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Wedding Beauty

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Why You Need Eyeliner On Your Wedding Day


Even if eyeliner isn’t part of your daily makeup routine, your wedding day is the time to pull out all the stops. “Eyeliner is the first thing I recommend when it comes to bridal makeup,” says makeup artist Laura Geller. “Along with your eyelashes and eyebrows, eyeliner helps frame your eyes, making them look big and bright in photos.” No matter what kind of eyeliner you choose–powder, pencil, gel, or liquid–make sure the formula is waterproof or water resistant so it doesn’t smudge or run when you tear up. “Most important, take your time when applying eyeliner,” advises Geller. “It requires patience and precision but the end result is worth it.”

- First rule of thumb: stay close to your lash line. “You really want to press the eyeliner into the root of your eyelashes, following the natural shape of your eye as closely as possible,” says makeup pro Kimara Anhert.

- Applying eyeliner to just top lash lines is okay for everyday wear, but to make your eyes pop in photos, you should line your bottom lash lines, too. “Make the line under your lower lashes thinner than the top. If the bottom line is too thick, your eyes will look smaller,” advises Geller. Also, always connect the bottom and top lines at the outer corner of your eyes. Want to see what you’d look like with eyeliner? Try on different eyeliner styles in the Makeover Studio.

- No matter what sort of eye shape you have, eyeliner should start thin at the inside corner and then gradually become thicker as it extends to the outside.

- To make close set eyes appear farther apart, Anhert recommends going over just the outer 1/3 of the eye with a second coat of liner. “It makes for a sexy Angelina Jolie inspired look.”

- “Wide set eyes can pull off a thicker line all around,” says Geller. After applying eyeliner, use a small, slanted eyeliner brush to smudge and extend the line just a bit.

- To give Asian eyes more definition, sweep a thick line across the entire top lash line, then create a thinner, softer line along bottom lashes.

- If you want to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with rich cocoa brown or black eyeliner. But both Geller and Anhert agree that deep purple, navy and green are great wedding day options so long as they’re not too intense. “There should be plenty of black or brown mixed in so you’re just getting a hint of the hue,” says Anhert.

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