News: Kate Hudson Applies Lip Balm As Often As Men Think About Sex; Jennifer Aniston Is Jealous Of Kate Middleton



And we thought we were lip balm addicts! During a campaign shoot for Almay‘s new Liquid Lip Balm, Kate Hudson revealed “I think I apply lip balm as many times as men think about sex.” In other words, once every three minutes. -via Beauty High

Aside from the fact that she won’t be wearing an updo on her wedding day, Jennifer Aniston also revealed whose hair she’s jealous of: Kate Middleton‘s. -via PopSugar Beauty

Friday Night Lights fans, prepare yourself: Taylor Kitsch got a man makeover! -via Us Weekly

Anna Kendrick has a drawer full of body lotions that remind her of films she’s worked on. The scent she associates with George Clooney? Mango. -via Elle


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