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Which Beauty Buys Are Worth the Splurge — and Which Ones Aren’t

Ever spend a pretty penny on a beauty product that promises to transform the way you look, only to find it does…well, not much? It's easy to get suckered into thinking you need to invest in pricey products and treatments, but more expensive doesn't always equal better when it comes to beauty. Here, we've narrowed down which hair, makeup and skin fixers are worth spending your hard-earned dollars on — and which ones aren't.

Spend: Everyday basics
Save: Trendy makeup shades

We apply the same cost-per-wear philosophy to makeup as we do to clothes. It's worth it to spend more upfront for a neutral shadow palette you'll wear down to the pan. For colors you're unsure about (this season's on-trend burgundy, anyone?), test-drive a drugstore version before you commit to a pricey shade that looks pretty in the package but doesn't flatter your face.

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