrasting kick. Keep the face bronzed with self-tanner, and use a clear gloss with a high SPF, like KaplanMD Lip 20 Moisture Therapy SPF  in Clear Sparkle ($30, Dermstore.com).

To get a bold and beautiful eye using rich colors, try wearing aqua blue liner like Urban Decay’s Flipside ($19, Sephora.com) paired with a finger sweep of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Waterproof Cream Color in Turquoise ($23, Sephora.com). Keep the rest of the face bare except for a great sunscreen like Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50 PA ($88, Chantecaille.com).

Which of these looks are you excited to try?

The Perfect Holiday Palette

newpalette.jpg (300x450)

‘Tis the season for fun holiday makeup that sparkles and glows! I’m currently obsessed with the Chantecaille New Classic Palette. This quad of goodness contains three universal eye shadows and a blush that works perfectly on any woman’s skin tone, from the fairest of fairs to the deepest of darks.

The palette allows a quick and easy way to update your makeup from everyday to holiday in a flash. There is a glimmer in each hue that kicks the party up a notch and adds glamour to your overall look this time of year.

Silver – This shade looks incredible on both fair and darker skin when swept across the lids and paired with a black winged liquid liner. Add a few coats of black mascara, and you’re good to go!

Gold – For olive, mocha and darker skin tones, the golden shade is your best bet. You can pair this look with a red or wine matte lipstick for a beautiful balance.

Eggplant – This deep shimmering color can be used as a jewel-toned eyeliner. Use a flat angle brush to pick up the color, and then smudge it along the upper lash line in a soft stroke, flicking it at the ends into a little wing. You can also blend it across the lids by moving the brush up and over the crease and under lower lashes for a new twist on the smoky eye classic. If you use it for a smoky and sultry look, pair it with a nude glossy lip, so you don’t overpower the face.

Blush – The shade is sheer enough that you can simply sweep it lightly over your usual daily blush to intensify the cheeks and create a more radiant look.

So go on and celebrate the new holiday, and have fun playing with some new shades!

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