The Perfect Romantic Hairstyle for Your Valentine’s Day Date

Our pals at StyleCaster get the deets on this date night ‘do from hairstylist June Senkiew of Cutler Salon
on how to amplify a simple half ponytail for a romantic
Valentine’s Day look!

At some point in time between the premiere episode of Sex and the City and the present day, Valentine’s Day
took a major hit. It feels as if the world violently turned on the
cheesiest holiday. Now Valentine’s Day flowers at work are greeted with
sideways glances and February 14 dinner reservations are surprisingly
easy to come by.

Well, whatever. Even if no one else is excited for Valentine’s Day, and even if you don’t have a date — or if you don’t particularly like your date, you can still treat your hair to a little holiday pick-me-up! Hairstylist June Senkiew of Cutler Salon shares her tips on how to amplify a simple half ponytail for a feminine and romantic Valentine’s Day look!

Step 1 (above): Start with day-old hair. If your hair is a little oily, use some dry shampoo or baby powder on your scalp to minimize greasiness.

Step 2:

aside small one-inch sections of hair from the front of the face on
either side of the part. Taking a small section of hair from the front
of the face around the temples, gently pull the hair back along the
parietal ridge of the head.

Step 3:

backcomb the section of hair for a little extra texture and drama for a
proper “night out” look. If your hair is too clean, lightly spray
hairspray onto the section of hair before backcombing.

Step 4:

can adjust how tight you’d like to pull the hair back, but we prefer a
more loose or undone look for a romantic feel. Secure the ponytail
loosely with an elastic.

Step 5:

you want a very feminine look, gently pull a few vertical sections of
hair away from the back of the head. Wrap the section of hair around
the barrel of the curling iron to create the biggest, most natural looking curls.
If you want a more sultry, untamed look, take a few sections of hair
(curled or not) and gently backcomb to create some raw texture.

Step 6:

Either braid or loosely curl the front sections of the hair from step 2. Loosely pull the braid or curl into the ponytail.

Step 7:

the look is really simple to do, a great way to make it look more done
is to wrap the braid around the ponytail once and secure it on the
underside of the half ponytail. Repeat on the other side, crossing the
two pieces of hair for a really intricate looking half ponytail!

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Contributed by:Janice Chou

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